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  • Maharashtra Board Class 7 Science Solutions Chapter 20 In the World of Stars

    Five simple yoga exercises for kids We all know the importance of being active. It is a reason why we are excited to share these simple yoga exercises for you to teach your kids in the early years. Even if your child is not officially participating in any sports, they can still reap tremendous benefits from simple stretching, walking, or cycling. Another activity is yoga. When you look at the list of benefits it can have for people of all ages; it is easy to see why.

    Doing yoga can help you build focus and concentration, increase strength and flexibility, improve balance and coordination, increase confidence and self-esteem, foster feelings of happiness and respect for others.

    Here are some simple yoga exercises and tips to try with your child at home: Warm up the head, neck, and shoulders An excellent way to start is to turn your head from side to side slowly. Take this opportunity to build early counting skills, counting the number of times your child turns heads. Then count some shoulder rolls together.

    Touch the toe Slowly roll down in a forward motion, curl at the waist, and try to touch those little toes. Repeat at least four times. Star Jumps Star jumping is an excellent way to pump blood. A few star jumps will be fun! Explore age-appropriate poses After a warm-up, you can recommend quality yoga aids designed for young children.

    Studies show that children learn best through play, which is one of the fantastic games to try at home. Mix everything up! A great way to do this is with Yogi FUN dice, which comes in four art wooden molds with 18 colorful yoga poses. One guide dice adds some spice to keep things fresh and interesting. Each of the symbols on the guide dice will assist your child in developing the following skills: choosing, breathing, improvising, having luck, having bad luck, opening up to friends, and saying nice words.

    Remember: It is important to heat those muscles properly before any strenuous or new activity and consult your doctor immediately in any difficult situation.

    Hasta Nakshatra

    Pieces Mercury In summary every horoscope has 12 rasis signs , 9 grahas loosely translated as planets and 27 nakshatras — constellations. The interrelationship of these three factors reveals an ocean of information on which the entire edifice of astrology is built. NOTE: The following can be treated like additional reading material and is optional Before ending this article I should acquaint the reader with the close links between the Veda, Purana, Agama and Hinduism in general.

    So I will digress a bit here. The Veda, Purana, Agama, Jyotish and most Hindu practices are closely linked to both astronomy and astrology. Even the devatas deities are nakshatra rupas of the form of Nakshatras. The specific forms including Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha and rituals of various deities have a definite astronomical basis. Knowledge of astronomy as well as astrology is very crucial to unlock the secrets of the Veda.

    I will cite a few instances here. While Varahamihira describes Aquarius as a man carrying an empty pot, one cannot agree with him. We all know how much he was influenced by the Yavanas or Greeks I do not imply that foreign influences are bad or anything of that sort; but in this context one needs to keep it in mind as it has a different import contextually.

    I am inclined to believe that originally the Vedic tradition could NOT have been a man carrying an empty pot on his shoulders. Look at any star atlas. Aquarius is invariably symbolized as a man holding an inverted water pot and pouring the water down on earth.

    The Rig Veda V. Is there further reason to support Varuna as the symbol of Aquarius? Varuna is the deity for Satabhisha Lamda aquarius and is riding the crocodile makara-capricorn. Thus Makara Capricorn when treated as a crocodile could be the vahana vehicle of Varuna. Remember the crocodile and goddess Ganga? Likewise for most rasis. Another example would be Tula Libra. Some of the qualities of Libra seem to be derived more from the following, than from Venus or it being the seventh sign.

    Who are the presiding deities of Visakha? Indra and Agni. While the shape of Visakha is round and can be interpreted as the Vedic fire altar, or even the pan of the scales of a Balance, the symbol of Libra , something else needs our attention -the story of Sibi Chakravarti. The very deities who rule Visakha! So too with the other nakshatras. I have just cited two examples from a few that come to mind.

    But a word of caution is needed. While it is becoming increasingly popular for some western vedic astrologers and Indian too to use the symbols of the naksatras in interpretation, quite often it is done very loosely! Look at how some use Bharani! Using the symbol as a sign is worse than not using it at all. Most myths and deities of the Puranas and Itihasas seem to have an astronomical basis too apart from the archetypal significance. I sometimes feel that even the deep-rooted archetypes too have some unconscious origin in the skies.

    Are they not part of our identity with the One? It is probably due to such deeper reasons too that mythology and astronomy will continue to fascinate us in this unconscious attempt to seek the forgotten identity with the Cosmos.

    While it is true that both myth and astronomy hold a crucial key to unlock more secrets, doing so will require a more thorough knowledge of the Vedic and Puranic literature or sometimes even Myth from other ancient cultures from across the globe, to see the links as well as Astronomy and astrology.

    Quite a tough job! Related posts.

    Hasta Nakshatra: a Complete Guide

    Our intelligence shines here in its full splendour. Hasta nakshatra, dwelling in the middle of original sixth house, blesses us with a lot of skills that help us to survive in this material world, especially problem solving and putting things in order. Its shadow side is, though, being overly cold and calculative, or even sometimes too obsessed with keeping things in order.

    When Moon shines in this swift and airy lunar mansion, it supports all types of energy exchange: conversations, meetings, communication, trade, negotiations, agreements and even marriages. It helps us to interact with the world and engage in its game with a little bit of healthy detachment and sense of humour. It encourages us to take things more lightly and look at difficult situations in life or obstacles with curiosity of a child, rather than taking it too seriously.

    Abhaya Yoga’s Tara Glazier

    Challenges, after all, are our opportunities to learn, progress and grow stronger. And when we remember Savitar, the Golden Soul within us, the giver of all power and intelligence during the difficult situations, even they will become easy to handle.

    Divine and shadow qualities Hasta nakshatra and Savitar Savitar, Sun-god presiding over Hasta nakshatra, dispels all types of darkness in our minds: dullness, ignorance, frustration, depression or disease. He shines as the light of intelligence, skilfulness, health and positivity within us. He inspires us to see everything in a more positive light.

    What is Vedic Astrology?

    Yet, strong intellect, if not balanced by open heart, can also make us too self-centered, insensitive or even greedy and egoistic. According to another account it was the ram that guided Bacchus to a spring of water in the Libyan desert. Hamal just over Botein actually entered Taurus in year ADand in this same period we have seen large-scale aggression change its nature from barbaric raiding and migration of earlier centuries to the building of large empires which had to be administered and kept in peace and good order, as well as exploited by their conquerors.

    Eric Morse]. So important is this work that Pallas herself has claimed it for her own hands, of which she has judged it worthy, and deems her victory over Arachne a token of her greatness. These are the callings and allied crafts that the Ram will decree for those born under his sign: in an anxious breast he will fashion a diffident heart that ever yearns to commend itself by its own praise.

    Even thus does the ram himself rush forth with lowered horns, resolved to win or die.

    Who is Tara Yoga

    From Al Hamal, the Sheep. Symbolically called the Death Wound and often incorrectly named El Nath. It causes violence brutishness, cruelty and premeditated crime.

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