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  • Do You Really Need Corrective Jaw Surgery? A Full Rundown

    Why have I never heard of it before? In fact, the position of your tongue impacts the nose, the eyes, the head, the neck and shoulders too! Learn more about the negative impacts of improper tongue positioning, how to position your tongue correctly, and more below.

    Proper Tongue Positioning So what is the right way to hold your tongue? For a lot of people, their tongue rests at the bottom of the mouth, pushing against the bottom teeth.

    Is this you? If so, you have improper tongue positioning. Your entire tongue including the back should be pressing against the roof of the mouth, your lips should be sealed and your teeth should rest slightly apart.

    Even the slightest pressure over time will move them this is how orthodontics works! It is important that the entire tongue presses against the roof of the mouth—Over time this can expand the palate, preventing the crowding of your teeth and opening up your sinuses.

    Signs and Symptoms of Improper Tongue Positioning The tongue is a powerful muscle, impacting many parts of the body beyond the mouth. As we mentioned earlier, tongue positioning can even affect the sinuses. Here are some signs and symptoms that could indicate improper tongue positioning: Improper Swallowing — When swallowing, your tongue should move up and back like a wave moving the food toward the back of your throat, not forward and down this is called tongue thrusting.

    Tongue thrusting negatively affects the shape of your teeth and jaw. Snoring and Sleep Apnea — Again, your palate is connected to the sinuses.

    If by improper tongue positioning your palate has narrowed, your sinuses may narrow, creating complications for your breathing. Vision Problems — The palate is connected to your eye sockets as well as your sinuses, impacting how your eyes rest in your head.

    If the palate misshapen is due to improper tongue positioning, your eyes will not be positioned properly. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction better known as TMJ — If you have had orthodontic work, chances are you have TMJ, especially if your orthodontist does not take a holistic approach to your teeth. TMJ is where the jaw is slightly out of alignment, causing inflammation and pain at the hinge.

    Orthodontic work should consider tongue positioning and how their work on the teeth affects the jaw along with the rest of the body. Our heads are meant to sit back with our chins tucked under.

    Anything else and we begin to experience neck pain. Avoiding all of the uncomfortable symptoms of improper tongue posture! Proper tongue positioning leads to a more attractive face with higher cheekbones and a stronger jawline because the muscles in your mouth are where they are supposed to be.

    People who hold their tongue correctly are also less likely to have crowded, crooked teeth. Feel Better — When your tongue is in the right place, you can have a healthy bite, no jaw pain, neck pain or headaches. Breath Better Tongue Positioning Exercises Take advantage of the benefits of proper tongue positioning with these exercises!

    The first exercise helps you get an idea of the shape of your mouth as well as where your tongue should be. Start by feeling the back of your teeth with the tip of your tongue.

    Now slide the tip back to the flat area just behind your teeth, then to the bumpy, ridged area behind that. You will notice that the roof of your mouth slopes off behind the ridged area into the cavity of your palate.

    Start by making a big, cheezy grin and raising your eyebrows. Now, try to swallow while keeping your teeth clenched. This may be difficult, but if you can do it successfully, you will feel the back of your tongue pressing against the roof of your mouth—This is where you want it to be. To see results from both of these exercises, practice them several times throughout the day. If you do so, you should start to notice your muscle memory kicking-in and your tongue rising to the correct position naturally!

    Now that you know what tongue positioning is and how to use it to improve significant parts of your overall health and well-being, what are you going to do about it? We hope that you use these exercises and get started on your way looking, feeling, breathing and sleeping better. If you are experiencing some of the signs and symptoms we mention above and would like to speak with a local dentist about tongue positioning, please contact Dr. Owen Mandanas. Mandanas will take a holistic approach to your healthcare, considering the whole body and how each part interacts with the others for your well-being.

    How Can I Improve the Appearance of my Chin?

    Arthrocentesis Maxillary Osteotomy Upper Jaw Surgery Maxillary osteotomy surgery corrects a severely receded upper jaw. During the procedure, an oral surgeon makes an incision in the gums above the teeth in the upper jaw. The surgeon cuts, breaks, and moves the upper jaw into the correct position. Then, they attach a small plastic wafer to the teeth to help align the upper jaw. The jaw is fixed in place with titanium screws and metal plates.

    Upper jaw surgery can correct an overbite, crossbite, and open bite in adults. Mandibular Osteotomy Lower Jaw Mandibular osteotomy surgery corrects a severely receded lower jaw. Lower jaw surgery commonly treats underbites. Genioplasty Chin Surgery Similar to mandibular osteotomies, genioplasties also correct severely receded lower jaws. During this procedure, an oral surgeon restructures the jaw and chin.

    Often times, an oral surgeon combines lower jaw surgery and chin surgery into the same operation. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Surgeries Temporomandibular joint dysfunction TMD causes severe pain in the jaw and muscles that control jaw movement. An arthroplasty or arthrocentesis surgery may be used to correct TMD: Arthroplasty The most common operation to correct temporomandibular joint dysfunction is an open-joint arthroplasty keyhole surgery.

    During the procedure, an arthroscope small camera is inserted into a small incision the surgeon makes in front of the ear. Then the surgeon removes any scar tissue surrounding the joint to relieve pain.

    Arthrocentesis Arthrocentesis uses sterile fluid to wash out the TMJ temporomandibular joint. The goal of the surgery is to return the cartilage disc to its correct location and remove any debris inside the joint.

    Does Insurance Cover Jaw Surgery? If you have health insurance, orthognathic surgery may be covered in some cases. For example, some insurance companies e. Does Jaw Surgery Hurt? Before the procedure, general anesthesia is administered. This ensures you will not feel anything during the operation. You cannot drive a car for 48 hours post-op. When you wake up, the upper lip, gums, and jaw will be numb for a few hours. Although, some people experience numbness for months following surgery.

    This is because an oral surgeon cuts the nerves during the procedure, which requires time to re-grow. Although, it takes about six to eight weeks for the bones to fully heal. During this time period, it is important to take it easy and not disrupt the healing. The recovery timeline for jaw surgery is as follows: For the first two to three weeks after surgery, you may feel some discomfort and soreness, which is normal. The swelling should diminish after about three weeks. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, drink a lot of water, and follow your surgeon's aftercare instructions closely to speed up the recovery process.

    Your maxillofacial surgeon may prescribe you simple painkillers and antibiotics after you leave the hospital. What To Eat After Jaw Surgery For the first six to eight weeks after surgery, your diet should consist of liquids only.

    This includes soups, smoothies, mashed potatoes, and ice cream, among others. After your jaw heals completely, normal eating patterns can return. Related Pages:.

    Do I have a weak chin? How to tell—plus how chin implants can help.

    Use of these devices by a skilled orthodontic specialist can avoid the need for jaw surgery altogether! For adult patients who are wondering if braces will fix their receding chin, orthognathic surgery may be recommended as a one-time, permanent corrective measure to fix a weak jaw. There are some oral health issues which are more easily corrected during the childhood or teenage years before the jaw bones stop growing and become set. For this reason, braces and orthodontic aids are more successful in correcting a weak chin when the patient is young.

    how to fix a weak chin reddit

    When you visit your orthodontist, the first step will be to determine if sufficient results can be obtained through orthodontic treatment alone. Here, the least invasive approach is always preferable. Some orthodontists offer both services, which can streamline and simplify your treatment process! X-rays and an oral exam can help determine whether your weak chin is a result of malocclusions bite and tooth placement issues or facial jaw growth or both.

    From there, your orthodontist and orthognathic surgeon can propose a customized treatment plan to achieve a stronger looking lower chin. What Does Orthognathic Surgery Involve? There are also situations where orthognathic surgery alone may be able to deliver the appearance results you are looking for! In this case, a single procedure is usually all it takes to correct the appearance of your chin. You have options including orthodontia and orthognathic surgery, and both approaches can be combined to improve your oral health and your facial appearance at the same time.

    By making the commitment to pursue optimal oral health while achieving your appearance goals, you give yourself the gift of increased health and self-confidence! Team Demas Orthodontics. Some guys make sure the photographer is always taller than they are.

    Others avoid flash photography. American men have been reshaping their jawlines for more than 65 years; the first cosmetic procedures on the chin were actually performed during World War II. To salvage the jawline, surgeons made cuts in the chin bone, which was pushed outward and held in place with steel wires. Problem is, injections are temporary. For example, Radiesse only lasts a couple years — provided you go in every three months for touch-ups.

    As such, doctors agree that implantation is a far better option and, after the second round of injections, cheaper. They also insist the procedure is relatively simple. Persky explains that a 2-centimeter incision about the length of a postage stamp is made under the chin where most people already have some scarring from minor childhood trips and falls.

    Social Media Has Convinced Millennial Men They Need Chin Implants

    In that tragedy, Adam Lanza, a year-old on the spectrum, shot and killed his mother and 26 others, most of them children aged 6 and 7. Others followed, including Elliot Rodger in and Chris Harper-Mercer, who killed a professor and eight others in Oregon in Prompted by such incidents, Allely reviewed the histories of 75 mass shooters for links to autism, using court transcripts and newspaper articles, publishing her results in For at least 6 of the 75 individuals, she found an autism diagnosis or at least a strong suggestion of autism, based on statements from family or doctors.

    Cho shot and killed 32 students and faculty members at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in He had been diagnosed with selective mutism and depression as a child but received a special assessment in high school to rule out autism. And in a response to another paper Allely wrote on autism and terrorism, published inresearchers at Sheffield Hallam University in the U.

    Lanza had experienced depressionanxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder as a teenager. Others noted that the diagnostic criteria of autism have no direct link to violence, and overall, autistic people are more likely to be the victims of violence than perpetrators.

    She says people with autism are more likely than other people to have mental health issues. Some data point to an association between autism and low self-esteemand interviews with people who have engaged in terrorism suggest that they are drawn to it not just by their sense of being slighted, but by a profound need to matter in the world. He described spending hours in cafes and bookshops, but apparently he made no attempt to ask anyone out on a date, presumably because he did not know how.

    Deterring violence depends on preventing the grievances about such isolation from taking root, Allely says. Other programs offer sex education to autistic adults.

    Spectrum: Autism Research News

    Some researchers are investigating how autistic people find extremist online communities, with a view toward preventing their participation. Loftin, for instance, is working with researchers in the U. Their goal is to identify some of these individuals and interview them to find out what draws them to the incel forums and keeps them there.

    Loftin says she hopes this work, along with her other research, will help the team create a model for assessing the risk of violence in the autism community and to help families recognize and intervene when a loved one is moving toward extremist thoughts.

    Meanwhile, the internet community is also at least partially policing itself. IncelTears often challenges incels on their dubious claims about autism, such as the idea that women with autism have a much easier time than men in the dating world. It also offers a counterbalance to the negativity found in such forums.

    He says he chose that forum because he thought he would get more constructive feedback there than he would have anywhere else. He did find it enlightening to interact with women who had faced harassment and abuse at the hands of men and had still found a safe place in a troubled, damaged world.

    As for Reddit, he had stopped using it, he says, and was trying to go out and socialize more — until the coronavirus hit.

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