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  • King Pellet Stove Reviews – 2021 Guide
  • 8 Picks for the Best Pellet Stove for Home Heating

    Cons Requires premium wood pellets The Eco ST is an affordable and efficient pellet stove that can deliver an impressive amount of heating power. The model boasts a large lbs hopper.

    According to the manufacturer, one full load of premium pellets can last up to 69 hours. The easy access hatches and side panels make cleaning a breeze. They are very easy to remove. Even the installation is easy. You should be able to install it without any professional help. For instance, it uses German ceramic glass and top-rated Canadian steel. The Eco ST can quickly heat an area of up to 2, sq ft. Pellets are the main reason why pellet stoves are more environmentally friendly than wood stoves.

    Pellets are made from unusable lumber such as pine trees affected by mountain pine beetles, waste wood that comes from the lumber industry and furniture manufacturers, or compressed sawdust from sawmills. To make the most of agricultural byproducts, some types of pellets are even made from agricultural waste.

    But, if you use wood or want to buy a wood stove, have a look at the best types of wood for stoves. How Does a Pellet Stove Work? Pellet stoves look almost the same as fireplaces or wood stoves, but the similarity ends there. Unlike wood stoves, pellet stoves do most of the work for you. To fire up a pellet stove, first, you need to fill the hopper with the fuel pellets. Each pellet comes with a motorized device that looks like a long screw—also known as an auger.

    The auger feeds the combustion chamber with pellets. The amount of heat a pellet stove puts out depends on the feed rate. So, you are essentially controlling the feed rate when you are using the thermostat on your pellet stove.

    Some units require you to manually ignite the pellets, but most have automatic ignition. To heat your room safely, the heat exchanger draws the cool air from your room and circulates it around the combustion chamber and burn pot, and then blows the heated air back into the room. Size of Pellet Stove No matter what model you decide to go with, it will take up a decent amount of space in the room you put it in. So, for many homeowners, the size of a pellet stove is an important factor.

    Before you decide on a particular model, you need to make sure it will fit comfortably in the central room of your house. For instance, if there is not enough space between the pellet stove and the surrounding walls, the walls will overheat.

    If you think space might be a problem, consider getting a tall small pellet stove. However, larger pellets do have their advantages.

    The larger the unit, the more heat it can put out. Consider how large an area you want to heat. If you want to heat the entire house, a larger unit is your best bet. But, if you want to heat just one room, or if your house is small, a large pellet stove will leave you sweltering. Pellet Hopper Capacity The capacity of a pellet hopper can vary widely, from 25 lbs to lbs. The larger the hopper, the less frequently you will have to refill it.

    If you get a pellet stove with a smaller hopper, you may need to fill it up to twice a day during the colder months. A stove with a large hopper capacity is a better solution if you need to keep your home warm when you are away. If you get a pellet stove with a particularly large hopper, you will only need to fill it every other day.

    Top-fed or Bottom-fed Hopper A pellet hopper can be bottom-fed or top-fed. Bottom-fed units have a horizontal auger. This type of auger doubles as a cleaning mechanism. A horizontal auger automatically removes clinkers lumps of hardened ash.

    Top-fed pellet stoves use a different mechanism. The hopper and auger of a top-fed pellet stove are located at the top of the unit, hence the name. To transfer pellets from the hopper to the burn pot, a top-fed stove uses an inclined surface.

    This design helps prevent the auger from catching fire and igniting the pellets in the hopper. However, because of the design, clinkers and ash can end up in the combustion chamber. Type of Pellet Fuel Different types of pellet stoves burn different types of pellets. Generally, top-fed units require high-quality low-ash pellets that are usually more expensive. Lower-quality pellets can lead to combustion chamber blockage.

    So, even though bottom-fed pellet stoves are more expensive, they are usually cheaper to run. Heating Power We use BTUs British thermal units — per hour to measure the maximum amount of heat that a pellet stove can produce.

    The size of your home as well as the climate you live in will determine the amount of heat you need. A unit that puts out 40 BTUs per hour per square foot is enough if you have relatively mild winters. Keep in mind that the manufacturers are the ones who calculate the maximum heating capacity of their units.

    To determine the heating output rating, they usually burn the optimal typically the highest-quality and most expensive type of pellet. Material The durability of the pellet stove and its ability to transfer heat partially depend on the material it is made from.

    When in function, almost every pellet stove gets hot on the outside. So, when your stove is one, you must keep kids and pets away from it. To ensure durability under extremely high temperatures, the exterior of the pellet stove should be made of quality cast metals.

    The ventilation system also provides air to the combustion chamber and the burn bot. Pellet stoves can be vented horizontally through a wall or vertically through the roof.

    To allow for mechanical venting, most pellet stoves come with draft fans. Direct ventilation is also an option. This type of ventilation expels smoke vertically through a chimney or a pipe. Keep in mind that the ventilation system of your pellet stove needs to comply with your local housing codes. Automatic Features If you prefer a set-it-and-forget-it approach to heating your home, automatic features are a huge plus.

    Such features may include automatic thermostat control that adjusts the blower speed and automatic pellet ignition. Conclusion Due to its impressive heat output, great performance, and excellent quality, ComfortBilt Pellet Stove HP22 is the best pellet stove for the money.

    The programmable thermostat makes it super easy to use and the large view window makes it a great addition to any home. And, considering all the features this model has to offer, the price point is more than fair. You might want to check out my post on the best quiet portable air conditioner as well. Post navigation.

    Your Pellet Stove is High Maintenance

    It is a well-crafted stove with less interior parts that makes it easier to clean. This stove accommodates a large lb. In simple, set and forget. It is highly efficient, keeps the room warm for long, and doesn't burn the fuel too quickly. Programmability One thing that truly makes this home appliance bright and shiny it is programmable controls and user-friendly setting.

    It is a fully automated stove that comes with auto ignition and user-friendly electronic controls. There is a large LCD with thermostat hookups. These controls can be easily controlled via a wireless remote control that is included with it. It also comes with an exhaust blower that helps with the negative draft and pulls out the flue products through and out in order to completely eliminate the smoke spillage.

    Moreover, the automatic circulation blower that is built inside it helps to evenly spread the heat throughout your house. This makes it the best feature of this stove.

    Size This appliance is pretty heavy and bulky, weighing pounds. It sure would be a big task to unload it and position it at your desired spot of use. Ideally, this wood pellet stove is perfect for medium and large houses.

    If you live in a fairly small home or in some apartment, then I would recommend looking for a smaller unit to use. Warranty This product comes with a solid 1-year warranty by the manufacturer for any flaws or malfunctions. If you face any problems with your pellet stove during the warranty period, simply call their customer support. Overall, this stove burns carbon-neutral Green Fuel, which is considered environmentally friendly, the fuels are clean and easy to handle.

    Our Verdict Overall, this stove burns carbon-neutral Green Fuel, which is considered environmentally friendly, the fuels are clean and easy to handle.

    Don't know where to start? It offers you maximum value for a minimum price. It has a fairly simple and sleek design with a small window form where you can see the flame burning inside its burn pot. Let us take a look at some of its cool features. Key Features Heats up to 1, square foot area Burns large variety of renewable fuels Large hopper size of lb. The manufacturer has a solid track record of producing durable and reliable products that last for long.

    Model is of no exception too. It is sturdy, durable, and reliable. It has got the weight and strength to bear any kind of wear and tear.

    Also, this stove is like a powerhouse both in terms of heat output and hopper size. It has a control system that helps to maintain a constant temperature that you set and with 48, BTU, it can easily heat up to 1, square feet.

    Programmability It has somewhat of simple programmability. There is a built-in diagnostic feature and a large LED display that makes it easy for you to set and operate it. You have to manually program its functions as no wireless remote control comes with. The main digital control board has push buttons from where you can adjust the heat settings. Moreover, it has an exhaust blower for negative draft pulls flue products through and out.

    Size With a weight of pounds, the pellet is a pretty big and heavy unit. This is a slight drawback as it becomes very difficult to unload it and then place it in the desired spot in the house. You will need a few more hands to help you If you want to place it somewhere. Be careful when doing so and wear some safety gloves. Though it has a small fire door, it sure will keep the room warm and cozy.

    Fill the hopper with wood pellets, set it to your desired setting, and forget. Warranty It comes with a 5-year warranty by the manufacturer. If at any time of use during the warranty period a defect or fault comes up, you can call their support and have the unit fixed for free or replaced. Overall, both these heating appliances by US Stove King have their own benefits They are thermally efficient and very affordable.

    Moreover, both have a very large hopper size and a single refill will keep you warm for up to 3 days straight. Our Verdict Overall, both these heating appliances by US Stove King have their own benefits They are thermally efficient and very affordable. Nonetheless, pellet stoves are always a great source of warmth for your home. They are a cost-effective way of heating alternatives and a great long-term investment.

    Not to worry, we have plenty of other reviews on the best pellets stoves on the market. Check them out below!

    How Does A Pellet Stove Work? (7-Step Cycle)

    However, they can be quite noisy. Why do pellet stoves make noise? Unlike a traditional wood-burning stove, pellet stoves use small pellets as fuel. These are usually made from sawdust, bark, and other agricultural waste. This makes them a good option because they use existing and otherwise wasted materials. As with any other mechanical device, you can expect some level of noise as standard when a pellet stove is working. Your 3 main sources of noise from a pellet stove are: 1.

    The fan Some pellet stoves have a fan fitted to help them circulate the warm air. Others, however, use natural convectionand so these will always be quieter.

    The fan will turn on and off on its own and will always make some kind of noise when in operation. However, under normal conditions, this should be no louder than a refrigerator motor or something similar.

    If the system becomes clogged with soot or other debris, it can result in the fan making more noise than usual. Bear in mind though, some level of noise is completely normal when burning fuel. This is a fairly simple problem to solve, however. The fuel system Pellet stoves basically contain an automatic fuel dispenser, which can be a big help.

    This system uses a motor to drop fuel from the hopper into the burning chamber, which supplies a constant source of heat. See the video below. However, like other moving parts, it can become worn over time, which can result in it becoming louder.

    The most obvious solution is to replace it, but you can perform a bit of maintenance work to get it running smoothly again. You will find over time that your pellet stove could be making more noise than before. This is because, like anything else, it wears, which can have an impact on its function and efficiency.

    So if you think your pellet stove is making a bit too much noise, try some of these solutions. If you have any concerns about noise levels pointing to a bigger problem, however, call in a professional. Tighten everything up Just like anything else with moving parts, pellet stoves can get looser over time.

    Another thing worth considering is that the constant heating and cooling of the metal causes it to expand and contract, which can strain the joins. Go round and check all the screws and bolts, ensuring everything is tight enough.

    5 Ways To Get More Heat From A Pellet Stove

    These can be tightened or replaced if necessary, as the motor can wobble itself out of place. You could buy something like these workbench feet Amazon which should fit fairly easily onto a stove. They have rubber rings on the bottom to reduce movement and vibration transfer. Alternatively, you could buy some heat resistant foam Amazon and make your own feet pads. This is also a good option if your pellet stove has a wide base and sits directly on the floor.

    The last thing you want is for it to melt and create a fire hazard! Clean and alter the heat exchanger rod Pellet stoves use something called a heat exchanger. This is heated up inside the stove by the burnt fuel, and then it transfers the heat into the room. Over time, the heat exchanger can become clogged with debris and ash, meaning you need to clean it. A buildup of debris means less air is circulating inside the stove, which both affects efficiency and can make things much louder.

    Woodstoves are negative draft appliances using the natural draft of a chimney to extract the products of combustion. Pellet stoves are positive draft appliances using a fan to blow the exhaust up and out the vent.

    Because the exhaust is under positive pressure, it is essential to have total containment of the exhaust gases.

    What does u mean on my pellet stove?

    This requires having a vent that goes directly to the outside atmosphere like a chimney lining system would do in your masonry chimney or a pellet vent that directly goes outside. Any joints in the installation must be sealed with high temperature silicone to insure containment. It is recommended that the homeowner choose their chimney professional carefully to install their pellet stove and provide proper maintenance advice for daily and future maintenance. The position of the pellet vent must conform to local building codes regarding clearance to windows and doors that can open and any other outlet that may allow air back into the home.

    The vent must be a least 2ft above grade outside to prevent snow from covering the termination. Since a pellet stove requires electricity to run the auger and fan systems, many brands offer a battery back-up system. The advantage of this type of back up is that in the event of a power loss, the battery back-up immediately takes over keeping the exhaust system blowing and preventing the products of combustion from venting back into the home.

    The homeowner needs to service the pellet stove daily keeping the burn pot free of ash and cleaning the front portions of the stove of any unburned pellets. Be sure to use a vacuum that has high filtration to prevent spreading ash throughout the home. The ash content of pellet fuel varies in the type and manufacture of pellet fuels.

    Generally, hardwood pellets produce lower ash and higher BTUs.

    King Pellet Stove Reviews – 2021 Guide

    The pellet manufacture prints the ash content and BTU range on their bags of pellets. Care in loading a bag of pellets is important to prevent clogging up the auger system.

    The bottom of the bag may contain a lot of sawdust that may clog the auger. Screen the remaining bag of pellets to separate the sawdust and any other contaminants.

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