How do i join the great illuminati brotherhood 2017 post comment

  • Aadhaar is Modi’s brahmastra for 2019 polls, will sink opposition
  • What is the Illuminati? You asked Google – here’s the answer
  • Tukilämmitysjärjestelmillä potentiaalia päästöjen ja kustannusten vähentäjinä
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  • The Brain/Money Connection
  • Aadhaar is Modi’s brahmastra for 2019 polls, will sink opposition

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    What is the Illuminati? You asked Google – here’s the answer

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    I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first. Will I end in trouble? But then I thought, what could they really do? I decided it was worth trying, maybe there was a story there.

    And there was! What follows is the full report of the 3 days conversation I had with my soon-to-be Brethren Illuminati. And then I was waiting. Will they answer? Will they not? Will I get some virus that will make my computer explode? But finally I got this: The game was on! Apparently they were motivated to make sure my intentions were serious, asking a lot of personal information.

    I answered with no hesitation: The data are all fake, of course. Giuseppe Taglialatela was a Napoli goalkeeper in the early 90s. Sorry, Batman, for using you like this. Would they google my data to verify it? They have absolutely nothing. I received the Terms and Conditions incredible how much time and effort someone must have put in writing them.

    Some parts are hilarious, though, like the part where I have to give up my basic human rights Section 1 , or all the secret agent stuff in section 8. Should you decide to leave, you must contact your recruitment manager with valid reason.

    Your leave will be decided by a recruitment manager, at their discretion. The current retirement rate in rests at 1. Agendas, plans and all other goals, and current involvement will be terminated upon initiation. Section 2: Upon review of your application, an admission councilor will run a full background check that includes all activity on: forums, social networks, previous schools, jobs, houses and affiliations which may extend down your family lineage.

    Upon initiation, and without warning, content may be deleted for any reason, at any time. After background checks, and you will be interviewed by your assigned recruitment manager, who will assess your situation and talents for placement, as applicable. Section 3: Groups, alliances, teams and legions who wish to remain together after initiation must state so in their individual applications, and are given no guarantees or immunity if they are separated upon initiation.

    This applies to all groups even after initiation, according to Section 1, which may be split at any time for any reason, at the discretion of their recruitment manager, after approval from council members. Section 4: Should the member refuse allegiance upon initiation, member is subject to penalty based on the discretion of council members.

    Should he be granted immunity, he may no longer peruse life in any of the members of the UN under Illuminati jurisdiction, and will be provided refuge elsewhere, or otherwise at the discretion of the council members. Section 5: Although placement is not random, you may not receive your desired placement, which does not grant you immunity prior to initiation, which is when the your placement will be revealed to you.

    Placement will be dependent upon current skills, reputation, mental screenings, medical exams, thorough background checks and interview subject to Section 2. Section 6: Succeeding initiation, you will be granted a sum of capital, which will be held on an offshore account and can only be withdrawn from after consultancy with an assigned financial adviser.

    Dependent upon placement, member may also be entitled to become either: an industry plant, political figure, public activist or a public personality within the six superpower states. Managers are under oath to provide you with the truth about The Order; however, if they deceit, they are fully allowed under The Order Charter.

    Section 8: If your pre — membership application is accepted, your interview will not be held in America. You will receive a hand-delivered confidential package which may include: a new passport, transportation tickets, wireless tracker, cellular device with pre — programmed international access and a copy of your submitted application.

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    And I wanted to add something bizarre I mean, how stupid did they think I was? I thought this was maybe pushing it too much.

    Instead, they answered. They always answered. Their only interest was to keep me hooked. He is an Illuminati, after all. I knew it! I moved to the next stage. So finally here it was, the request for money. Very expensive items! It was time to play some more games: All the while I was thinking, who can be so naive to really send these guys the money they ask?

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    But even this was not enough for them to lose it. The answer was classy and cool. So I went even more bizarre: The fake receipt I attached is taken from another scam, in Italy, involving allegedly the Post.

    Tukilämmitysjärjestelmillä potentiaalia päästöjen ja kustannusten vähentäjinä

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    His society — The Order of the Illuminati — grew from five members to thousands in just a few years, but then, after Karl Theodor became ruler of Bavaria, secret societies were made punishable by death, and there the order ended.

    The Brain/Money Connection

    What is it trying to do? Read more It wants nothing less than to establish a new world order — over which an authoritarian gang of elites would rule, and under which nation states would be banished. Alternately, it is part of a fight against fake news, which began in the s. A journalist for Playboy magazine called Robert Anton Wilson cda, along with a writer called Kerry Thornley, who had written a jokey text on the Illuminati, decided that the world was becoming too authoritarian, and one way to shake that up would be to get people to start questioning what they read.

    They started sending in fake letters from readers talking about a secret organisation called the Illuminati. They would then send in more letters, contradicting these claims. They hoped that these contrary points of view would get people to view the news a little more sceptically. Instead everyone just got very excited about the Illuminati, and the myth spread worldwide.

    Who is in the Illuminati?

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