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  • Gratiana — Aerotheurge. Exter — Polymorph and Scoundrel Gratiana should be next on your list for an in-depth discussion. She will tell you that she let the refugees into her home, this shrine, as a means to atone for the past. If you ask her about her past, she avoids the question. You can ask her a little more about the shrine and Braccus Rex. She will both initiate and end the quest The Eternal Worshipper.

    You should, of course, let him. You will learn about a dwarf named Lohar and he will ask Leya to remove your collars. If you do not have Beast in your group, you will have to wait until after you rescue Gareth to have your collar removed by Leya. Once your collars are removed it will end the quest Hot under the Collar. You should actually speak with the Statue of Amadia itself. If you open yourself to the voice within the statue, it will tell you that its children are gone and dead in the cradle it wrought.

    If you do so, the pool that the statue is crying into will become blessed water. While this does suck for undead characters travelling through it, it will help with a certain quest involving pigs in the future. Later in the map, after you have freed the pigs of their curse and found Feder at area 48 you can find the pig here near Kerban. You should speak with Feder and tell her to get into the blessed pool that you created.

    She will be transformed back into a human, and also a trader to buy and sell some goods at. This will also end the quest The Burning Pigs. Once Gareth has returned to the camp, having been rescued by you at area 44 of the Hollow Marshes. You can speak with him about your current situation. He also lets you know that the boat is well defended by Shriekers and you are going to need a way past them, as they are pretty lethal. He lets you know that purging wands are pretty good at getting rid of Shriekers, but by now we have also gathered a few other ways of killing them, not the least of which is the Artefacts of the Tyrant set in which the helmet provides the ability to purge Shriekers.

    After you tell Gareth that you have either the purging wands or the helmet, he will set off for the forward seeker camp in preparation for your attack on the flagship. Step 41 — The Burning Pigs In this area you are going to find a few unfortunate immortal pigs that appear to have been set on eternal fire.

    They are undergoing a punishment doled out by our good friend Braccus Rex, and it falls on us to free them from their eternal suffering. You will likely not have this ability the first time you run into the pigs, so unfortunately they will have to suffer just a little bit longer. We are also going to need access to some source. You will also need the [PET PAL] skill with persuasion in order to try and calm the pigs down when they speak with you. You will also see a few ornate chests in this area, they will contain a few random items to help you on your way.

    After you obtain the [BLESS] spell and have charged your characters up with some source, either from area 44 or from the pools around the area, simply cast bless on each pig individually to free them of their necrofire curse. After all of them are curse free they will thank you and wander away. This is not the last time you will meet these pigs though, they will have another quest for you later on.

    You should also note that once you start blessing the pigs to remove their curse, a skeletal lizard by the name of Scapor will show up and tell you that you have to die for defying the will of Braccus Rex. You can convince her to let you go but it turns out there was a curse and she will instantly die. Otherwise, kill her yourself and continue blessing the pigs.

    Here you will find yourself facing off against a Voidwoken Deep-Dweller, along with four of his undead cronies. Once you have killed the group, you are free to explore the area and gather any treasures and goods. You will also find a statue on the cliff near to where the Voidwoken spawned.

    If you offer a prayer to the seven, you will be transported to the Hall of Echoes, which is a demi-ethereal realm made of hexagons. This is possibly the first time that you will meet your god in the game. Depending on which character you are playing, if you are playing Ifan it will be Rhalic.

    You may get a vision of your past, depending on how you speak with your god and you will find out that you witnessed a truly awful event involving Death Fog and the elves. I will mention that if you stand your ground and show some backbone Rhalic will ask you to be his Godwoken.

    You will be given the power to cast bless, which is important, and he will inform you that your fellow group members are Godwoken also. What a coincidence that two to four Godwoken gathered in one group! I also believe only one member of your group can go into the statue. Step 43 — The Illusory Wall This area of the Hollow Marshes you can either access by travelling south from 42 or by travelling east from area You will encounter a handful of Void Salamanders, who initially will not be hostile to you, but make no mistake, they will not be happy you are in their area.

    Kill them off. There are a few hidden treasures for you in this area that, for this point in the game, are really quite good. First loot the dead Magister and the dead Seeker, along with the bodies of the Void Salamanders.

    All of which should be quite good for a level character. On the south-eastern side of this area you will find an illusionary wall that will allow you access into a cave. You should head into the cave before continuing on elsewhere. There are two groups of Magisters in the area, and you may notice that one of the groups is embroiled in a life or death battle against someone you have heard of, the Seeker Gareth.

    Ideally you will want to eliminate the group of Magisters in the Courtyard before fighting the ones attacking Gareth. If you have enough persuasion you can convince the first group to leave without a fight, but doing so will cost you some experience and possible loot. Entering this area will also initiate the quest Most Dangerous When Cornered if you did not already have it. I should note that you can also temporarily ignore the first group if you enter the keep from the western side of the keep.

    There is a path that will allow you to sneak past the Shrieker and use some vines to climb up the walls onto the battlements. Do not get too close to the Shrieker or it will kill a character in a single hit.

    You can also use a purging wand on the Shrieker if you have one, clearing the path and making it easier to enter the keep from the western side.

    As you will need to enter the armory, you will have to deal with the courtyard group one way or another, even if you choose to take the side path. Once you have killed or run off both groups speaking with the Seeker himself will provide some much needed information and guidance on your next steps to leaving the island. He will tell you that he is looking for some powerful weapons to clear a path to the flagship of Dallis. Leaving you here alone.

    Step 45 — Lonely Tower Here you will find a cliff overlooking a ruined tower in the Hollow Marshes that appears to have some nasty elemental occurrence stuck inside of it. You are going to have to teleport a character over, because there is an item inside you are going to want if you are collecting the Artefacts of the Tyrant.

    You should choose your character with the highest magical defense so that you can avoid the elemental debuffs as long as possible while you loot the shattered spire and then you can use the vines to get out without needing to be teleported. You will find the X of the Tyrant on the body of the lizard Lorenzo, and you can also find some miscellaneous items on the body of Maria.

    It is one of the more complicated areas in the Fort Joy Overworld. One thing to note before we really get into the maze itself, is that you can skip the entire thing if you are in possession of the Band of Braccus Rex.

    If you are a bit of a puzzle solver, head on into the maze and we will get started on finding our way through the place. The first thing you are going to want to note when entering this place is that there are a lot of locked doors.

    You will not be able to lockpick them, as they require a crumbling skull to open. This will begin the quest A Hunger from Beyond. Your goal in this maze is to use crumbling skulls to open doors strategically so that you can get through the maze.

    You can also choose to just avoid this mechanic entirely by the liberal use of the Teleportation spell, but that ruins the puzzle solving fun. The first room you enter will have three doors not including the one you came in to the East, South, and West. There is also a button on the ground almost directly in front of the entrance to the maze. Simply step a character onto this button you should notice a skull appear on a stone shelf in the south-eastern portion of the room.

    Leaving the first character on the button, use one of your other characters to go pick up the skull. You can head through the east-most door where you may notice a trap which will shoot a fireball at you. Largely you can ignore this though. Upon going through the door the Gargoyle will let you know that many have come through that path, but few survived.

    He welcomes us to join the dead, but we have no intention of doing so. Take the hatch to the other side and you will find yourself in a room with a glowing blue door. There will be a button hidden between the two oil puddles, feel free to jam a character or barrel onto it to keep the door open. In the room that you opened there will be a button on the ground near the Oil barrel.

    Place a character or object onto that button and go pick up your next skull, which should have appeared on the altar nearby. Now that you have this skull, we can reach the tower, which we will be doing. Gather your group into the room with the two oil puddles and the button that opens the blue door and you will find yourself free of the maze. On the west side of the tower in a narrow path between the tower proper and the wall, you will see the corpse of Jimfred.

    On his body is another crumbling skull. It is time to go back into the maze and do a quick quest. He is going to be someone we need to talk to.

    You can open a path to the Historian in the room with the blue door directly. Be warned that once you enter the room, you will be attacked by several angry fire skeletons who are not particularly keen on letting you talk with the historians.

    No negotiations can take place, just kill them.

    What the fuck is wrong with these people? You may may not like that reality and you can debate till you are blue in the face whether or not modern civilization has come to the end of the line but humans are technologists!

    The Aborigines were and still are, a technological race of the highest order! It was once a widely-held belief in Australia that before contact, Aboriginal culture stood still. Even with imported English technology, agriculture was a precarious business in Australia. This was a constantly changing, fifty-thousand-year-old civilisation with over different cultures and languages.

    But like all good inventions, these were simple, elegant solutions, and made from materials close at hand. Many of these inventions reveal a deep understanding of science and medicine. There are ten superb examples of Aboriginal technology listed at the link: Including thermoplastic resins and my personal favorite, the Boomerang.

    The angled shape with asymmetrical curves makes use of one of the most complicated principles of aerodynamics: asymmetrical lift. Caelan MacIntyre says: Context, Fred… Science and technology are not immune from it, despite your apparent pseudoscientechnoreligious ignorance.

    Is this the paradox of the human? It is hypothesised that with the arrival of early Australian Aboriginals around 48,—60, years ago , hunting and the use of fire to manage their environment may have contributed to the extinction of the megafauna. Increased aridity during peak glaciation about 18, years ago may have also contributed, but most of the megafauna was already extinct by this time. Are you serious bro?!

    What a bunch of absolute nonsense. Just big words without meaning … Pure unadulterated pseudo intellectual BS! It sounds like a paragraph right out of the Sokal Hoax! In , Sokal submitted an article to Social Text, an academic journal of postmodern cultural studies.

    It proposed that quantum gravity is a social and linguistic construct. At that time, the journal did not practice academic peer review and it did not submit the article for outside expert review by a physicist.

    Their power structure is often egalitarian and has informal leadership… decisions are often made on a consensus basis, but there are no written laws and none of the specialised coercive roles e.

    You can shift the teleportation gloves between your group members to facilitate transporting faster, but you will need two to be here so that you can teleport one of them to a small cliff with a smoldering dwarven body. There will be a few miscellaneous items on the body, a blank fire skill book, and a dagger. Once you have recovered your character you can take the portal to get back to the maze. You should notice a button just to your north. Place one character on it, and you will see yet another crumbling skull in the room below you, with, what appears to be, a catapult.

    You should also notice an elven skeleton on the ground to the west of the battlement, and that there is also a door there. That is going to be your way into the catapult room. Open the door and grab the skull. We are now officially running out of skulls.

    We have found five of the six skulls, and already used four of them. There is one more skull to find, but we have effectively gotten everything we need from the maze anyways. For the final skull, we are going to go to the left of the tower which is east. Near the back of the tower, you will see a human skeleton. It will have your final skull on it.

    You can also descend the back of the tower to the beach below, where you can find a treasure chest. So you might as well do that while you are here. Once you have grabbed all of your loot, head to the front of the tower. Step 47 Here you will find Magister Loke. He has seen better days. He is permanently blinded, alone, and scared. Everyone else in his little group is dead. He will ask who you are.

    You can try to lie to him or you can tell him the truth. If you tell him the truth he will tell you that he has to arrest you.

    Obviously he is not really in the position to do that given his grievous injuries. You can discuss the logistics of your arrest and his dedication to his duty with him. You can show him kindness by helping him when he falls trying to reach you.

    Depending on the conversation paths you take, you will probably end up fighting him. He is really a die-hard follower of the order and truly believes what he is doing is the right thing.

    That being said, if you allow him to shackle you, before he is able to do so a squad of skeletal enemies will appear for you to murder for some extra experience. If you talk to him again afterwards he will thank you for helping him. Stubborn idiot. Interestingly, if you talk to him again with a different character, you can have the same conversation or choose a different path.

    Unfortunately you cannot summon another group of skeletal enemies for you to fight. Otherwise, this would be a pretty decent experience farming operation.

    Divinity: Original Sin Review

    He will both initiate and complete the quest The Injured Magister. Step 48 Skipping right past area 53we find ourselves face to face with one of the pigs we saved earlier. If you talk with her, she will discuss how she came to be cursed. If you ask about a way to change her back into her normal form, she claims that she has prayed to Amadia, but sadly the goddess has not responded. You can then tell her about the Shrine to Amadia which, if you have been following this guide, now has blessed water.

    She will race off towards the shrine of Amadia, and we can meet her there later. Step 49 This was probably the most terrifying part of Fort Joy the first time I played through the game. In most games dragons are bad news and this level 9 behemoth was a little bit scary to approach. I thought for sure I was going to die a horrible painful death. If you try and speak with the dragon, you will find that he is quite unable to do so on account of his shackles. There are two source infused chains keeping him down.

    Simply destroy the pillars in questions and you can free the dragon. Now you can actually talk to him. He will tell you that his Source was purged by a witch named Radeka.

    He is indignant if you ask how he came to be chained, but you will find out that the witch that purged him is in a nearby cave, looking for some ingredients for her potions.

    Open Thread Non-Petroleum, May 15, 2017

    Time to head into the nearby cave at You can offer him the wand which I recommend or you can keep it. Honestly, it is worth giving to him, but you do whatever you want. If you give it to him, he promises to help you when the time is right.

    It will be sooner than you think. Also you will get some experience and a few trinkets as a reward. The quest associated with Slane is The Purged Dragon, which he both initiates and completes. Step 49a Here you will find the cave for the quest Threads of a Curse.

    While I can certainly appreciate the ambiance that the candles in the eyes provide, who honestly has the time to ensure that these ominous glowing sticks are lit for would be adventurers.

    It boggles the mind. Step 51 This is where you will find the skeletal arm needed for the quest Threads of a Curse. There is also a treasure chest you should loot while you are hever.

    Step 52 Here you will find a cursed chest for the quest Threads of a Curse. In order to breach the cursed shield defending the chest you will have to use bless upon it. Within the chest you will find Captain Sech Zapor himself. Like most NPCs who you save from certain imprisonment, he will threaten your lives almost immediately.

    If you have his Soul Jar with you, you can use a persuasion check to take his coat. Which is one of three pieces of the set. Alternatively, you can break his Soul Jar, killing him and loot his body. Either way, once you have dealt with the Captain, make sure you steal his journal. It will tell the password to his secret cave. Where is this elusive secret cave you ask? Well simply travel yourself back to area 49 which you may remember as the location you found Slane, the Dragon.

    In the north-eastern portion of the ice field, you will find a small path leading down to a cave 49a on the Fort Joy — Hollow Marsh map. Step 53 This is the abandoned camp, which has been repurposed by the Seekers as a forward staging area for their imminent assault on the remaining Magisters and for their goal of stealing the flagship of Dallis, the Lady Vengeance. There are a few people worthy of note that you should talk to, if just for lore reasons. Ymmit — This elf is trying desperately to care for the tortured and crucified people that you encounter on your way into the camp.

    Increased aridity during peak glaciation about 18, years ago may have also contributed, but most of the megafauna was already extinct by this time. Are you serious bro?! What a bunch of absolute nonsense. Just big words without meaning … Pure unadulterated pseudo intellectual BS! It sounds like a paragraph right out of the Sokal Hoax! InSokal submitted an article to Social Text, an academic journal of postmodern cultural studies.

    It proposed that quantum gravity is a social and linguistic construct.

    Divinity Original Sin 2 Crafting Guide

    In the middle of a difficult battle? Feel free to save, because you can come back to the specific turn you were on without any problems. This kind of save system is heaven for a save addict like myself and needs to be implemented in more games, period.

    This meant becoming intimately familiar with the sneaking system, which is simple but effective. Additionally, pickpocketing is as simple as left-clicking your target. However, since many characters have a tendency to move around, you can sometimes be spotted while stealing and pickpocketing. For example, there was a store that had two guards and the storekeeper, who was suspected of murder by the citizens.

    I decided to have a look around by trespassing and stealing anything that looked suspicious or valuable, naturally. Since the guards would see me if I lockpicked the door leading deeper into the house, I used my other three characters to engage the two guards and storekeeper in dialogue, which immobilized them.

    From there, my thief walked out of sight and switched into sneak mode, lockpicking the door, sneaking downstairs, and finding valuable evidence while stealing everything remotely valuable.

    Once I was done, I had my three distractions exit dialogue, and I proceeded to sell the store all of the stuff I just stole from it for a tidy sum. Ah, freedom. For example, the first city you find yourself in has a hard-of-hearing mayor, and when you ask him about the various sects around, he proceeds to embarrassingly attempt to explain how sex works.

    Little stuff like this makes the game world feel so much richer than it would if it took itself entirely seriously or existed as one big punch line. Instead, it avoids both extremes. You guys like info dumps, right? Another fun fact: before enemies see you, you can initiate combat and get a free first strike in. While a single attack or spell may not seem like much, charming or setting an enemy on fire before combat even starts is a great way to tip the scales in your favor.

    Lastly, fire resistance is a seriously big deal. Sure, air resistance and earth resistance and all of that is helpful to have, but many sections of the game have lava, and lava deals hundreds of points of damage to you, often killing you outright. You can also craft armor so that it resists certain elements. This means that a level 10 item is better than a level 3 item even if their stats are otherwise identical, because the level 10 item can have a stronger fire resistance crafted into it.

    Far worse than any of those, the infrequent puzzles are a huge negative against this game.

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