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  • Reading practice test 8 INSOMNIA – THE ENEMY OF SLEEP

    For which film s are the following statements true? Write the correct letter A-G in boxes on your answer sheet. NB You may use one letter more than once.

    This film is based on a book. These TWO films are all about mysteries. This film is based on imaginary animal behaviour. This film demonstrates the importance of keeping a promise. This film focuses on environmental issues. The need to choose is a focus of this film. These TWO films will best entertain a fun-loving audience. Read the text below and answer Questions They book a hotel and, upon arrival, discover that due to a misunderstanding, their booking got canceled. In a new and strange city, they determine to spend the whole night on the street.

    They meet some peculiar people and observe unusual behaviors not seen during the daytime. A lot of laughs throughout! Four Feet June 7th An animation-based fantasy film where animals take control of a city. Excellent special effects, hilarious scenarios and even some commentary about the environment! In the home or office, in markets and on the streets, the animals make the rules — although a friendly understanding between animal and man enables both to co-exist…eventually!

    House Story June 14th A rich family buys a large country-house and discovers the existence of pre-historic residents! With pre-history meeting modern history, the clever plot intrigues from start to finish.

    People from the past keep visiting the everyday environment of the family in the house. The suspense in this supernatural thriller comes to a climax in a most interesting way. Runner June 21st Peter Goode has made a commitment to literally run around the world. Silver Ring June 28th A true romantic story of a young couple who aspire to wealth in order to lead a happy life. Dedicated to Allison Walsh and based on her bestselling novel, this film shows that money and happiness are not necessarily linked.

    Abstract love and affection on one side and material need and want on another — which side must this young couple take? The film focuses on Global Warming and its effects on wild animals. Full of interesting facts and some expert interviews.

    Shot in the deep forests of the world. Incredible wild animal action adds real excitement to the film. Real-life footage in digital surround sound. The Trigger July 12th Having learned of the disappearance of two children, a retired detective undertakes a mission to locate them.

    They are eventually found by the detective, living in a small town in Italy. Although missing, the kids believe that they are still very much in their normal living environment. These American kids know Italy lane by lane and can speak the local dialect fluently. Nobody ever taught them the language. From beginning to end, unexplained occurrences keep the viewer guessing to the end. Section 2 Read the text below and answers to the questions on your answer sheet.

    Read the text below and answer Question Nurse Assistants work with registered nurses and nursing practitioners to promote health, prevent disease and to manage public health needs. Nurse Assistants do not make independent assessments. They assist in delivering nursing care in community, residential and hospital settings. Over the last three years, there has been an increase in the demand for Nurse Assistants in child and aged care and public health. Qualified men and women are encouraged to consider this career opportunity.

    Certificate in Nursing Assistance: To graduate with a Certificate in Nursing Assistance, students must complete a month Nursing Council of New Zealand-approved education program and pass the examination.

    Applicants should be mature and healthy, both mentally and physically and their previous academic record must demonstrate the ability to manage a study environment. They should also have a keen interest in working with people and be at least 20 years of age. If English is not the first, or native, language an approved English language test score must be presented along with the usual character references required for all applicants. Additional Information: Certified Nurse Assistants are often the principal caregivers in nursing homes, assisting with the activities of daily living.

    This may include, but is not limited to, helping people in and out of bed, assisting with eating, bathing and dressing, as well as administering medications when requested to do so. As the relationship develops between the residents and their caregivers, Nurse Assistants often find that providing emotional support becomes another important aspect of their occupation. Because hospitals and nursing homes must provide hour care, Nurse Assistants employed in these institutions can often be required to work evenings, nights, weekends, holidays and must be available for shift work.

    The workload can be very demanding and there is often some lifting of patients involved in the daily work routine. If employed in hospitals or in community care, there can also, on occasion, be exposure to some infectious diseases.

    Pay scales vary according to the area and the type of work involved. Additional information, pertaining to careers as a Nurse Assistant, can be obtained from the nearest, relevant educational institution. Write your answers in boxes on your answer sheet. Only registered nurses and nursing practitioners make ……………….. To work as a Nurse Assistant, individuals must be ………………..

    To be accepted into the course ……………….. After working with patients for some time ……………….. Shift work may be required because hospitals have to offer ……………….. Interested individuals should contact an appropriate local ……………….. An outbreak of fire in a large industrial building is very dangerous to everyone working in the area. There could also be the added risk of being exposed to hazardous spills and gas leaks, which significantly increases the risk of injury in a smoke-filled environment.

    United States Fire Regulations requires employers to conduct regular fire drills to familiarise employees with what to do should a fire break out. The development of an effective fire drill procedure involves both planning and practice. Studies have proven that people who plan and rehearse how they will get out of the building in a crisis are better prepared than those who do not have an exit strategy. Planning: The first step employers at Monoton Electronics undertake, in conjunction with their employees, is to develop an evacuation plan.

    The objective of the plan is to provide a set of procedures in the event of an emergency which requires the workforce to leave the building. Other information in the evacuation plan would include the location of the smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, where the assembly site is located, who has been appointed to account for the evacuated workers, visitors and customers as they arrive at this area and who will supervise the shutdown of critical operations.

    All employees are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this information. Employers should also ensure that workers know where the emergency exits are and how to use fire extinguishers. Practice: Practising the evacuation of a hazardous area in a fast and orderly manner can be the key to surviving a fire emergency and regular fire drills are a way of accomplishing this. It is recommended that every member of staff is involved in the exercise.

    If this is not possible, at least half the personnel in each department should be present. During the fire drill, the supervisors should note in the incidents register inappropriate activity such as delays in the collection of personal items, difficulties experienced by those with disabilities.

    If any doorways or fire escapes are obstructed this must also be noted. The fire drill is usually timed and after it is over, procedures are evaluated to see if there need to be any improvements made to the evacuation plan. Practice makes perfect, so it is important to repeat fire drills at least a couple of times a year — vigilance could save lives.

    All staff are encouraged to contact the Warden Attendant if they have any queries regarding evacuation procedures and general fire safety issues. Planning and going over a fire escape procedure helps staff to be ………………..

    Establishing a process in case of emergency is the aim of the ……………….. Once outside, staff meet at an ……………….. Staff must know how to operate ……………….. Blocked doorways or fire escapes must be recorded in the ………………..

    Questions about safety procedures should be directed to the ……………….. Section 3 Read the text below and answers to the questions on your answer sheet. From the very first caveman to scale a tree or hang from a cliff face, to the mighty armies of the Greco-Roman empires and the gymnasiums of modern American high schools, calisthenics has endured and thrived because of its simplicity and utility.

    Calisthenics enters the historical record at around B. Herodotus reported that, prior to the battle, the god-king Xerxes sent a scout party to spy on his Spartan enemies. The scouts informed Xerxes that the Spartans, under the leadership of King Leonidas, were practising some kind of bizarre, synchronised movements akin to a tribal dance. Xerxes was greatly amused. His own army had comprised of over , men, while the Spartans had just Leonidas was informed that he must retreat or face annihilation.

    It turns out their tribal dance was not a superstitious ritual but a form of calisthenics by which they were building awe-inspiring physical strength and endurance. The Greeks took calisthenics seriously not only as a form of military discipline and strength but also as an artistic expression of movement and an aesthetically ideal physique.

    Indeed, the term calisthenics itself has derived from the Greek words for beauty and strength. We know from historical records and images from pottery, mosaics and sculptures of the period that the ancient Olympians took calisthenics training seriously.

    Academic IELTS Reading Test 87 With Answers

    C piercing D striking Question 7 Which makes the difference between the dolphins and man when it comes to the treating of vocal messages? A an acute sense of smell B a bigger brain C a flexible positioning system D a unique organ Question 8 Which is the undefeatable characteristic of the sonar system owned by dolphins compared with the one humans have?

    Write your answers in boxes on your answer sheet. Whether …………….. The sounds are made at a certain level of depth within a specific scope from a higher frequency aimed at communicating to a lower one to echolocate.

    Sounds are vital to dolphins living in deep waters while……12……. Similar to all toothed whales, vocal cords do not exist in ………. The tissue in the nasal area is perhaps to do with the sound production.

    With capital and technology in plentiful supply, the critical resource for companies in the knowledge era will be human talent. Companies full of achievers will, by definition, outperform organizations of plodders. Ergo, compete ferociously for the best people.

    Poach and pamper stars; ruthlessly weed out second-raters. This in essence has been the recruitment strategy of the ambitious company of the past decade. Although the intensity of the warfare subsequently subsided along with the air in the internet bubble, it has been warming up again as the economy tightens: labor shortages, for example, are the reason the government has laid out the welcome mat for immigrants from the new Europe.

    The first suspicions dawned with the crash to earth of the dot-com meteors, which showed that dumb is dumb whatever the IQ of those who perpetrate it. In fact, in a profound sense, the two are opposites. In a study of the careers of 1, star-stock analysts in the s, the researchers found that when a company recruited a star performer, three things happened. In many cases, performance dropped sharply when high performers switched employers and in some instances never recovered.

    Moreover, precisely because of their past stellar performance, stars were unwilling to learn new tricks and antagonized those on whom they now unwittingly depended who could teach them. So they moved, upping their salary as they did — 36 percent moved on within three years, fast even for Wall Street. Second, group performance suffered as a result of tensions and resentment by rivals within the team.

    One respondent likened hiring a star to an organ transplant. The new organ can damage others by hogging the blood supply, other organs can start aching or threaten to stop working or the body can reject the transplant altogether, he said.

    This is ironic since the motive for importing stars was often a suffering share price in the first place. Shareholders evidently believe that the company is overpaying, the hiree is cashing in on a glorious past rather than preparing for a glowing present, and a spending spree is in the offing.

    Look at County NatWest and Barclays de Zoete Wedd, both of which hired teams of stars with loud fanfare to do great things in investment banking in the s. Both failed dismally.

    Everyone accepts the cliche that people make the organization — but much more does the organization make the people. When researchers studied the performance of fund managers in the s, they discovered that just 30 percent of the variation in fund performance was due to the individual, compared to 70 percent to the company-specific setting.

    W Edwards Deming used to say that there was no point in beating up on people when 90 percent of performance variation was down to the system within which they worked. Consistent improvement, he said, is a matter not of raising the level of individual intelligence, but of the learning of the organization as a whole. The star system is glamorous — for the few. But it rarely benefits the company that thinks it is working. And the knock-on consequences indirectly affect everyone else too.

    As with investment banks and stockbrokers, it seems obvious that success should ultimately be down to money. Great players are scarce and expensive.

    So the club that can afford more of them than anyone else will win. While Chelsea and Real have the funds to be compulsive star collectors — as with Juan Sebastian Veron — they are less successful than Arsenal and United which, like Liverpool before them, have put much more emphasis on developing a setting within which stars-in-the-making can flourish.

    Significantly, Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, and Robert Pires are much bigger stars than when Arsenal bought them, their value in all senses enhanced by the Arsenal system. At Chelsea, by contrast, the only context is the stars themselves — managers with different outlooks come and go every couple of seasons.

    There is no settled system for the stars to blend into. The Chelsea context has not only not added value, it has subtracted it. The side is less than the sum of its exorbitantly expensive parts. In football, too, stars are trumped by systems. You grow your own. This worked for investment analysts, where some companies were not only better at creating stars but also at retaining them.

    Because they had a much more sophisticated view of the interdependent relationship between star and system, they kept them longer without resorting to the exorbitant salaries that were so destructive to rivals.

    Questions The reading Passage has seven paragraphs A-G. Which paragraph contains the following information? Write the correct letter A-G, in boxes on your answer sheet. Questions Summary Complete the following summary of the paragraphs of Reading Passage, using no more than two words from the Reading Passage for each answer.

    An investigation carried out on 22 ……….. For instance, they behave considerably worse in a new team than in the 24 ……….. They move faster than wall street and increase their 25 ………… Secondly, they faced rejections or refuse from those 26 ……….. Or perhaps not. Leading lights of this moment, including the geologist Colin Campbell, rejected rival views presented by the American geological Survey and the international energy agency that contradicted their findings.

    Campbell even decried the amazing display of ignorance, denial, and obfuscation by government industry and academics on this topic. The answer is easy: Yes. Nobody seriously disputes the notion that oil is, for all practical purposes, a non-renewable resource that will run out someday, be that years or decades away. The harder question is determining when precisely oil will begin to get scarce. King Hubbert, a Shell geologist of legendary status among depletion experts, forecast in that oil production in the United States would peak in the early s and then slowly decline, in something resembling a bell-shaped curve.

    At the time, his forecast was controversial, and many rubbish it. After , however, empirical evidence proved him correct: oil production in America did indeed peak and has been in decline ever since.

    Over time, reservoirs age and go into decline, and so lifting oil becomes more expensive. Oil from that area then becomes less competitive in relation to other fuels, or to oil from other areas. As a result, production slows down and usually tapers off and declines. That, he argued, made for a bell-shaped curve. Chief among them are the experts at ODAC, who worry that the global peak in production will come in the next decade. Campbell used to argue that the peak should have come already; he now thinks it is just around the corner.

    A heavyweight has now joined this gloomy chorus. In making sense of these wildly opposing views, it is useful to look back at the pitiful history of oil forecasting. Doomsters have been predicting dry wells since the s, but so far the oil is still gushing. Nearly all the predictions for made after the s oil shocks were far too pessimistic.

    In a new paper, Dr. Lynch analyses those historical forecasts. He finds evidence of both bias and recurring errors, which suggests that methodological mistakes rather than just poor data were the problem. The first camp tends to be dismissive of claims of forthcoming technological revolutions in such areas as deep-water drilling and enhanced recovery.

    Dr Deffeyes captures this end-of-technology mindset well. He argues that because the industry has already spent billions on technology development, it makes it difficult to ask today for new technology, as most of the wheels have already been invented.

    The IEA concludes that global oil production need not peak in the next two decades if the necessary investments are made. So how much is necessary? Questions Look at the following statements questions and the list of people below. Match each statement with the correct person, A-E.

    Write the correct letter, A-E in boxes on your answer sheet. List of People.

    IELTS Reading Practice Test 51 with Answers

    One way is to categorize insomnia by how often it occurs. Another way is to identify insomnia by what is causing sleep deprivation. The two main types of insomnia have been described as Primary Insomnia and Secondary Insomnia. Primary Insomnia is a chronic condition with little apparent association with stress or a medical problem.

    The most common form of primary insomnia is psychophysiological insomnia.

    Reading Practice Test 2 (General Training)

    Secondary insomnia is caused by symptoms that accompany a medical condition such as anxiety, depression, or pain. Relaxing during the hour before you go to sleep and creating a comfortable environment suited for sleep can be helpful. Older people who wake up earlier than normal or have trouble falling asleep may need less sleep than they used to. Therapy also depends on the cause and severity of insomnia.

    Transient and intermittent insomnia may not require any direct action since these conditions last only a few days at a time. Usually, the best method of dealing with insomnia is by attacking the underlying cause. For example, people who are depressed often have insomnia, and looking at this problem may eliminate it.

    F Not getting enough sleep can make you less productive, irritable, and unable to concentrate.

    IELTS General Reading Practice Test 34 With Answers

    Stress can cause insomnia but insomnia also increases stress. Insomnia can make driving unsafe as well. Insomnia can result in missed work, which can cause you to become less productive and miss promotions. If you could offer it to guests, this indicated that you were wealthy. Indigestion is mentioned as a specific health problem, for which cinnamon was a treatment. Thus, cinnamon was brought to the Mediterranean using camels.

    The answer is camels. When the journey ended, this means that they had arrived — they had reached their destination — Alexandria, which we are told is a port in the Mediterranean. The Portuguese had control over the cinnamon trade in Ceylon throughout the 16th century.

    All of paragraph 3 is about how the Portuguese controlled and increased the production of cinnamon, building a fort in to maintain their control of Ceylon during all of the 16th century. The Dutch took over the cinnamon trade from the Portuguese as soon as they arrived in Ceylon. A new batch of the Astronaut Selection Program begins every year to replenish the training pool regularly. An analogue of the Mars habitat is constructed on Earth for technology testing and training purposes.

    This training continues until the launch in They learn to repair components of the habitat and rover, learn to grow their own food, and train in medical procedures. The first outpost simulation, a Mars-like terrain that is relatively easy to reach, is chosen.

    A second training outpost is located at a more remote environment like the Arctic desert. A communication satellite is also launched that is placed into a Mars stationary orbit.

    IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 1 – Text 3

    It can relay images, videos and other data from the Mars surface. The rover can use the trailer to transport the landers to the outpost location. On Mars, the rover drives around the chosen region to find the best location for the settlement. An ideal location for the settlement is far enough north for the soil to contain enough water, equatorial enough for maximum solar power and flat enough to facilitate construction of the settlement.

    When the settlement location is determined, the rover prepares the surface for arrival of the cargo missions.

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