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  • Intranet Software: The Most important Providers in Comparison
  • How to Build a Free Intranet With Open Source Software
  • Confluence vs. Sharepoint — The Best Intranet Software?
  • 5 Best Intranet Platforms for Small and Medium Businesses
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  • Intranet Software: The Most important Providers in Comparison

    Discover the 15 attributes a great CMS intranet will have: 1. An intuitive user interface The user interface should be simple and streamlined. The average user should be able to sit down and intuitively understand how to use basic functions such as searching, editing, and posting.

    Visual aids and a clean, modern layout that mimics those seen in other common software will go a long way when training users on how to use the tools. Security With hackers attacking every 39 seconds, your intranet must be secure.

    Remember that the average user will assume that the data is secure. Good intranets are simple to set up for the average user. An intranet should be accessible across many different devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops.

    Another tip? The intranet needs to be accessible by Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android at the very least. Social engagement features The best intranets will have tools built in to foster connection, sharing, and collaboration. A community hub where users can share, comment, and like business-related content is also important. Millennials and Gen Zers are especially accustomed to the functions and layouts of popular social media websites. Integrating similar front-end functionality into your intranet should result in higher engagement levels with these employees.

    Advanced search functions The content directories of an intranet need to be well organized and searchable. Train users to not only publish new information but also to hide previous data that has become outdated. This eliminates clutter and decreases the potential for confusion. In addition, use tags to make searches more accurate and encompassing.

    A good intranet should be a hub where nearly all pertinent information can be found. Employee calendars, an invitation system, company policies, meeting minutes, and more should all be easily accessible. Regular updates As the needs of your employees change over time, your intranet will have to keep up.

    Bugs need to be fixed promptly. Security updates need to happen consistently to stay one step ahead of hackers. Additionally, as new social media outlets become popular, the social tools applicable to connecting employees should be added. If an intranet is not updated regularly, it runs the risk of becoming stagnant, disengaging, and unsafe. Analytics integration Data received through your intranet should be easy to analyze through industry-standard platforms such as Google Analytics.

    With such an integration, if your business distributes a company-wide survey, the results can be instantly tabulated then run through analysis software to glean important insights. Advanced scheduling options Your solution should be able to schedule the publications of various forms of content. This includes text posts along with rich media content such as images and videos. You can also schedule the update to coincide with the introduction of the policy. If there is a lag, employees could be confused if they try to look for policy documents within the intranet.

    A superior intranet will allow simple but powerful gestures of recognition from management and peers. Content-enabled Users need to post more than text. Video content, links, document sharing, and images are all useful in communicating information and should all be shareable. That way they can be present in meetings and participate in face-to-face communication with co-workers.

    Survey integration Surveys are a fantastic way to get real-time feedback on policies and other situations. Instead of waiting for pre-scheduled meetings, management can make adjustments on the fly. This makes for a much more flexible company that takes the feelings of its employees into consideration.

    Furthermore, employees can get feedback and frustrations out before they have time to fester into major roadblocks. It opens the lines of communication and can be done anonymously without pressure. Easily branded Your intranet should reflect your brand in design and workflow.

    Otherwise, it may feel sterile and lifeless. This is a tool your workers will be using every day for communication, connection, and information — you want it to feel fresh and exciting. Personalized activity feeds Employees should have personalized activity feeds that show information pertinent to them.

    For instance, if an employee is involved in a project, they should receive updates when others work on it or make changes. However, make sure that you avoid information overload. To mitigate that problem, your intranet should have sufficient targeting and segmentation capabilities. This means less overall stress and higher productivity for workers.

    How to Build a Free Intranet With Open Source Software

    Interested in the exploring the advantages on offer with cloud-hosted intranets? Want to compare and contrast a cloud intranet option with other possibilities? Find the answers to these questions plus much more. From simple definitions on the terminology through to practical examples of cloud intranets in action, this category provides a comprehensive knowledge resource on all aspects of cloud intranets.

    This category of posts will take you through all the steps you need to take: from undertaking a needs assessment, through to effective design and content ideas. Although this category is focussed on cloud intranets, there is a great deal of interconnection and crossover between the various categories on our blog. Improved communications. Faster and easier access to information. Increased productivity and streamlined processes. These are all fantastic choices And the same applies to your employee intranet.

    Without a decent intranet search engine, your intranet will be a chaotic mess. Staff will feel frustrated and irritated. And the Increasingly, businesses wanting to get ahead are looking to branded online communities to build those essential connections.

    But how do you get started? Here we However, the shift to telecommuting has seen the company intranet working harder than ever. More staff are engaging with and relying on With so many great benefits on offer, it's a no-brainer, really.

    However, selecting the best intranet supplier may not be as straightforward. There are just so many intranet vendors out there. And each platform has different Your business has to weigh up several different factors before deciding on the perfect fit for your organization. However, there so many options to choose from. So, how do you know which of the Are they also costing your company valuable dollars?

    In fact, paper and email Collaborative Communication: Why It Matters May 18, Tackling complex problems, fostering creativity and nurturing collaborative solutions is universal in business today. The terms cooperation, coordination, and collaboration are often used interchangeably.

    However, collaboration refers to a higher level of joint Intranet Builder: Short On Time? Mar 31, Are you looking to build an intranet for your company? Perhaps your CEO has charged you with deploying a company intranet. Well, a WordPress intranet could be a very appealing option, especially if your website is already powered by WordPress.

    In fact, as a free, open-source website creation tool WordPress is one of the Sometimes written off as being nerdy and uncool, IT departments fly under the radar until something goes wrong. However, the Covid pandemic has done Internal Control: 5 Ways An Intranet Solution Will Improve Financial Control Dec 10, For small- to medium-sized business owners, internal control often comes second to generating sales and revenue.

    Responsibility for bookkeeping is usually delegated to the office manager or an admin assistant. For many businesses, this works perfectly well. We have already seen the cloud technology revolution transform the way businesses work. And the next wave in this process is the growth of no-code software.

    The ability to use software without Despite what you might think, intranets can be easy to set up and manage even for non-technical staff.

    And employees find them just as easy to use, so the intranet quickly becomes an But not wholesale. And not like before. So what does new normal working look like? The experience of New Zealand - where MyHub was born - offers some unique insights. Our island nation remains After all, staff suggestion boxes, designed to encourage idea-sharing, have been around for decades. Nowadays, however, technology has made it easier for staff to get their creative minds What benefits will we reap?

    What are the requirements? How do we go about implementing the best business intranet for Mar 18, Up until recently, people who work from home seemed to be a minority group. But following the outbreak of Covid, the world's largest experiment of remote working is underway. For both employees and managers, this new working arrangement has been thrust upon them And yet we all know if we can improve internal communications in the workplace, productivity, That's why Internal Website: Uses, Features And Setup Dec 5, Many companies spend big dollars on their customer-facing websites, attaching great importance to innovative, trend-setting designs with all the bells and whistles.

    According to the latest statistics the sector employed These kinds But with so many providers out there, how do you select the right one? For a number of years now, here at MyHub, we have been providing intranet solutions to businesses just like yours Whatever the case may be, congratulations! Starting your own business is an exciting and rewarding Hotel Intranet Software: Integrating Services For Hotel And Accommodation Providers May 21, Providing responsive and seamless services to customers and guests is, of course, the top priority for hotel and accommodation providers.

    But with such a broad range of services coupled with the mobile nature of employees who are often working unsociable hours, it can May 14, Is CSR just another fad or could there be something in it? When internal resources both in terms of manpower and budgets are limited, is it worthwhile investing in CSR initiatives that

    Confluence vs. Sharepoint — The Best Intranet Software?

    5 Best Intranet Platforms for Small and Medium Businesses

    Our team supports you with best-practices, checklists and advice so you can deliver a secure, integrated and highly adoptable intranet — stress-free. Human Resources Higher engagement and retention thanks to a better culture Most organizations keep hiring people to replace those that should never have left in the first place. Involv helps you share your message and build a positive company culture — fast and easy.

    Better communication results in more focus, more engagement and a better culture. A culture to be proud of and shared by everybody.

    5 Great Ways Online Intranet Software Improves Productivity

    Operations Higher operational efficiency Most organizations are having a hard time keeping people aligned and fully engaged. Meetings are too long and unproductive, decisions postponed, people are leaving the company and bottom-line: time and money are lost.

    Involv intranet is a ready-to-use communication platform that is built to get your message across fast and easy. Your employees — whether you have a largely remote workforce or not — have the capacity to be productive if you give them the right tools.

    Cloud-based intranets in particular can be a great tool for encouraging workforce productivity, collaboration and cohesion.

    Below, we highlight five core ways you could use your intranet solution to maximise productivity. Use online intranet software to help employees work more efficiently How much time do you think your employees spend on low-value administrative tasks? Online intranet software cuts out inefficient email exchanges with more immediate workplace instant messaging services. Reduce busywork by automating HR tasks and processes These features and more cut down the low value administrative work your employees do day to day, freeing time for more strategic, creative and value-based contributions to your business.

    Intranets ensure employees see the information that is relevant to them Online intranet software is a major facilitator of internal communication, particularly if your workforce is large or dispersed over numerous sites. Rather than relying on email to get messages across, you can use your intranet. Modern intranets send push notifications to individual users, so you can reach employees immediately, rather than having to rely on them logging into email.

    This has two major productivity benefits: Employees pick up important, company-wide announcements quicker. Informed employees feel more engaged with your wider organisation — and employee engagement has a significant positive effect on productivity levels. Day-to-day communications get through faster, so your workforce can react more quickly to unexpected circumstances, check rota changes and work more efficiently at an operational level.

    How to Create the Best Modern Intranet for 2022

    And perhaps most importantly, it makes the job easy for team members of any technical capacity. Users have several templates to choose from to set up pages and uploading documents is simple. Great usability is a must-have if you want big teams to embrace enterprise software. The main con is the pricing. Early startup teams especially need to be aware.

    Sharepoint Overview If Confluence is one product, then Sharepoint is a whole platform. But the customization is much more powerful on Sharepoint, to the point that several organizations use it to create robust public-facing sites. Another area Sharepoint bests Confluence is in document collaborationbut only if you have the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite. If you do, team members can edit documents in the cloud on Word, Powerpoint, and Excel at the same time.

    If you have enough data—announcements, project tasks, documents, whatever—in Sharepoint, it also becomes a powerful data warehouse. Finally, there are more than a thousand third-party add-ons available that can give Sharepoint even more functionalities.

    Pricing Sharepoint has three pricing tiers. If your company uses those apps, check your next bill from Microsoft. You might already be paying for Sharepoint. Pros and Cons Sharepoint does more than Confluence.

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