Nissan patrol y62 timing chain problems

  • The performance characteristics of the yd25ddti engine. Nissan contract engine YD25DDTI, price
  • Tensile chain Infiniti QX56 Z62 and Nissan Patrol Y62
  • Nissan Patrol: Bad Timing Belt or Chain Symptoms
  • The performance characteristics of the yd25ddti engine. Nissan contract engine YD25DDTI, price

    The specification was wrong from the start and changes are still needed. The Y62 Patrol had a 5. The new generation V8 engine delivered kW of power and Nm of torque, with 90 percent of torque available from just rpm. Claimed fuel consumption was There is another version, called the VK56DE, that can use 91 octane petrol and has about percent less power and torque.

    The terrain program worked well off road, providing easy selection of operating mode and rear diff lock operation. A much-needed revision of the Y62 equipment levels and pricing happened in The Patrol V8 was available in only Ti and Ti-L grades, meaning that many optional features were available as standard. The ST-L grade was discontinued. Inclusions featured as standard on the Patrol V8 included Off-Road Monitor, which provided information on steer angle, tyre slip and tyre pressure as well as a compass, and Traffic Monitoring System, which provided real-time traffic updates integrated into the navigation system, to help avoid delays.

    Features that were available as standard included: Hydraulic Body Motion Control HBMC suspension system; leather-accented seats; satellite navigation; Around View Monitor and a t yre pressure monitoring system. The Toyota has a more towing-suitable live rear axle that can be easily fitted with upgraded coils or auxiliary air springs.

    We reckon if Nissan fitted a octane-rated engine and fixed the ridiculous cargo floor issue the market acceptance would accelerate dramatically.

    In March the warranty was extended to five years and in September a face-lfited model was previewed. Inside, a new centre console incorporated dual displays featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and there was new steering wheel with additional controls. New diamond-stitch quilted leather seats with climate control and powered lumbar support were optionally available up front. In addition to the Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies already available, the Patrol came with Intelligent Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection and an Intelligent Forward Collision Warning system.

    Sadly, our criticisms of all post Patrols remain and Nissan needs to try much harder, or forget the Patrol altogether. On and off-road We did two tow tests, firstly using a 2. As expected, the independently-sprung rear end sagged, yet Nissan rates the Y62 towbar for up to kg of ball weight and insists that owners not use weight distribution bars.

    The Patrol V8 is a bulky beast. Our tow-test models were both Ti vehicles, with a claimed tare weight of 2. A plus for this bulk is that 1. The Y62 has a rear vision camera as standard, so coupling up was a simple operation. Ergonomics were fine and Bluetooth pairing was easy, with the vehicle at rest. The central display screen was clear and the navigation and information system quite comprehensive.

    The seven-speed box was state of the art and gave seamless shifts in stop-start conditions. On freeways, at legal speeds, it was happy to sit in overdrive 6th, rather than double-overdrive 7th. On steep climbs the shifts remained seamless, but as the box dropped to third and revs rose above rpm, mechanical noise intruded.

    Engine braking was acceptable for a petrol auto, but revs needed to be around rpm for best effect and at this speed engine noise intruded somewhat. A lower ball weight would have improved ride quality over lumpy surfaces that caused pitching and rear-end bottoming. The ideal net ball weight for the Patrol Y62 is around kg. Handling was flat and predictable on bitumen and dirt surfaces, seemingly unaffected by the limited amount of rear suspension travel, so the cross-linked suspension units were doing their job well.

    Our next tow test was with a 1. Economy was also very good, averaging We showed our test vehicles to several potential buyers and none would accept the sloping floor layout. The all-independent-suspension competition includes high-performance V6 turbo-diesels — Land Rover Discovery, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mercedes-Benz ML — that have better towing economy and load-levelling air suspension, albeit with well known reliability issues.

    These vehicles also have trailer sway control, as does the Series. As a solo vehicle the Y62 Patrol was quite off-road capable, having a low range, first-gear ratio around , traction control and supple suspension. However, ground clearance when loaded was marginal for rocky trail work. Nissan needs to upgrade the powertrain, fix the cargo area and get off its arse!

    For a start It was a part-time-4WD machine, which meant that it was rear-wheel-drive only in most on-road conditions.

    It was the same story in true off-road situations where the combination of good ground clearance, excellent wheel travel and a powerful limited-slip rear differential worked optimally to keep the Patrol moving in situations where only the rugged make progress. In , the diesel Patrol was well past its use-by date. The last vehicles were produced in November , for Australian buyers.

    Previous Models When the GU model was launched in late it was the best the then cash-strapped company could do. The Patrol was upgraded in with exterior panel and trim changes, fatter rubber and a restyled interior. The only significant mechanical change was a slight increase in power for the ZD30 three-litre diesel and a torque boost for the same engine when coupled to a manual transmission. Hence the upgrade. The interior scored the greatest change, with an entirely new dashboard and instrument cluster.

    The seats were repadded and there was a new range of upholstery. The only mechanical upgrade for was a 3kW lift in power for the ZD30 three-litre, turbo-intercooled diesel. ZD30 engines bolted to five-speed mechanical transmissions had maximum torque of Nm — a lift over the previous Nm peak — but those engines with auto boxes were limited to the previous peak.

    ABS anti-lock braking was standard on all but the base DX turbo diesel model. The ST was previously only available with turbo-diesel power, but was included in the 4. The ZD30 3. This three-litre needed to rev to achieve performance and was better in front of an auto than a manual box, because low-speed torque was poor when compared with other turbo-diesels.

    Our Patrol testing showed that the dynamics of the post Patrol were little changed from previous GUs. Ride quality was still firm and handling wais flat at normal 4WD driving speeds.

    Where the Patrol shines is on long hauls and when the bitumen ends. If you can find a late-model, factory turbo-intercooled 4. Bush Modifications Patrol coils sag easily, so a taller, stronger set is required, along with matching shock absorbers.

    Being a part-time 4WD wagon the Patrol can benefit from a rear-axle self-locker, ideally matched by a driver controlled front locking diff.

    And even the current fashion for "SUVs", which behave better on asphalt than in mud, could not change its "character". This SUV is made exactly according to the "classics" - a spar frame, dependent long-travel suspensions, a transfer case with a demultiplier. Such cars are already rare. The latest generation Patrol with the Y61 index, which appeared on the market in , is much more focused on comfort than its predecessors.

    For this, the interior of the car is made quite spacious, and its equipment includes a large number of various "bells and whistles". Moreover, most often presented on secondary market cars have the richest configurations in Russia, for example, simple Patrols were not sold at all. It is surprising that almost all the mechanics involved in Nissan SUVs have nothing against the Patrol Y61 brought from the Middle East: they do not have the traditional bad features in such cases, their equipment is always very rich, and the technical condition is usually quite good.

    By the way, there is no need to be particularly intimidated by SUVs that have gone through one or another revision aimed at improving their off-road capabilities. Substantial part Nissan patrol The Y61 has diesel engines under the hood.

    And there are several of them. At first, the car was equipped with a 2. In addition, there is a 4. There is also a third motor powered by diesel fuel, which appeared in Its volume is 3. The range of gasoline units is just limited. It is either a 4. Moreover, cars with the latest power unit are officially supplied to Russia. The main disadvantage of gasoline engines is fuel consumption, which, even for an economical driver, is 20 liters per km of driving around the city and if you go more or less quickly, then all liters.

    If we talk about the reliability of gasoline engines, then these 6-cylinder engines do not seem to break at all with timely maintenance and use of decent fuel. This is a resource! Among diesel engines, the 4. It is characterized by a considerable consumption of diesel fuel the same liters as that of gasoline engines and a huge resource - it can serve over thousand km. Moreover, if you follow the manufacturer's recommendations, change the oil on time and let the engine run for a couple of minutes after stopping, the turbine will be able to overcome the half-million mark!

    In addition, the 4. All in all, the Patrol Y61 with a 4. It should be remembered that reverse side mediocre dynamics will be amazing reliability. Although even more "sluggish" will seem cars with a 2. This motor, by the way, is criticized not only for its lack. Horse power , but also for average reliability and expensive spare parts compared to a 4. It happens that the cylinder head gasket burns out, it happens that the "head" itself warps from overheating in the latter case, sometimes it does not work to grind it and you have to buy a new one.

    The 2. Another not the best feature of a 2. The 3. It is not only more powerful but also more reliable. For example, the "eternal" chain is already used in the gas distribution mechanism, and the injection pump is much more reliable. Although there is one unpleasant feature - if the high-pressure fuel pump of a 2. However, a 3-liter diesel engine, like all Patrol engines, including a 2.

    Gearboxes match engines - cases of their repair are rare. True, during the maintenance of the gearbox, the masters sometimes have to tinker. For example, it is quite difficult to pour oil into the "machine", for which you need to spend several hours, which in the most negative way affects the cost of work. Just do not regret the lubricant When driving on asphalt, the Nissan Patrol Y61 only works rear drive However, off-road, the driver can connect the front axle, lock the rear differential, "cut in" downshift and, best of all, disable the rear stabilizer.

    It is a small shock absorber, which in its normal position is blocked by a special electromagnetic latch and does not affect the operation of the stabilizer and it, in turn, reduces roll in corners and has a positive effect on handling.

    But off-road, the stabilizer already interferes - the wheel begins to hang out earlier. In this case, the driver of Nissan Patrol just needs to press a button in the cabin - and the electromagnet will release the cylinder rod, allowing it to move freely up and down. This gives the wheel an additional 70 mm free play! All this provides the Patrol with amazing cross-country ability.

    The switchable stabilizer has proved to be a fairly reliable element, but if the car has often traveled off-road before, it may already be worn out. As for the reliability of the all-wheel drive system, it is at a very high level. The only part that breaks down from time to time is the front wheel hub couplings, which Patrol can work both in "manual" and automatic mode If the driver does not follow them, they will turn sour. The rest of the all-wheel drive transmission elements break down extremely rarely, but when buying a car, it is imperative to check the performance of the "hand-out", locks, etc.

    Both suspensions on the Nissan Patrol are dependent by the way, the rarest case in the modern automotive industry. However, it is largely due to this that the reliability of the chassis is so high. And not only when driving on smooth asphalt, but also when operating the car on off-road. Only the struts and stabilizer bushings may require replacement after 60 thousand km, and even then these parts are not too expensive.

    Brake pads have a good resource, but sometimes they need to be changed after thousand km, and in some cases even together with warped disks. Although if the disc is slightly damaged, it can be sharpened and put back on the machine.

    Those who want to buy a Nissan Patrol should know that this car is not quite suitable for frequent trips on the highway and in the city. It is tough, difficult to control at high speeds, and the body swing is quite noticeable.

    But for Patrol constantly leaving for nature - perfect option After all, this is a real uncompromising SUV capable of tackling the most difficult sections.

    For the first time Japanese manufacturer began assembling such cars immediately after the last volleys of the Second World War died down: in , "Nissan" began to produce a copy of the famous Willys at its facilities. And in , the Japanese had already made their own changes to it and equipped it not with a 4, but with a 6-cylinder engine producing 85 hp.

    At first, the "Nissan" Willys had 60 hp. Exactly last car and received the name Nissan Patrol. In , Nissan released the so-called series Patrol, which outwardly resembled the American SUV and had a similar design. True, under the hood of the Patrol of the 60th series, there was already a 4.

    This Patrol was made for quite a long time in a variety of versions, including elongated 8-seater cars. Fundamentally new nissan The series Patrol did not hit the market until It became much more comfortable than its predecessors and was equipped with good gasoline and diesel engines. In , Patrol appeared under the index , which is an improved modification of the Patrol In , the Japanese showed a further development of the theme of serious SUVs - the Y60 series car on sale since The Nissan Patrol has already received a spring suspension, although some modifications are still spring-loaded.

    Under the hood of the SUV, a 4. Nissan Patrol Y60 has established itself as a very reliable car with great opportunities for off-road driving. The car has become much more comfortable and has a richly decorated interior. However, at the same time, Patrol retained frame structure with dependent suspensions. And in addition to the usual "bells and whistles" for such an SUV, the Patrol Y61 was equipped with a unique switchable rear stabilizer, thanks to which its cross-country ability significantly increased.

    In , the Patrol was restyled - changed a little appearance car and interior. Patrol in its entire history has never changed the main features: angular design, strong frame, continuous bridges, powerful and unpretentious engines This was until the next sixth generation SUV of the Y62 series was presented.

    The newcomer has completely changed. In particular, the design has become more rounded, but no less interesting, and the classic bridges have given way to independent suspension The current Nissan Patrol is a new era in the history of the brand and a completely different ideology.

    However, its unique off-road properties legendary car practically did not lose. The salon will delight the owner with endless space, home coziness, high level of comfort and excellent finishing materials.

    In the summer heat, fellow travelers will appreciate the isothermal box in the center armrest, designed to cool drinks. Access to the 6-liter "refrigerator" is organized from both the first and second row of seats. For the Nissan Patrol, a 5. On the Russian market the Japanese SUV with the most powerful and most advanced engine was officially delivered.

    But all these tricks did not significantly reduce fuel consumption. And the motor itself often provokes the owners to press the gas pedal once again.

    Therefore, few people have an 8-cylinder monster consuming less than 25 liters per km. Nevertheless, subject to the speed limit on the highway and driving at a constant speed without overtaking and stopping, it is quite possible to get a "fantastic" 15 liters.

    Sorry, gorgeous power unit was not without flaws. One of them is a chain-type timing drive. Some owners were faced with his ailment, not having covered 15, km, others failed to catch up only after , km, and still others found out about the lack, only approaching the mark of , km.

    The manufacturer admitted a defect - a weak timing chain of the right cylinder bank.

    This ailment is aggravated by the fact that when the catalyst is destroyed, its particles ceramic dust enter the cylinders, the lubrication system and damage them. If this happens, you will only have to buy new enginesince no amount of washing will completely remove such dust. To permanently solve the problem, it is necessary to replace the catalysts with flame arresters.

    You can also note the unreliability of the injection pump, which requires replacement every thousand km. Servicemen call the reason for the small resource of the pump insufficient cooling, due to the small amount of fuel in the gas tank and the use of low-quality gasoline, which clogs fuel filter at the pump inlet.

    Symptoms - dips appear when sharp accelerationwhich over time develops into a decrease in power over the entire range of engine operation. It is also worth noting the tendency of the motor to overheat, so it is necessary to monitor the condition of the cooling system and periodically clean the radiator under high pressure.

    It is not recommended to use systems of the Karcher type for cleaning the radiator, as they are ineffective. The wiring under the hood is susceptible to chemicals, which causes its contacts to oxidize over time, leading to malfunctions in the engine management system.

    In cars of the first years of production, the air conditioner radiator fan is installed directly behind the radiator grill and is exposed to all winds, because rodanthe pier collapse this, it can jam over time.

    This nuisance can cause burnout of the wiring harness. To minimize the risks of various malfunctions of the unit, use only high quality gasolineoriginal oil and do not delay servicing the car. Transmission Paired with the motor, only a 5-stage was installed automatic transmission gear. This unit is reliable, but the hoses of its cooling system often lose their tightness they flow at the joints of rubber with metal.

    It is not worth tightening with the replacement of hoses, as this can cause an early failure of the box. There are also complaints about the incorrect operation of the switch for selecting the transfer modes "buggy" due to the failure of the electronic servo drive. The transmission is afraid of overheating, therefore, it is recommended to install an additional cooling radiator on cars that are often operated in off-road mode or in regions with a warm climate.

    Most of the Infiniti QX56 on our market are equipped with all-wheel drive, however, there are also mono-drive versions brought from the USA. In system all-wheel drive the weak point is the crosses of the front and rear propeller shafts, fail with active city driving - about once every two years.

    Tensile chain Infiniti QX56 Z62 and Nissan Patrol Y62

    Symptoms - clicks clatter appear when switching the automatic transmission selector from "R" to "D". In the front axle, breakdowns and more serious are possible: destruction of the gearbox, twisting of the semi-axle SHRUSas a rule, on the right and falling out of the left.

    Experts say that such troubles are often caused by abrupt starts in 4H and Auto modes with inverted wheels. The cardan joints are impressively thick, and they are also made with interchangeable crosspieces, but the front crosspieces are supplied only complete with a shaft. Chassis, steering and brakes Infiniti QX56 with mileage Despite the fact that the Infiniti QX56's suspension is completely independent, it is difficult to call the car very comfortable - the suspension does not always smoothly work out even small irregularities.

    But the handling here is at a high level, which is good news, especially considering the weight almost 2. As for the reliability of the suspension, there are no serious complaints about it. Due to the high center of gravity, it is often necessary to change the rubber bands. Once thousand km, replacement of the front shock absorbers is required about USDand closer tokm - the rear ones.

    At the same mileage, wheel bearings also fail they change assembled with the hub. If wheels of 20 diameter are installed on the car, the resource of the wheel bearings will be significantly less. Regularly on rear axle pneumatic springs are installed, which do not allow the shock absorbers to sag under heavy load.

    Weak point in "pneuma" is a compressor that suffers from moisture and reagents oxidized and clinite. The steering system is reliable, the only thing that requires special attention so these are the power steering hoses - it happens that they flow.

    The brakes also cannot be called problematic, however, on cars of the first years of production, they were rather unsuccessful - they quickly overheated and warped.

    After restyling inthe manufacturer eliminated this problem by installing reinforced brakes, but they are not always enough to stop such a large car with confidence. Salon The Infiniti QX56 salon is striking in its size, but this is the beauty of such cars. As for the quality of finishing materials and sound insulation, they are at a high level.

    Of the shortcomings here, one can note the weak lateral support of the seats, because of this, while driving on an uneven road, you have to constantly hold on, and this quickly gets tired. Electrical equipment also rarely bothers, here one can only note the poor quality of the dashboard, besides, it constantly requires repair - the instrument illumination pads go out.

    Some owners blame the appearance of "glitches" in the control unit multimedia system In both cases, re-soldering the board tracks is required to fix the problems. Afterkm of run, the heater motor starts to mope - a grinding knock appears after switching modes. Elimination of this trouble will cost USD. Outcome: Despite its middle age, Infiniti QX56 is still quite an interesting option to buy, which will pleasantly surprise you with its quality and comfort.

    Most of the problems inherent in this model are associated with poor quality or untimely service. If you think that this is not a killable car that does not require special attention, the consequences can be dire. If you are the owner of this car model, please describe the problems that you had to face during the operation of the car. Perhaps it is your feedback that will help the readers of our site when choosing a car. The first and main thing that all the reviews of the owners are full of - increased wear of timing chains In fact, this problem is not connected with any miscalculations of engineers in the engine, but the banal result of supplying defective chains to the manufacturer's plant.

    This defect is recognized by the Infiniti representative office as a massive one and the timing chains are replaced free of charge for a revocable campaign. When viewed from Infiniti QX56 before buying using computer diagnostics it is necessary to find out the angles of the intake and exhaust camshafts in the load and simple - this will allow you to find out the degree of elongation of the timing chain and the need to replace it. It is also worth bothering to ask the seller if he is the owner about the documents for replacing the chain, if it was carried out.

    There is no point in trusting sellers without documents, as well as trusting outbids. We emphasize that replacing timing chains at Official dealer - is free, you are not required to agree to replace any other parts that the dealer "recommends" to replace. Usually ODs try to cheat clients on additional work to replace oil scraper rings and caps.

    In addition to the chains, there is a recall campaign to replace the rear levers and fuel gauge on the QX56 and QX Only "racing" operation on a stretched chain will lead to chain skipping and further internal damage. The second widely discussed problem of Infiniti Qx56 is oil consumption and oil starvation.

    Nissan Patrol: Bad Timing Belt or Chain Symptoms

    Loss of Fuel Mileage— Fuel mileage will suffer when the engine is no longer kept in time. It should grip your finger as you lightly brush across it. If it is slippery and dry, that is a great indication it could be bad as well. But, if it has jumped, the check engine light will very likely come on.

    At the least, you should get some sort of misfire relate codes. The tensioner keeps this from happening by keeping a consistent amount of force on the belt. So, as the belt stretches it adjusts for this stretching. If you are going to replace the tensioner, make sure to swap the belt as well.

    Conclusion: Nissan Patrol Timing Chain Symptoms Most manufacturers will recommend changing the timing belt at 60k or k miles. Although, it can vary.

    Where a lot of people get into trouble is when they buy a used car with k no realizing that the belt service is going to be immediately due. Good luck with your Patrol. If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below.

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