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  • “The L Word: Generation Q” Episode 209 Is The Most Intense Yet
  • The L Word Opening Credits (Season Two)
  • L Word Generation Q Episode 209 Recap: Last Dance For Buried Pain
  • Inside ‘The L Word’s’ Big Surprise Reunion
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  • “The L Word: Generation Q” Episode 209 Is The Most Intense Yet

    Click to print Opens in new window Welcome to the ninth recap of the second season of The L Word: Generation Q , brought to you by the same network that brought you the original L Word , a show about an adorable Pomeranian named Sounder II who enjoyed wearing mauve bows, disappearing when convenient, taking inflatable rafts to Tulum and peeing on the table.

    But it bears remembering precisely how low the bar was for that! Alice finds herself immediately flustered. Alice suggests that perhaps Finley took a wrong turn on a scooter, as drunk Birders are wont to do.

    Sophie tries to laugh it off but her devastation and genuine concern is all over her sad beautiful face. Gigi reminds her that Bette was almost mayor, so she probably knows people who know people.

    Remember that reporter Bette went on a date with at the end of Season One? I wonder what happened there. I do honestly enjoy the Bette and Tina Parenting Together scenes, even when they are inevitably riddled with tension.

    She loves prom! She went all four years! Did you bring the hummus and carrots I asked for? Alice: Oh, booze! Anyhow, Alice is gonna make herself a martini! In the dead center of a generous statement about his worthiness as a father, Rodolfo charges into the room yelling about The LA Times cover story.

    Rodolfo says there are artists out there protesting their own art! Jordi softly suggests Angie save her anger for tomorrow because you cannot be angry today, not on Prom Day! Um, why are all the children in the foyer on acid? Alice: Thank you. I mean sure, but eventually, Donna Martin did graduate Sophie, who apparently loves the law and is not wallowing in consistent low-level internalized homophobia that would prevent me personally from asking the cops if they had my girlfriend, rather than my close personal friend, in custody; is sitting in her car calling the cops to see if they have her girlfriend!!!

    In custody!! Virginia: I want you to find love. Micah: Thanks? And I think parents thinking their disabled children will never find love is not a story this show needs to tell or actually intends to tell, so what if we scrapped that whole scene and replaced it with literally anything else!!!! What if they talked about their favorite brand of crayons instead?? You gave your entire family hard nos to several invites for horseback wine tours in Temecula but you jumped right atop a pony for this gay guy?

    Did I? Or did I just point out that horseback riding and wine tours are activities that are best enjoyed separately and actually Micah is bisexual?

    Before you go! It takes funding to keep this publication by and for queer women and trans people of all genders running every day.


    The L Word Opening Credits (Season Two)

    She had pretty good reason to believe she saw something between Bette and Kelly, and it makes sense for her to want to confront Bette about it. And sparks are flying. They decided to dedicate the second last episode of the series to an all-night dance contest, because why not?

    Apparently, Jenny told her she saw something happen between Kelly and Bette. Jodi asked Kelly about it, and Kelly confirmed it. Jodi knows Bette carried on an affair with Tina while in a serious relationship with her, and she knows Bette has a history of cheating on Tina with Candice, and even on Alice before that. Several people have already commented that they seem like a couple, and that probably got back to Jodi too.

    These two seem pretty perfect for each other. This dance party is ridiculous, and it kind of feels like everyone knows the series is over anyway, so they may as well go out having fun. Shane and Jenny have a dance. Jamie, Tasha and Alice have a dance. Bette and Tina have a dance. Bette and Tina were winning, but then Jodi and the woman Jodi brought have a dance, and Jodi wins.

    She deserves better than Bette. Shane went off and fucked Niki in the bathroom. One thing I loved in season 5 was that, no matter how horrible Jenny got, no matter how shallow and silly Niki was, and no matter how many fucked up things Shane did, they had each other. Niki was shallow and immature but had this genuine love for Jenny that was more intense than she was able to deal with, but it was beautiful.

    Jenny became an entitled, shitty person in many situations, but her love for Niki humanized her and brought out a vulnerable side. And when she opened up to Shane as a friend, we saw a little of the old Jenny, the one from earlier seasons when she had a soul. The character whose loyalty to her friends defines her, even when she makes major mistakes.

    What the fuck, L Word? But to be fair, Shane did just do something truly horrible. It was just done because… because the writers made it happen. Honestly, what would they stay in LA for?

    Bette said she could do her job from New York. Bette and Tina should probably move to New York and make some new friends. The straight guy who hit on Kit at the art show stands up and reveals himself to be Sunset Boulevard.

    He asks her out, and she feels weird about the whole situation. The episode ends with Alice and Tasha dancing together. Both of them are trying to be honest and fair and decent people. Both of them have genuine feelings for each other. Yep, definitely heartbreaking. Share this:.

    L Word Generation Q Episode 209 Recap: Last Dance For Buried Pain

    And you know what? Until fashion designer Clea came into the picture. In the first place, I do not understand why anyone would want to cheat on Tasha with Clea Melanie Lynskeyor why Alice is attracted to Clea at all. I do not understand why, on The L Word, every relationship has to end with someone cheating on someone, or meeting someone else.

    At least Alice resisted the temptation — thank you, Leisha, for showing we lesbians do have some amount of self-control. In the words of my friend — is she wearing her RGS pinafore? Self-control is something someone should have taught Shane Katherine Moennig eons ago.

    At least, enough self-control not to have sex with the real estate agent in the house you and your girlfriend are planning to lease. While she is still in the house. Molly is not like the other girls who immediately fall for Shane — at least at first. Shane and Molly strike up something yawn! Shane sabotages the relationship by flirting with a girl after hearing what Phyllis has to say about their relationship, 6 and of course, like I said before, decides to screw up her life further by screwing the maybe-ex of her best friend, Jenny.

    Actually I am not so sure this makes much sense. Shane, while being a Lothario, has always shown enough sense not to screw up her friendships, and she does not sleep with people in the circle of friends, because they are pretty much her family.

    And Jenny has pretty much been the only person in the world who thinks Shane is remotely human. So maybe this what is supposed to make all this even more dramatic. She went to jail for two seconds, fell in love with her hot cellmate, came back out, eloped away to Tahaa, and came back and bought over Dawn Denbo. Tina is talking to a lawyer about the financial aspects of her former relationship with Bette. Child support has to come from somewhere. Anne Ramsay is a guest. Kelly Lynch is a guest.

    Jane Lynch is a guest star. Sandra Bernhard is a guest star. Alice and Shane walk down the street. Alice is explaining to Shane that she hooked Tina up with the lawyer — Joyce Wischnia. She thinks Tina needs a lap dance.

    The arrive at The Planet, which has a closed sign out front. Directed by Lynne Stopkewich at minutes in. Tonya appears and gives Alice a big smackeroo. Dream on, Al. Bette sends Tina pleading messages with her eyes.

    Joyce nixes everything. She gets down on her knees and begs Tina to take her back. Joyce ushers Bette and her lawyer out the door. Directed by Rose Troche at minutes in. Mia Kirshner and Eric Lively. We see gorgeous brunette in the character flash-by montage. She cavorts in her underwear. When Bette finishes her make up she opens her mirror.

    Inside ‘The L Word’s’ Big Surprise Reunion

    When the mirror closes we see gorgeous brunette instead. Another interjection: are they suggesting that one Type A control-freak is interchangeable with another? Two sides of the same Tina sandwich?

    One gorgeous brunette looks just like another? Give me an easier metaphor. Another new face in the character flash-by montage is a man with a movie camera. Eric Lively joins the cast. Rachel Shelley joins the cast. When the characters group in front of the art, gorgeous brunette is among them. The Planet. What would you do if you had a penis for 24 hours is the topic of the day.

    Camryn Manheim is a guest star. Mimi Kuzyk is a guest star. Holland Taylor is back in this episode. So is Meredith McGeachie. Back to the penis for a day discussion. Shane comments that Carmen knows whether or not Jenny is really a lesbian. Oh, really, how? Charles S. Dutton is a guest star.

    Editorial Interjection: so wonderful to see Charles S. Dutton in a role where he is a smart businessman and gets to play kissy-face with the goddess of all womankind, Pam Grier. Kit slips up and reveals to Tina that Bette went to New York. Directed by Lisa Cholodoenko at minutes in. He records it and calls his buddy Mark to gloat.

    Guests include Camryn Manheim, Charles S. Dutton, and Meredith McGeachie. Bette is happier than a kid with an ice cream sundae. Mark and Gomey are looking at the video from the stairwell.

    Season 6, episode 7

    They call it an award winner. Orchestrating protests is one thing. The real challenge for Bette comes a little closer to home: Angie is getting ready for prom, but also to meet her donor, Marcus, who is dying of kidney failure. As Bette, Tina, and Angie deal with the disappointment at the hospital, Alice, on her book tour, is facing a rather daunting task of her own: How does a queer woman talk show host open up about her relationship with a cisgender man?

    Both Sophie and Mirabel are keeping a few secrets of their own from their mom and grandma: Sophie, that Finley is still MIA following their fight in the previous episode; and Mirabel, that she is dating Micah. Maybe not his wisest move, as we learn this week Dani is preparing to testify on his behalf at the upcoming trial. She fights with Jordan, who tells Angie not to take her anger out on her moms, or on her.

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