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  • Z930R ZTrak Zero-Turn Mower with 54-inch Deck

    Owners must accept the fact that some item on their zero turn will fail after time. With a good maintenance routine, you can prevent some of these problems. However, if you own the same zero turn long enough, components will eventually begin to wear and fail.

    This post may include affiliate links. Purchases made through these links may provide a commission for us, at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. A bad spark plug, battery, safety switch and ignition switch can also cause your zero turn not to start. FIX Remove the spark plug boots and the spark plugs. Inspect the plug for dark deposits or cracked porcelain. The color of your plug should be amber in color. If it appears darker then this, your spark plug should be replaced with a new one.

    Reattach the spark plug boot. Come Monday morning, I checked the fuel tank and found the reason for his zero turn not running was because he forgot to add gas to the fuel tank. Boy, did that customer apologize once I told him about the lack of gas.

    FIX Add fresh fuel to your gas tank. The fuel pump has an inlet and outlet port where the fuel is come into and exits the fuel pump. There is a third port that is connected to a fitting off of the crankcase that creates the pressure the pump requires to function. FIX Inspect the fuel pump for cracks or fuel leaking around the pump. If you find cracks the fuel pump will no longer be able to hold pressure. You must install a new fuel pump. Make sure you are getting fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel pump.

    Turn off the fuel valve or use a clamp to stop the flow of fuel. Disconnect the fuel line from the inlet port on the fuel pump. Place the line in a container that sits lower than the fuel tank. Unclamp or turn on the fuel valve and check to make sure fuel is flowing out of the tube. If you are not getting fuel, check for blocked fuel lines or a plugged filter.

    Once you have verified you are getting fuel to the fuel pump, reinstall the fuel line to the inlet port on the fuel pump. You will now need to verify the fuel pump is pumping fuel to the carburetor. Remove the fuel line from the carburetor. Place the fuel line into a container. Start your lawn mower and watch to make sure you have a steady or pulsating flow of fuel coming out of your fuel line. Replace your fuel pump if it fails to provide a flow of fuel out of the outlet port.

    Dirty Carburetor on Your Zero Turn The carburetor is essential to regulate the amount of fuel and air mixture required to create a combustion. When your carburetor is dirty or gummed up, your carburetor is no longer able to regulate this mixture causing your lawn mower not to start or run terribly when it does start. FIX Clean your carburetor. Most of the time a carburetor can be cleaned. If you are mechanically inclined you can clean your carburetor using these steps in this article.

    Replace the carburetor if the buildup of dirt and residue left from ethanol cannot be removed adequately. FIX Inspect your battery terminals for corrosion. Clean your battery terminals by mixing 2 cups of water to about 3 rounded tablespoons of baking soda.

    Using a wire brush, scrub the battery terminals until rust and corrosion is removed. Replace the terminals if you are unable to get them clean. Make sure the battery connections are all securely in place. Test the voltage of your battery to ensure it has at least If your battery does not, you will need to check to verify it will hold a charge. If it will not hold a charge, it must be replaced. You can find additional information on what is draining your battery and how test and charge your battery in my article here.

    The switches are designed to kill the engine if the operator leaves the seat. FIX Temporarily bypass the safety switch to identify a bad switch. Warning: Do not operate a mower without the safety switch installed for your safety.

    Many people get injured by mowers annually by rolling them or falling off the mower. Always have safety switches installed and working on your equipment. Replace a bad safety switch. Bad Ignition Switch You insert the key into your ignition switch and turn it only to find nothing happens. The switch may feel a little different when you insert the key or you are unable to turn the key.

    The ignition switch can be the culprit to your starting issue. FIX Test the switch using a multimeter. Replace the ignition switch if you find it is bad. Faulty Charging System in Zero Turn The charging system on a zero turn charges the battery while it is running. When your charging system is not working, your battery will die.

    FIX Test your charging system following the instruction here. If you find the fault lies with your charging system, bring your mower to a lawn mower repair shop that has an experienced technician on site.

    An experienced technician will be able to isolate the problem where the unexperienced homeowner will be throwing parts at their lawn mower hoping to get lucky with the repair. Gas only lasts about 30 days before it begins to break down and become less effective. Ethanol can cause corrosion to the fuel system and leave deposits that can gum up the fuel system. FIX Drain the fuel into an approved fuel storage container to be recycled. Flush the fuel tank to clean it.

    In another fuel container, mix fresh gas and Sea Foam fuel additive following the instruction on the bottle. Sea Foam not only stabilizes fuel, it also can be used a fuel system cleaner. Add fuel mixture to fuel tank and let run.

    Read on for more information on isolating this issue. When your air filter is very dirty and plugged, your lawn mower cannot get the air it needs to mix with fuel to allow the engine to run. FIX Clean a paper air filter by removing it from the air filter housing being careful not drop any dirt into the intake.

    Wipe any dirt out of the housing with a dry clean cloth. Tap the air filter against a solid surface to knock any loose dirt from the filter. Hold the filter up to the light to make sure you can see light through the paper element.

    If you cannot see light through all areas of the filter, you need to replace it with a new air filter. Replace the filter in the housing. Dirty or Broken Fins on Fan Zero turn mowers are designed to keep air circulation to cool the engine. Make sure the engine shrouds, heat shields and fans are clean and not broke. FIX: Clean engine shroud and remove to gain access to the fan. Inspect the fan and clean any dirt or grass build up on the fan. Replace the fan if you any fins have broken off or have become damaged.

    Make sure heat shield is installed correctly. FIX: Clamp or shut off the fuel valve if your mower has a fuel valve and check each section of fuel hose to make sure fuel is able to flow through the tube and the fuel filter. Place the end of the section of fuel hose you want to check into a container, unclamp or turn on the fuel valve to check for fuel flow. Fuel line can be purchased from Amazon. Replace the line if you are unable to unclog the line or if you fuel lines appear dry and brittle.

    Replace your fuel filter if fuel is unable to pass through the filter or if the filter is cracked. Dirty Carburetor A dirty carburetor cannot only prevent your lawn mower from starting due to not being able to get air and fuel to create combustion in the engine, but it can also make it run rough and die when the air to fuel is not at the rate or mixture required. FIX: Clean your carburetor. If you are mechanically inclined, you can clean your carburetor using these steps in this article.

    Zero Turn Smokes Some of the same reasons as mentioned above for your lawn mower shutting down while mowing can be found the reasons your lawn mower is smoking as well.

    The burning of this oil causes your engine to smoke. FIX Install a new air filter. Not catching the plugged filter soon enough could result in additional engine damage. Keep reading for more information. Too much oil can cause crankcase pressure to build causing oil to get into the cylinder and into the air intake through the valve train.

    The oil in the cylinder burns off, when the engine gets hot, and creates a smoke.

    Common Zero Turn Problems: How to Fix Them

    YNAB has some syncing issues and a steep learning curve, but it remains a great option for hard-core budgeters. With YNAB, every dollar needs to be accounted for. After connecting your bank accounts and credit cards, you punch in how much you expect to spend in various categories. These are just estimates, and you can change the numbers later.

    There are no free lunches or cold cuts! You can also set up targets for specific categories. These will trigger an alert in the mobile app, but not on desktop. Set up spending targets for upcoming expenses in YNAB. With its auto-assign feature, you can have the app allocate money based on previous spending or due dates for scheduled transactions and goals.

    Getting used to this philosophy of money management can take some time to learn, and using YNAB requires more active, regular maintenance than Simplifi does. For instance, we found it confusing at first to not be able to account for future income: You budget one month at a time based on what you currently have.

    YNAB offers only email support, but there is a panoply of aids—from help docs to support forums to video courses to minute workshops —to help you get comfortable and confident using the app.

    The biggest problem we ran into with YNAB was connecting our checking and savings accounts. Initially, we had issues with Capital One, which has since been resolved. But then we had issues connecting the app to Fidelity.

    If you have any concerns about compatibility with your bank accounts, contact support to find out for sure. What about Mint? Ah, Mint. The best-known budgeting app, with , ratings in the App Store, is once again not our pick.

    It also may use your data to track you across other apps and websites. We never sell customer data. Many financial experts use or recommend it, including Get Money author Kristin Wong. Like Simplifi, Mint offers colorful spending-trend graphics, and adjusting your budget for the month is as easy as clicking an arrow. It also does a better job than Simplifi of monitoring your upcoming payments. It was the only one of our finalists to show how much we were actually scheduled to pay for an impending credit card bill.

    Mint, while not one of our favorites, does offer a wealth of graphs. But it has more limited budgeting settings than other apps. We think Mint is fine for looking back at transactions to see where your money has gone, but not so much for precise planning ahead. Other good budgeting apps If you love to crunch numbers in spreadsheets, Tiller may be for you.

    Like other budgeting apps, Tiller pulls in transactions from your bank and credit cards—except it places them in a Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel file. Monthly budget and yearly budget worksheets will then show your actual spending and income against what you planned.

    The robust tool also lets you create rules to auto-categorize imported transactions based on many criteria, much like you might program a formula in a spreadsheet. Tiller is harder to set up than our picks because of multiple steps to connect the app really, a spreadsheet add-on or extension to your Google or Microsoft account. This is tedious if you tend to have lots of new, non-recurring transactions.

    Still, Tiller is easier to use than manually updating a spreadsheet, and you can share the file with another person without having to give them your username and password. The reason we recommend apps is because they automate much of the data collection and calculations that you would otherwise have to do by hand, which is especially helpful if you have many different accounts and want to budget for more than one person.

    The process can be painstaking but illuminating. Customize it as you see fit. Collect all of your bank and credit card statements over the past year. Add up your take-home pay over the past year. Categorize all of your expenses over the past year. Note how much you spent in each category every month, as well as what percentage of your monthly income that spending represented.

    This is an especially useful exercise if you have uneven income. Separate your spending categories into main buckets. Take how much you expect to earn next month and use the expenditure percentages from step three to estimate what you can spend. If you happen to spend more on dining out than expected, either adjust your behavior or update your budget for the following month. The whole point of this exercise is to gain a better sense of how much money you have coming in and out so you can improve your financial life.

    We decided to not recommend it this year because its lack of two-factor authentication is a dealbreaker. EveryDollar , backed by personal finance guru Dave Ramsey, is another zero-based budgeting app, but we found connecting some bank accounts slow and frustrating. Zeta was the best app we tested for sharing a budget with someone else: Each person can have an individual budget and a shared one. Personal Capital offers some transaction tracking tools, but it has limited true budgeting features.

    In , we dismissed apps that are: only available on mobile, difficult to use, or lack decent guidance or tech support. Frequently asked questions What is budgeting? The point of a budget is to help control your personal finances so you live within your means, build up savings, and avoid taking on unnecessary debt. How do I start a budget? Although you can use fancy budgeting software, sometimes a simple sheet of paper or a spreadsheet can be sufficient. Gather your bills and your credit card and bank statements.

    Use that information to determine your income and expenses. You may group those expenses by category dining out, groceries, shopping or perhaps by store Amazon, Starbucks, Safeway. What are the basics of budgeting?

    You can make a budget for a specific time frame monthly or annual are the most common. In general, your budget should be divided into three categories of expenses: fixed, discretionary, and savings.

    Variable expenses are things you have more control over, such as groceries, travel, dining out, shopping, and charitable donations. Savings expenses may happen occasionally throughout the year, but not regularly gifts or vacations, for example. They may happen only once or twice in your lifetime such as getting married, going to college, or buying a house.

    This also includes money you set aside in other savings vehicles, such as a k or a plan. Once you understand how much you spend in each category, you can choose a budgeting style of which there are many that works for you. What is zero-based budgeting? Zero-based budgeting is a budgeting style wherein the sum of your income minus your expenses equals zero.

    This means you account for every dollar that comes in including those you later deposit into a savings account. Our picks have healthy app and desktop experiences. You can use either one and live within your means. Still, the medium is the message, and some functions felt easier at least to us to accomplish on a particular screen. Best for setup: desktop. Best for spending decisions: app.

    Quickly consult your phone before making a purchase to gauge how much you can safely shell out. Best for monthly reports: desktop.

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    Why Does My Riding Mower Pull to One Side?

    The R Series drive units feature cross porting, where the hydraulic fluid from the side doing the least work is filtered and then fed into the input of the side doing the most work.

    The Best Budgeting Apps

    This ensures that the coolest fluid is going into the side working the hardest in order to provide the best performance during extended hillside operation in the same direction. This airless radial tire solution is an industry first for John Deere, which provides an additional advantage to John Deere customers. Rutting is reduced because the Michelin X Tweel Turf has more support across the surface for improved flotation and better ground contact.

    Unique energy transfer within the poly-resin spokes reduces the bounce associated with pneumatic tires. Excellent curb climbing is possible due to the Michelin X Tweel Turf construction and flexibility.

    More consistent cut quality is achieved because inconsistent tire pressure is eliminated. Uptime is improved. The exclusive technology eliminates downtime and associated cost due to flat or damaged tires. Punctures and sidewall damage no longer result in downtime.

    Cost of operation is reduced. Cost of repairs and maintenance is reduced. One single unit replaces the current tire, wheel, and valve assembly. There is no need for complex tire-mounting equipment. No need to spend time checking and optimizing tire pressure. The need to purchase and stock plug kits and spare tires is eliminated, particularly for professional landscape contractors and government agencies who normally stock them. The tire tread will last up to three times longer than current pneumatic tires because automotive-grade rubber is used for the tread.

    Michelin X Tweel Turf Heavy-duty construction provides the ultimate in performance and reliable operation: High-strength poly-resin spokes carry the load.

    How do you adjust a zero turn steering wheel?

    Four-hole, heavy-duty steel hub for durability. Deep, open-tread design provides excellent cleaning and traction. Zero degree, high-tensile proprietary carcass provides great lateral stiffness while resisting damage from impact and penetration.

    R Series Mowers with in. All R Series Mowers are equipped with 15x front flat-free tires for the following: Excellent traction, flotation, and curb climbing Low center of gravity to increase hillside mowing capability Caster wheels and caster wheel towers with sealed bearings for long life and easy steering Offset front caster wheels to help improve the inside corner-trim performance and reduce between-blade striping Michelin, X, and Tweel are trademarks of Michelin North America, Inc.

    Mower is easy to service with many accessible components ZR EFI left front view The design of the Z Series makes many service components reachable and easily accessible from the ground.

    Large, open engine compartment at the rear of the machine provides convenient servicing and ensures the engine heat is directed away from the operator. The service interval chart gives necessary service intervals.

    Diagnostics Hour meter M Series pictured Diagnostic chart The hour meter shows the number of hours the machine is run when the key switch is in the on position.

    Toro Timecutter Zero Turn Mower Tracking Adjustment

    It only counts the hours the engine is actually running. Machine diagnostics are the first step of a monitoring system to help operators quickly diagnose common downtime issues. The same goes for the hard wheels in the front on some riding mowers — one that is worn excessively may pull the steering to that side.

    This is easy to diagnose and correct, and can be done at home. Weight Balance If you have a bagger, counterweights, or attachments, failure to center the weight can make your riding mower pull to the heavier side. Like with your tires and wheels, this is very easy to fix at home. Traction Adjustment This is unique to zero-turn mowers that use do not use the usual rack-and-pinion steering.

    Zero-turn mowers can develop traction issues, where when both throttles that control the rear wheels are pushed forward with the same force, one wheel may transfer power more efficiently than the other, causing the mower to want to push towards the weaker side. You will need to consult your operators manual for specifics for your particular model.

    This can be a complex procedure depending on the mower, and may be better off left to a professional.

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