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  • FIX: This plug-in is not supported error in Google Chrome
  • How to use Edge Browser with IE mode for Hikvision devices
  • Fix “This Plugin is Not Supported” Error on Google Chrome
  • THE POLICE WILL FIND YOU: Munroe to explore ‘radical expansion’ of CCTV

    After installing your security camera system, one of the first walls you might find yourself running into is getting your camera feed pulled up on your internet browser. Internet Browser Selection You'll first want to look at what internet browser you're using.

    In most cases, you won't be able to use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other privately owned browser such as these. In order to view your cameras on any computer, you need to initially enable all aspects of the ActiveX plugin and for now, Internet Explorer is the only browser that consistently allows for this in it's entirety.

    If you want to save yourself some time, stick with Internet Explorer. Enabling ActiveX If you've tried bringing up your cameras in Internet Explorer and have found yourself looking at a blank screen not an error page , you've connected your DVR properly, you just need to enable the ActiveX plugin. This is done the same way on all versions all the way up to Explorer By clicking the small gear icon or Tools tab in the upper right corner of your window, you'll open up a drop down menu where you can select Internet Options.

    This will open a new window. Using the tabs along the top, select Security. After you've made it here, click the button marked Custom Level. After scrolling down a little bit, you'll find a section labeled ActiveX controls and plug-ins. Some of these options will already be enabled, but you'll need to go through the entire list and enable all of them that aren't. They must be checked enable; prompt will not work.

    After you've made sure to check the enable box for all options, click OK in this window. This will return you to the original pop-up where you'll then click Apply or OK as well. If you encounter a pop-up window warning you of your current security settings, just click OK. This is perfectly normal and it's just Internet Explorer trying to protect you.

    At this time, you will normally see a pop-up appear at the very bottom or very top of your screen prompting you to fix your security settings.

    Do not do anything with this window at this time. Fixing the security settings will undo everything that you just did. Instead, open a new window and re-enter your DVR's IP address and you should now have a login page being displayed.

    Login with the appropriate username and password and you will be redirected to a new screen where you'll be able to begin viewing your cameras. Make sure to uncheck the box marked "Require server verification" at the bottom of the screen. At this time, you can click on the button marked "Fix settings for me" on the pop-up at the bottom of your screen. This will correct any security issue Internet Explorer is detecting but will not impede your ability to view your cameras as it once would have.

    After you've completed the steps above, you should no longer encounter any issues accessing the login page and being able to pull up your camera feed. If you decide to use an alternative computer later, follow the same steps to enable ActiveX and you'll be on your way. Still having problems? In the event that you are still experiencing issues, your problems fall into a more complicated category.

    From this point on, it will pretty much be a guessing game. Adware or Spyware is most frequently the issue here. Your typical virus software is not made for recognizing or removing Adware or Spyware. You'll need a dedicated software for the removal of either of these. Another more uncommon issue can be overprotective virus software.

    Sometimes disabling these temporarily will resolve your issue for you. As you know exactly what it is you are accessing through your browser, this should pose no risk on a temporary basis such as this. The last potential problem is more common for businesses than the average home user. Hiring third party IT or networking companies to further protect yourself from the dangers of the internet is not a bad idea for anyone, but they strictly regulate what you have access to.

    The simplest solution is to contact these companies if you have one, and ask them to fix the problem for you. After all, that's what you're paying them for. Internet Explorer 11 If you have this version of Explorer, there are two extra steps required here.

    The first is the make sure that tab labeled "Delete browsing history on exit" is NOT checked. If it is, closing your browser will undo everything you just accomplished. This tab is found on the General tab under Internet Options. The second step is to add your site to the Compatibility View Settings sections. His area of expertise is in designing professional security camera systems for medium and large scale businesses, schools, and government projects.

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    Cloud Managed Smart Cameras

    Internet Explorer is the blue E with the gold ring around it. Step 1. This is the gear icon in the top right corner. Step 2. On the Internet Options window, select the Security tab. Close the pop-up window and select Custom Level on the previous page. Step 3. In the security, settings window scroll down until you see ActiveX controls and plug-ins. Disable ActiveX filtering, set Download signed ActiveX controls to prompt, and set Download unsigned ActiveX controls to prompt same as shown on the image below.

    Click OK to close the pop-up. Make sure to click Apply and OK on the Internet options pop-up. Step 4. When prompted, install the plug-ins in order that they appear. Once installed, refresh the page and log in using your username and password. Fix: Dahua Plugin Failed to Install Sometimes the plugin is installed but you still get prompted to install the plugin. Most of the time this issue is caused by having multiple plugins installed on the computer.

    To fix this issue you need to delete the plugins manually. This will allow for a fresh and proper install. To avoid any permission issues when deleting the plugins, ensure the Internet Explorer is completely closed. We need to find the plugin folder and have it deleted. Usually, web plugins are located in the C: drive under program files and program files x86 on 64 bit systems. If either folder is located here, delete it. Once the plugin folders are deleted, go again through steps 1 to 3, then reinstall the plugins or install them the first time.

    Try to login again and check if you can see the live pictures or even playback. Related Posts.

    FIX: This plug-in is not supported error in Google Chrome

    Check if the wires connecting your cameras to the router are in good conditions if you have PoE or analog security cameras. Reason 2. The SD card of your security camera is undetected or damaged. Please pull out the SD card from your security camera, and insert it back to see if the Micro SD card is detected by your camera. Change another SD card. Reason 3. The video file gets damaged.

    Video files would be damaged for many reasons. In some cases, the video files will be damaged during the importing process. You might try the third-party software that supports surveillance camera video recovery.

    How to use Edge Browser with IE mode for Hikvision devices

    Reason 4. The old firmware of your security cameras would have problems for the CCTV video playback. Solution: Upgrade your security cameras to the latest firmware version.

    Security camera video playback enables you to review the important events, especially the crimes. That's the main reason why you should try these useful solutions to fix video loss error. You can watch the video below to see how the security camera Reolink RLCW caught the car theft in the act. For the software part, refer to the above solutions to fix the issue. Before you dive into the troubleshooting, you should check the reasons why video playback is not working.

    Fix the loose wire connection and change the faulty old power or network cables. Thus you can't play back the recordings. Reason 5. Regular firmware update can tackle the video playback issues and let your security camera system run smoothly. Got bumped by a lot of forum OPs, who asked about the solutions to video playback error, we've listed the questions below.

    If you have the same questions on CCTV surveillance camera playback as the above listed problems, you can troubleshoot the problems with the above detailed solutions. You can also check more insights about video loss on security cameras here. If you have other questions, please leave them in the comment below! Elvia When not diving into writing about home security, Elvia spends her time watching movies, hiking, reading, etc. Also, she is a big fan of Star War and Orphan Black.

    Dinsdale Piranha I have recorded many hours of real time videos that i was hoping i could use to create a condensed time lapse video from. I am using a reolink RLC which was just purchased in July I am trying to import them into adobe premier pro CCbut they will not import.

    I either get nothing or just the audio track which has nothing on it. That sort of works, but i start out with the 2GB 60 min file from reolink, and i end up with a 32 min file.

    I have tried this on several of the 1 hr mp4 files from reolink, but i always seem to end up in the 32 minute range. Some of the files are truncated i lose the last 28 mins or soand some of the files i think just lose random frames.

    Fix “This Plugin is Not Supported” Error on Google Chrome

    I turned on debug in VLC, and i am seeing a bunch of these messages. Thank You Elvia Hello Dinsdale, please try the below solutions to fix the video importing issue: 1. Please import your videos in LAN. It works fine at night but a couple camera's will not playback during the day? This has been a problem for a few months now Elvia Hello Emily, may I know which model you are using right now?

    And if you've set up the motion detection recording, please make sure there are motion-triggered videos stored in the SD card or NVR: deejay deejay Hello Mega links list, i see lot of you comments and i am searching help regarding reading car plates from security cameras, is there any possibility to make clear that view because someone theft my brothers car with gasole fire, we have saw car who did it but we cannot reconise car plates!

    Your help will be highly appreciated. After I format my sd card using reolink apps it works for awhile. I'm able to view the first few playback videos. However, after few hours, those newly recorded videos all showing "playback failed" I'm using 2 Argus pro camera. Both behave the same way. Elvia Hello there, is it the first time you encountered the playback issue on Reolink App or Client?

    You can try the below solutions to fix the playback error: 1. After that, please use the cellular data to see if you can playback the videos: 2.

    I changed the microchip it formats everything looks ok but still will not playback video. Please let me know if there is any other problem. Alex Willson That is when you stick the cord in, typically a circular port at the back.

    For why its stuck. Not sure. I think it should have a reset pinhole to push if you get around to it. We have already swapped the images. If not, you'd better contact the support team asap. Elvia Glad that the issue was solved!

    Alan Tremblay Video playback can no longer be viewed on the desktop client. The software has stopped working completely. Elvia Hello Alan, are you using Reolink desktop Client? If yes, please download the latest version of the Reolink Client and see if the issue is solved.

    Please send us any feedback if the issue remains. Hope to get your reply soon. Yesterday was the day that DST ended here. Tnere appears to be a bug in your software that causes recorded video to be unavailable for viewing on the day when Daylight Savings Time DST ends. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and you can find and view the recorded videos via the Reolink app on your mobile phone.

    Hope this helps.


    Playback works up thru As soon as the clock ticks the next second to what would beplayback stops. Key benefits Centralized cloud management Secure monitoring and management of all your cameras from anywhere in the world, no extra software required. Super secure Cameras automatically purchase publicly signed SSL certificates and all Meraki management data is always encrypted by default.

    Bandwidth-conscious Novel architecture places video storage on the camera, not cloud, ensuring critical network activities get the bandwidth they need. Bandwidth conscious Use WAN bandwidth only when needed. Less than 50kbps of metadata streams to the cloud per camera when footage is not being viewed, eliminating excessive WAN usage.

    Never stop recording Since video is stored on the edge, cameras will continue to record even if the network connection fails. Solid state storage and intelligent software allow for customizable video retention. Cloud archive options Make sure every box is ticked with backup cloud archive. Anytime, anywhere Stream local or remote with automatic network detection. Local streaming video never goes to the cloud, saving bandwidth, while remote streaming video is proxied through the cloud allowing it to be viewed from anywhere.

    Secure by default Our pedigree in networking security ensures the Meraki MV is built to be secure from the ground up.

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