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  • Write for us – Lifestyle, Beauty, Travel, Health, Fitness
  • Write for us – Lifestyle, Health, Beauty, Travel, Technology
  • Write for us
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  • Write For Us: Health Problems, Diet, Beauty & Skin Care, Mental & Dental Health and Fitness
  • Write for us – Lifestyle, Beauty, Travel, Health, Fitness

    Write For Us Hi, welcome to Girlsdiariez. We love to hear and flash distinctively and logically framed stretch of sentences on our website which will lead the readers or viewers towards clarity in their thoughts and resolve the concerns. We are looking for writers Girlsdiariez. Therefore we are providing you all creative thinkers and writers an exciting opportunity to come out with your talent of composing coherent posts and get worth of your invested time and efforts.

    We always adore and forever in need of content which is based on experiences and research and also you can contribute in the way to a leading female lifestyle blog as a guest blogger or regular contributor. We keep focusing on searching and sharing the best ever comprehensive and knowledgeable information about all the above discussed points. You can add on the best suggestions, advice, treatments and secrets which will make them connected and resolve their queries. Plagiarism is strictly restricted therefore Article should be unique and fresh.

    After submitting the article we keep the right reserved with us to edit the publication. Any added images must be original or free from copyright. No self-promotion is allowed. Avoid sending the articles on topics which are already reflecting on the website.

    Include 1 internal link by linking another article on our website. Adult content is not acceptable and also anything related to dating is avoidable. How to Submit We are always eager to go through something which is full of information, facts and knowledge. Once you are ready with your article, kindly submit it [info at girlsdiariez. You can also pitch some interesting ideas for our approval. After submission our evaluation team will thoroughly review it for editing and examine it for plagiarism before contacting you prior to release.

    We look forward to receiving your submission! Thank You!

    Write for us – Lifestyle, Health, Beauty, Travel, Technology

    Relationship Write for us We are looking for talented and passionate writers for Life Retailers. As a writer, you will inspire people to live a healthy and happy life. Life Retailers give you the privilege to share your ideas and knowledge with all our audience. We accept open-minded, friendly, and well-researched content. Our Purpose is to give useful and well-researched information to all our readers.

    Life Retailers Traffic In the above screenshot, you can see the monthly traffic of Life Retailers blog. We have 15, monthly unique visitors, 59, Pageviews, and Submission Requirements We aim for high standards to ensure that our readers benefit as much as possible with useful and up to date information from experts, bloggers, journalists, and others in the health industry with appropriate writing skills and style. Each submitted piece should fulfill the following: Word Count: Blog content must be a minimum of approximately words depending on the subject.

    Original Content: We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online. Blog content must be original and unique. Health Claims: If you mention a statistic or a study in your piece of content, please include a link to that source. This way, readers can follow your line of thinking and investigate further if they want to know more. You should not forget to reference all these sources in your article.

    Photos: Photos are very helpful in providing visual aids to support your helpful offerings. All contributors are encouraged not compulsory to submit a photo with the post. Videos: You can now include videos in your articles, simply copy the link from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and paste it, the system will automatically pick it up, if you are having difficulties please contact us.

    Turnaround Time: Life Retailers consists of just a few people, we can assure you, however, that we carefully read every single submission that we receive. If your post has been accepted, we will respond within 14 days. By submitting to Life Retailers you acknowledge that you accept our terms, and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the Life Retailers editorial team.

    Please keep in mind that by submitting your guest post, we have the right to: Edit your blog title.

    Write for us

    We aim to match your foundation, flawlessly! Do I pay per article? You build a monthly plan based on the content writing services you need—including number of articles, word length, and any optional services.

    Verblio subscriptions are flexible, month-to-month plans with no contracts. Check out our pricing. With Verblio, you only buy the content you like. You're free to name anyone as the author, whether that be yourself, your company, or your hairstylist.

    Each piece of content is unique and we'll never reuse the same piece of content twice.

    Write for Us

    Is Vitamin A good for your skin? We employ a native screening algorithm for all new content submissions to catch plagiarism faster than you can say "salicylic acid. We provide original content to every client so they can build trust with their followers and grow their beauty companies and businesses. Anything you think will excite, entertain, or inform your audience.

    Our freelance health and beauty writers and senior copywriters have lots of experience writing and frequently create informative content like how-to's, comparisons, product descriptions, product copy, and promotional content. However, we can write outside the box!

    Write For Us

    When it comes to the health and beauty products and market, trends change quickly. Our talented team of health authors and digital marketers are always ready to research new topics and whip up traffic-driving content. We'd bet on it! Verblio takes advantage of an experienced group of beauty copywriters, skin care copywriters, natural health copywriters, and alternative health copywriters who are current and former health, wellness, and cosmetics pros.

    There must be no plagiarism. Grammer check and Spell check your article before sending it to us. The article once published on our blog remains for a lifetime, until and unless the same content is published on a different blog.

    Write For Us – Become a Contributor

    If we find you submitted us the same article from the other website, then the article will be removed without any hesitation. The articles which are irrelevant to our blog will be rejected without hesitation.

    Please contribute the relevant articles which add value to our website. With better word count, there are chances to be ranked on search engines.

    Write For Us: Health Problems, Diet, Beauty & Skin Care, Mental & Dental Health and Fitness

    Once the article published on our website, we will let you know through the mail, and we will share the live URL of the article. Yes, We accept infographics. But the infographic should be well optimized and well researched.

    Of course Yes, You can become an author if you contribute well-written articles quite often. Yes, we reserve right to edit the posts.

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