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  • Why Pimple Popping Videos Are So Strangely Satisfying
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  • Hard-core beauty fanatics have brought the YouTube sensation Dr. Pimple Popper to TV
  • The Art of Pimple Popping: Why People Love it, And How to Do it Right
  • Pimple Popping and Cyst Drainage Videos

    There is some gross stuff here. You have been warned. The slime video is a gelatin playground for disembodied hands and fingers. Industrial shredder and hydraulic press videos send iPhones, pineapples, and other unexpected objects through the aforementioned equipment. The pimple popping video is one of the most popular variants of this phenomenon, perhaps because it centers on an act so many of us are familiar with, from adolescence through adulthood.

    The pimple popping community has received a certain amount of mainstream attention thanks to Dr. Contrary to her moniker, little of Dr. Unlike her YouTube videos, which show only the surface of the skin and are soundtracked by casual conversation between Lee and her patients, Dr. The real popping action is reserved for the Dr. There are the usual oversized whiteheads and blackheads , as well as lipomas , pilar cysts , calcium deposits , warts , abscesses , rhinophyma , sebaceous filaments , keloids , and other dermal delights.

    For some, more nauseating than the contents of the videos might be the language Lee uses to describe them. She is perhaps the first person in the pimple popping game who could be considered an auteur — her posts are a far cry from the borderline snuff that constitutes most entries in the genre. You can even cop a Dr.

    Pimple Popper Halloween Costume. No matter what Dr. Society considers pimples unsightly, so to find a kind of relaxation not just in images of acne but also in their removal is doubly taboo. Pimple popping videos let us simultaneously be doctor and patient, popper and popped.

    Why Pimple Popping Videos Are So Strangely Satisfying

    Share Tweet Email Comment Dr. Pimple Popper is a well-known doctor who helps to treat individuals who have very large cystic pimples on their bodies.

    She is even on TV and has her own show. She also has her own YouTube channel called Dr. Sandra Lee aka Dr. Pimple Popper. There are so many successful YouTube stars out there with engaging and captivating channels. For fans of Dr. Pimple Poppe, there are many YouTube Channels similar that are worth checking out. Enilsa's goal with her business and acne clinic is to guide individuals through their own path to radiant, clearer, and confident looking skin.

    She has over k subscribers on YouTube. Some of her videos consist of content related to blackhead extractions and cyst removals. The videos show live action of the treatments she is performing on her clients. Blackhead Another great YouTube channel related to Dr. Pimple Popper that fans should love is Arie Abramovich- Mr. He has 38 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. Arie is a guy who likes to challenge the status quo, and one way he does this is by becoming an esthetician.

    Women usually dominate the skincare industry but that didn't stop Arie. Abramovich started down this round after witnessing his family members popping pimples. Abramovich then began to extract blackheads on his family. Until one day, he decided to make things more professional and become established by taking on the career path of an esthetician.

    Many of his videos are related to blackhead extractions. In addition, his videos get a lot of views, ranging from thousand up to 1 million. Lalit Kasana Dr. Lalita Kasana has thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. His videos consist of mole removal, skin tag removal, blackhead removal, as well as removing warts. His video views range from 6 thousand to 1. On his channel, it has all his social media credentials. For those who love Dr. Pimple Popper, you will be or become a big fan of Dr.

    Lalita Kasana and his YouTube channel. In addition, it contains a business platform with several years of successful treatments panned out for millions of customers. Many other of their videos cover signature acne treatments that they perform on clients. Oh, and she is also a model. Bankson is very well-known for her YouTube channel and for sharing her acne journey and story. Cassandra Bankson used to suffer from severe cystic acne. Little did she know that by changing her diet this would clear her acne.

    Cassandra became vegan and her skin cleared up. Cassandra has been a role model and inspiration for many teen girls and young women. Cassandra Bankson has thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.

    So what is this Youtube channel all about? Well, Jonathan Tomines talks a bit about himself and what he does in the "about" section of his Youtube channel. Some of the channel's videos show a wide variety of things that people develop on their toes and how Tomines treats them.

    Some examples include overgrown infected toenail, a heel wart, and growths in-between toes. Although the Toe Bro doesn't have to do with skincare, it is similar to Dr.

    Pimple Popper as he is treating skin-related issues on the feet. His video views range from 52 thousand all the way up to thousand views. In the about section of Allure's YouTube channel, it states that "Allure's channel is focused on bringing beauty to life with unparalleled expertise, smart storytelling, and radical inclusivity. This video has thousand views. Allure's YouTube channel doesn't only focus on skincare, but many things related to beauty and nutrition being one of them.

    Skincare and nutrition go hand in hand, as what is entered into our bodies impacts our skin. Yoo offers skincare, self-care as well as lifestyle tips.

    One of the videos on her channel talks about some of the best hydrating skincare products on the market. Another one of her videos talks about clogged pores. Some of Yoo's other skincare videos talk about holistic acne skincare, skincare ingredients to avoid for those with sensitive skin, good skincare supplements to take, and more. In fact, she has more subscribers than Dr.

    One of the videos on Phan's YouTube channel talks about acne advice from a dermatologist. That video was made about three years ago and has around thousand views. Phan has also a unique video that talks about acne shaming. This is definitely a topic that might interest many people, especially if they deal with mild to severe acne.

    Acne is viewed as unappealing but there is more acne positivity out there and people are looking at it in a different light. Andras Fazakas Last but not least, there is Dr. Andras Fazakas.

    He has On his channel , Fazakas goes into his goals in his "about" section: "My goal is to create free education for doctors, medical students and people interested in health.

    I want to create a simple memorable visual experience of the complex science of the human body. For example, he has a video that talks about acid reflux , which has been linked with worsening acne. There is also a video where Fazakas talks about alkalosis, which is associated with an alkaline condition that occurs in the body that can lead to cramps.

    Alkaline relates to acidity and acid foods can cause breakouts.


    But this one, posted all the way back in the first week of January, remains her one of her most-watched ofwith more than 8 million views to date. Pimple Popper, aka cosmetic dermatologist Sandra Lee, just shared a video in which she extracts calcinosis cutis from a man's scrotum.

    At first, the woman… The cyst has a particularly large and intact sac wall, a key part of cyst anatomy. In this famous pimple popping video, Dr. Pimple Popper deals with a cyst that has been untouched for almost 50 years! We're still about a month out from the third season of dermatologist Dr. Pimple Popper," but she's offered no shortage of juicy pimple popping content in the meantime.

    On Wednesday, Lee shared a YouTube video in which she treated a man's back cyst with a special technique she referred to as "the MacGyver cyst punch. It is not like they stumble upon the video by accident, they make a conscious decision to watch it.

    youtube videos popping back pimples

    Another round for Pimple Cyst and Blackhead popping videos for The cyst is located right next to her patient's ear. On Instagram and YouTube, Dr. Pimple Popper, whose real name is dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, gave up-close looks at some of her most invasive and skillful … Dr. Pimple Popper, is on a serious roll with cyst popping this week. We combed our favorite channels and rounded up what we think are some of the year's best pops.

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy the satisfying visuals of pimple popping! The best pimple-popping videos on YouTube 1 Blackhead removal. Pimple Popper's new Instagram video, she helps a patient with a pair of blackheads.

    Hard-core beauty fanatics have brought the YouTube sensation Dr. Pimple Popper to TV

    If you've got a strong stomach and a love for super intense popping vids, you're going to love this cheek-focused extraction from the one and only Dr. Removal cysts from the neck of a DOG. Despite pandemic restrictions that left many doctor's offices closed for part of the year, Dr. Pimple Popper delivered a steady stream of blackhead-popping, cyst-squeezing, and lipoma-treating videos to her fans.

    Pimple popping and blackhead popping videos can be seen on my chanel! First, Dr. Cysts should be evaluated by your physician and you may likely need a surgeon to remove them entirely.

    When we have changes in hormone levels on a monthly basis, an increase in hormones can trigger increased oil production, increased risk of bacterial infection, and re-irritation of that pimple again. The pore is clogged under the surface of your skin and can enlarge and appear on the surface of your skin when your body is producing more oil.

    How can you treat them at home? When you have a pustule this means there are purulent contents inside, meaning localised infection… bacteria is involved and has a hand in creating this type of bump. First and foremost, I suggest trying to refrain from popping.

    The Art of Pimple Popping: Why People Love it, And How to Do it Right

    Any area that you squeeze on your skin, this certainly increases your risk for scarring and infection. Plus, you cannot see your ear so how are you going to properly extract any kind of bump? You would have to have quite an extravagant setup of mirrors at different angles to do this with any sense of safety. My best advice is if you have a blemish or a growth in your ear that is particularly bothersome to you, please see a dermatologist to have it evaluated.

    Sometimes what you think is a blemish on your lip may actually be something else, like a cold sore, aka herpes simplex labialis.

    If you suspect you could have a cold sore breakout please get this evaluated by your dermatologist — there are prescription meds that can safely decrease the severity and length of time of this breakout. In those moments when you can feel it more than you can see it, is the time that you may want to see your dermatologist. Because they can actually inject a low-potency corticosteroid in the area which can often make the blemish go away within 24 hours.

    I strongly recommend NOT picking at your blemish because this will often lead to it getting bigger. To a blemish that has been popped, I recommend applying topical corticosteroid and a cold compress to help minimize redness and discomfort.

    Sterilise the area and be sure to have clean tools, hands, and environment.

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