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    The main thrust of the Bureau of Elementary Education is to provide access, progress and quality in elementary education. And after having attended this five-day in-service training, I would like to challenge myself this question: Am I willing to accept change?

    Because progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. I need to behave. I need to open my door to changes. I need to free myself from any doubts and complaints and just let my mind be sprinkled with fresh ideas and knowledge. And my positive side was not mistaken because with the help of our competent and knowledgeable facilitators, I have learned a lot of things. During the training, I was able to come out from my shell of timidity and was able to share my ideas without hesitations.

    And indeed, it is true that the more you share your ideas, the more learnings you will get. And now, this is it! We are able to finish our training with smiles in our faces. But before we will part ways, please allow me to share some of my impressions for this innovative seminar.

    The seminar was well organized in terms of structure, time frames and contents. From the start to the end, it went smoothly. The activities were informative and useful. This 5-day in-service training caters our needs in updating our approaches in teaching, our skills in classroom management and guidance counseling and a lot more. It is also a good point that this training includes ICT integration in lesson planning that is really timely to address the needs of our pupils as well as the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

    When I was in the ICT room, I was very attentive and participative because I want to learn the technology that my pupils deserve to learn today so that when tomorrow comes, they will not come back to me and ask me why I stole their future.

    This training is not just an avenue for more learning but also a venue to gain new friends and strengthen the bond with our co-teachers, especially with the new ones. This training has come to end but the learnings are never-ending. Added knowledge and the passion for teaching will surely maximize our potentials as educators as we are one of the important people to shape the minds of our future leaders.

    To the organizers and facilitators of this 5-day training , thank you so much. I hope that you will continue helping us to be the best among the rest, not just during trainings but every time that we feel that we need you and every time you feel that there is a need for us to be helped by you.

    And to my co-participants, thank you so much for your cooperation in making this training a success! Related Posts.

    Division Seminar Workshop of Elementary and Secondary English Teachers on Content and Assessment

    Usually, a vote of thanks is a short speech meant to thank everyone and all the speakers who have been part of organizing the function which includes the people gathered to attend the function. Thank you for being with us. It is an honor for us that you thought to be here instead of roaming in cyber lanes, chatting with friends, or loitering in malls. Now, we come to the end of this lively gathering. Prior to winding it up, a few words of announcements and warmth to all of you.

    We hope you all have a very good evening. On behalf of the organizing committee and the audience, I thank the speaker of the day for all the valuable info he shared with us this present time. The audience might already be so tired sitting attentively. Do not forget to thank the sponsors and the audience. Announce your next event in the vote of thanks. Prior to giving a vote of thanks, you must practice before you come because even a few sentences here can open up some keynote speaking opportunities for you.

    Since this is all about thanking the people who have contributed to the event; you must ensure that you practice well before going for it. Here is a few sample speech to help you understand. Speech on Vote of Thanks for Function in School or College A graceful and warm morning to our most valued guest, worthy teachers, management committee and most beloved children, last but not the least all gathered over here.

    It is my privilege to have been asked to propose a vote of thanks on this occasion. I on behalf of …… school name …, and the entire fraternity of the college, first of all, extend my most sincere thanks to the Lord God. On my behalf, I extend a very hearty vote of thanks to the chief guest who spared time from his busy schedule to grace the occasion.

    With their style and own ideas of explanation of everything, I mention my deepest sense of appreciation and would place on record my hearty thanks to all the volunteers because of whom we made this function possible.

    I also extend thanks to all the teachers for their cooperation in the institution of this function. Events like this cannot happen overnight.

    Here, we are fortunate enough to be backed by a team of a very dedicated and motivated team of our school who know their tasks and are very much result oriented. I cannot thank everyone enough for their willingness and involvement to take on the completion of the work beyond their comfort zone. There is much varying on the vote of thanks to express mu motion that fits the atmosphere right.

    So, I specifically thank the people who have been the backbone of the event. Our technical arrangement team, light arrangement team, all the musicians who have spread melodious tone, our media and press persons and finally the catering staff members.

    We thank you for being with us this time; it has been a great pleasure. Thank you very much. Honorable professors and my dear friends It seems to be a great honor to propose the vote of thanks to all who have helped us in making this seminar a very resounding success.

    Thank you, sir, for your very thought-provoking and interesting address. I would like to thank our distinguished speakers Mr…. I am happy to express a vote of thanks to our staff that has made this seminar a grand success through their motivation and dedication. The on-stage events like….. We are also grateful to the entire sponsoring organization. I would thank the volunteers who ran around doing a lot of things. Thank you so much. Finally, I thank the wonderful students who have turned up in such great numbers, not only from our dept, rather also from other departments of the institution.

    Thank you so much for your cooperation. Once again, I thank all for your cordial cooperation. Thank you. Speech on Vote of Thanks for the Conference in College It is my privilege to have been asked to propose a vote of thanks on the occasion of the conference event.

    I, on behalf of ….. College name , and the entire fraternity of management here, extend very hearty gratitude to all the speakers, for gracing your crucial work and sharing with us your opinion today. Honourable …. The participants were very enthusiastic and I am thankful for them coming here to attend the conference.

    We have been fortunate to have of the eminent persona from industry, academic, and utility work in the area of a power system. I am sure that the participants are benefited by coming here. I am sure that this conference will continue to get generous support from different organizations in the future. I take this opportunity to thank the entire technical committee and reviewers for rendering their valuable comments in time and help to improve the quality of papers present.

    I also thank Professor… name for chairing the technical committee. I must mention our profound sense of appreciation for sharing with us some of the best management practices. We are all inspired by your highly lively words. I take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to all the guest invites who have come from long distances for their cooperation and support.

    I thank them for their minute to minute support and guidance for encouraging at every point of time in the organization of this great event. So, I thank Professor,…. I am also thankful for the administration in general for rendering us with all possible logistics support towards organizing this event; and all the plenary speakers and delegates for their enthusiastic participation.

    Finally, I thank all the research scholars who have greatly helped us in organizing this conference. Thank you very much! Speech on Vote of thanks for Farewell Day and Other Celebrations The moment has arrived when I am standing in front of you all to deliver my speech on my final day at college.

    When I was preparing myself for this day, I had planned a lot of imaginary speeches about my relationship, my learning, my experience with my teachers and college mates, the time spent in the cafeteria, in the canteen and many more such things. I started my class as a pre-nursery student. I was a bit nervous and fearful at first. But gradually I realized how lucky I am to make friends who were always by my side and teachers who always were supportive and cheerful. I cannot forget the day when my friends organized my secret birthday party after college hours.

    To date, these are those people who have helped me in every sphere in my life either it is sharing tiffin, helping in homework or driving me home when my cycle got punctured.

    I would like to thank all of them and especially the Principal, who is like a mother to me who forgives me when I make mistakes. She always motivated me like a daughter when I was disheartened and for everything she has done for me till date. Apart from giving me an enriching experience, all my teachers and friends have given me some real assets in the form of sisterhood and have me touch inspiration and competition to succeed.

    On a lighter note, I always worked harder to score better because of them. I would also like to mention the name of the team who always gave me support from the backend. I had trouble on different occasions by asking for complicated problems, however, by besties provided me with that. Thank you guys, you have greatly contributed to my success so far. I thank the administration team as well for their support as they have valued and acknowledged my suggestions by arranging for the logistics and helping in materializing them.

    I would specifically like to thank the backend supporters to have done for me and for all other students in the institutions. Last but not least, I would sincerely like to thank the cafeteria and canteen staff members for serving men with snacks, homemade food, and beverages.

    My entire journey has not only been so enriching but rather also fun-filled. I am surely going to miss the days I have spent here and will use what I have learned here in my future endeavors. Once again, thanks to all. A bright morning to the gathering. It is our esteemed honor to propose the vote of thanks.

    Firstly, I would like to thank our Lord for countless blessings and making the day a magnificent one. Extracurricular activities serve as a crucial ingredient of the overall education process. Like said, sound bodies possess a sound mind.

    Thank you so much, sir. Now, talent wins games, but intelligence and teamwork win champions. It is all about having fun, being physically active learning of the basics of the sport. I extend our heartfelt thanks to the guest of honor for the constant motivation and remarkable presence at all times.

    Thank you, sir. I give my sincere thanks to our principal, Mr…. Your constant encouragement has helped us in the best way. Thanks to you sir We also thank our Vice-principal Mr… name …. It is your appreciation and word that enthuse us in all the effort. Thanks to you sir Next, I thank our dear parents who have supported us in vibrant colors to reach our boundaries beyond the sky.

    Dear parents, it is your dream that makes us all walk the miles of difficult steps in a positive manner to reach our destination and peak covering all the hardships.

    Thank you, dear parents. Finally, I would like to thank the entire well-wisher for this commitment, support, and stewardship. It is your presence in all our programs to encourage us to do our best. You are the reasons for ending our best in us. Thank you all once again, thank you, dear well-wishers. With profound love and reverence, we would like to thank our facilitator for molding us that we are today.

    Closing Remarks from Vice-Chairman of Conference

    Who validates my parking? Should I pee now, or wait for a break? In your first few minutes on stage, put them at ease and set their expectations by giving them the full agenda for your event.

    Here are some details worth including: — The general order of proceedings in your event what happens first, second, third, etc. Part of giving your event that extra shine is helping audience members understand the deeper contextual meaning of your event.

    But that could be done privately and far more cheaply. So why the pomp and circumstance? Start by answering questions like these: — Why are your honorees worth honoring? Why is it special? What does it symbolize?

    10+ Closing Ceremony Speech Examples [ Training, Event, Conference ]

    Enjoy yourself. Find ways to let loose a little. Need more details or an example? Wondering if your emcee idea will work? Share your thoughts in the Comments field below, or contact Andy directly anytime! Spark also books professional presenters and public speakers to represent its clients at high-profile events, in roles like keynote speaker, trade show booth presenter, master of ceremonies emcee and auctioneer, as well as on camera talent and voice talent.

    University life will give you much more than just a degree — get ready for all the adventure! My dear friends, studying in our institution is pure joy, the professors, students, and other staff members are an epitome of compassion and we are quite sure you will be perplexed by their sagacity.

    All in all, I would like to say that you have made an absolutely secure decision to be a part of this institution. Our college welcomes all the students joining us today. I hope all of you will operate along with the values of the college and magnify its reputation at every go of life. Now, I will halt my words and start with the programmes for the day which include some astounding performances by the students of our college.

    Welcome Speech In English: Guest Introduction, How to Welcome Chief Guest

    I guarantee, your next few hours will be delightful and memorable. Thank you for being a patient audience and hearing my thoughts. Enjoy the day! School life is undoubtedly the best phase of life for everyone. Our parents, teachers and friends all have made this phase of life so memorable for us. We learned so many things, from our inspiring teachers. Made mistakes, made memories with friends, and whatnot. It was a long journey in itself. Today marks the end of this school life of sweet and bitter moments to cherish all our lives.

    We do feel a touch of sadness but it is the nature of life, to move forward. ABC, Staff Members, and all the students present here. I welcome you all to the annual function of our esteemed college. My name is Lakshita Kumar, a student of B. I feel extremely proud to announce that our elite college has completed 25 years and we all have gathered today to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the same.

    Behind huge success over the years are the dedicated teachers, motivated students, and helpful staff who give their best to make the college achieve great heights of success. Also, It is a great honour for me to pronounce that today we are joined by a lady who hardly needs an introduction.

    She is well known for her work in educating poor children. Besides, he is a published and extensively read author of the contemporary world. Moreover, she is extremely loved and respected by her readers which include the youth population of the country, whom she has influenced the most with her writing.

    Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Teachers are parents to the children when needed. They render us with light and lead us through the pathway of life. They seek nothing but respect in return to their persistent efforts to give the best. Teachers are our ideals. They inspire us each day and make us strive towards the route of success. They equip us with the power of knowledge and propel us with endless wisdom to become better citizens of the future.

    There are seven million. Children are a creation of God and their smile is irresistible to not make us smile alone. Their innocence is overwhelming.

    We celebrate this day on his birth anniversary. For children, school is a second home and teachers are equivalent to the parents in times when students need them the most. This day is celebrated with many events which cannot be possible without the contribution of our lovely teachers. On behalf of the Institution, I offer my regards to all the judges and the people joining us.

    7 Tips for Emceeing Like a Pro

    I convey my regards to the chief guest of the day, Mr. Thank you so much, Sir, for accepting our invitation and coming over for the seminar. The schedule of the seminar will focus on the topic of your topic. It will include more issues to address the full aspects of the topic. I wish this conference enlightens us all and provides us with approaches to deal with the problems of tomorrow. Welcome Speech for the Workshop Good Morning everyone! I welcome all the participants in the workshop.

    We are truly delighted with your presence.

    Emcee Script

    We all have gathered here today to attend this workshop based to enhance managerial skills. We as a company aim to achieve great heights. This workshop intends to resolve the practical hurdles faced by the Institution during this difficult time. Closing the speech, I hope everyone is well aware of the themes concerning the workshop. We had a great time having you all. To conclude, I wish you all, great success in your pursuits!

    Welcome Speech for the Conference Good Morning to all! First of all, I would like to thank each one of you for joining this one-day inter-school conference

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