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  • Boost Your SEO, Traffic, and Conversions With Quality Guest Blogging and Content Marketing!
  • Guest Posting: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started
  • Guest posts wanted
  • Guest Blogging in 2021: How I Wrote 80+ Guest Posts in 1 Year
  • List of 200+ Websites & Blogs That Accept Guest Posts In 2021
  • List of 300+ Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts & Contributions
  • Boost Your SEO, Traffic, and Conversions With Quality Guest Blogging and Content Marketing!

    Write a post worth publishing Follow up on your work Track your results Step 1: Determine Your Guest Posting Goals As with all good marketing strategies , a smart guest posting strategy starts with outlining your goals. Knowing what results you want to see from your work will help you create a clear road map for getting there.

    Consider what can be accomplished through guest blogging and determine which two or three goals align best with your marketing objectives. Increase brand awareness. Get more people to know about you and your brand. Introduce your projects and services. Get more people to know about what you offer. Show audiences how you can help. Get more people to see how your expertise, products, or services can solve problems. Improve visibility on social media. Get more people to follow and engage with you or your brand on social media.

    Boost SEO. Get high-quality backlinks to support your off-page SEO strategy. Build industry authority. Share your expertise to get people to see you as an expert in your industry. Increase traffic. Drive more traffic to your website through referral traffic. Increase leads. Generate more leads by reaching new audiences.

    When you know what you want your guest posting to accomplish, it will be easier to identify the best guest blogging opportunities.

    Always prioritize sites that will help you get closer to your goals. But if your goal is to build industry authority, you may benefit from writing for the small, industry-specific blog. Find sites that interest your audience. Start by looking for sites that attract and interest your audience. Enter your site or a site you already know your audience uses. The report also includes details like the percentage of the audience who cares about the category, sites that relate to the category, and popular topics within the category.

    You can use this information to narrow down potential guest posting sites and brainstorm content ideas you could submit to them.

    Find sites similar to your ideal guest posting sites. When you know the sites your audience uses most frequently, you can use this information to find other related sites.

    The tool will provide a list of other sites that have an audience who is similar to the target site. Use the visualization view as shown above to see clusters of sites that are similar, and select individual sites to get more information about their site metrics. Analyze these sites further with a competitive website analysis or save them to your Workspace to refer back to them later.

    Find where your competitors post. Another way to find guest posting sites is to look at what sites already link to your competitors. If a site already links to your competitor, it is likely that they will link to your site as well. The report shows the sites already linking to one or more of the listed competitors. The report also shows the URL of the pages that link to competitors.

    Click on the linking site to see the URLs that include links. Not only can you see what content popular sites prefer to link to, you may come across guest posts as well. This is a sign the linking site could be a good guest blogging option for your brand as well. Look for blogs that accept guest posts, but are also a good fit for your strategy and goals. Create a set of criteria that aligns with your goals and guidelines for guest blogging.

    Enter up to 10 sites to compare performance and popularity. This report makes it easy to identify the best guest post opportunities out of a group of sites. Brainstorm a few ideas for posts that will support your goals while also serving the wants and needs of the publisher and their readers. Consider the audience of the publisher and develop topics that align with their interests.

    Remember, you can use the Audience Interest Tool to identify the post popular topics for a site. Enter the URL for the site to see what their readers care about. Click on a category to see clusters of topics within that category. When guest posting, consider the audience of the publisher and develop topics that align with their interests. Click To Tweet Look for content needs and gaps.

    Enter the target site and up to nine of their competitors. This keyword research tool will create a report that shows the top keywords driving traffic to competitors of the target site, but not the target site itself.

    Make sure the topic connects to you and your goals. Choose topics that will allow you to promote your interests, refer back to your industry, and connect with your ideal audience.

    Before your content can be considered for publishing, you first have to catch the attention of the publisher by pitching your post. Click To Tweet To craft a guest post pitch that will get noticed: Find the right person to contact. See if you can find the name of the editor or blog manager, seek out their contact information, and reach out to them directly. Before you pitch, look to see if there are any requirements for guest posting. Create a compelling subject line.

    Write your outreach email as though you are writing a one-to-one correspondence. Lead with benefits. Highlight the benefits of publishing your post by sharing what their readers will gain and how the post will serve their site. Add proof of your quality and value. Publishers will be more likely to publish your post and work with you again if you can deliver on your content. Submit a guest post they will love by following these best practices. Follow guidelines.

    Add value. Rather than be overly promotional, focus on adding value. By giving readers something they can take away, you serve them while increasing the chances that the publisher will publish your post. Go through a few rounds of editing and proofreading to ensure that it is clean and professionally written.

    If possible, link a page on your site in the blog post. Most publishers have guidelines on linking in guest posts. Follow them, and if you are permitted, include a link to a piece of content on your site.

    This helps to drive relevant traffic back to your site while supporting off-page SEO. Write a bio that welcomes readers to learn more. Another way to drive readers back to your site is through your author bio. Include a link back to your site if allowed and include a call to action to drive readers to want to click to learn more. Consider using your bio to promote a freebie or opt-in on your site to drive even more traffic. If you want to build a good relationship with the publisher and write for them again, follow up after your post is published.

    Help the publisher promote and manage the post. Share your post on social. Engage in blog promotion Share the content with your audience by posting about it on your social streams. Respond to comments. Keep an eye on the comment section of your post.

    If people leave messages, follow up in a timely fashion. Link to it on your website. Promote the post on your site by either linking to it in a portfolio page or writing a summary of the post with a link to the original on your own blog.

    For each guest post, use metrics to track and monitor the marketing ROI of your work. Create a list of your posts along with the name of the website, the live link, and relevant marketing KPIs. Track metrics that are most relevant to your goals outlined in step one. These metrics may include: Amount of referral traffic Number of new website visitors Number of social shares.

    Guest Posting: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

    We would love to feature and publish guest posts from fellow bloggers and websites. Send contributions for review and guest blogging proposals to contact [AT] sourcedigit.

    You can ask for paid advertisement options available on this website header banners, sidebar banners, content page advertisements, sponsored posts with appropriate disclosures and link rel tags, etc or use Google Ads to directly place an advertisement on this website.

    We accept guest posts and article contributions only from fellow bloggers in the same niche as SourceDigit. If you are not an individual blogger, please explore the advertising options available with the website. Submit Guest Posts — Guest Blogging! We only consider high-quality, unpublished and original articles that provide real value to our readers. With a few thousand pageviews per day, our readers get the best articles, tutorials and resources about Linux and open source on SourceDigit.

    We aspire to offer the best resources and articles.. Hence, we expect the same from our contributors.

    All guest post contributions to SourceDigit. Please explore the website to have a fair idea about the kind of content we share on the website. You can then send your guest post blogging contribution for our review. No compensation is paid for guest post contributions. Broad Guidelines for Guest Articles Articles must be at least words long. All submissions must be original, unpublished and written exclusively for the website.

    Articles must not have any factual error. Please use screenshots and images only where absolutely necessary. Do not plagiarise or copy from other websites; do not violate copyright laws. Poor quality articles will be rejected without any intimation.

    No duplicates of articles already published on the website. All links will be at the sole discretion of the website. Each guest blogging submission will go through a review by the SourceDigit.

    Only those found to offer real value to our website readers and without any explicit commercial intent will be accepted and published. We may not be able to respond to all guest post requests. If you do not head from us despite a reminder, your proposal has been declined.

    Please bear with us. Are you a Business? If you are not working in an individual blogger capacity, and looking to gain exposure to your business or website, please check for paid advertisement. Write to us: contact [AT] sourcedigit.

    Guest posts wanted

    It would have been a crime to write this post and not to mention the main benefits of guest blogging. Here are 11 main benefits of guest blogging for other websites: Reach a wider audience: Contributing your work to external websites would mean that more people will see your work.

    Imagine this, if you get your article published on Forbes, 10s or even s of thousands of people would read your article, and if the subject is directly correlated with what you do, people will come back for more often directly to your website. Generate quality referral traffic: Quality posts that get seen and read by s of people are likely to generate a ton of quality, targeted referral traffic.

    You know where this can lead to. Yes, more exposure and more sales. This, in return, will tighten up the relationship with the owner of the blog and may lead to further partnerships. Become an influencer: Being featured in authoritative websites and blogs would make you an influencer in the eyes of your potential audience.

    Guest posting is the way to go. For instance, when someone shares your article, you would often get tagged and mentioned.

    Increase authority of your website: People are more likely to trust and buy from the brand that has a powerful web presence. If your product gets a decent review from The Next Web, would people have more confidence in purchasing that product of you? Sure thing. That would definitely tell you something about the quality of your writing and your expertise.

    Inbound links backlinks : Should I really explain this point? Okay, you can also get a quality, powerful backlink from your profile bio.

    The vast majority of sites will allow you to add a link or two in your byline, which usually appears at the bottom of every post. Build an email list: An influx of referral traffic to your website can lead to a growth of your mailing list.

    If, and only if you can convert that traffic to your regular subscribers. Money, money, money: Some people manage to build an entire business of contributing articles. All great things come with pitfalls. Dos: Do read the guidelines: Different blogs have different requirements for contributors and guest bloggers. Some may only accept posts that are less than words; others may only accept articles if you are a known individual in your niche.

    Hence, always check the guidelines on a case-by-case basis.

    Guest Blogging in 2021: How I Wrote 80+ Guest Posts in 1 Year

    Do create exceptional content: No reputable blog would accept a poorly written post, especially from a guest blogger. Do your background work, support your claims, provide arguments, check your grammar and spelling mistakes. What is Guest Blogging? Guest bloggers offer to write content for other blogs in their niche, with the benefit of increased backlinks and referral traffic.

    Source: optinmonster. If you ever hit publish on your latest blog post, wait anxiously for readers, and then. Writing guest posts is one of the best ways to boost these rankings and build your credibility. Here are my top benefits of guest blogging. Domain authority is a metric created by Moz and measured by many factors, including the total number of links, linking root domains, social signals, TrustRank, and more into a single score.

    One of the best ways to build a Domain Authority is by guest posting. When you contribute content to other blogs, you can include a link or two to your website. Getting Valuable Backlinks Backlinksalso known as dofollow links or inbound links, are links from other websites to your website.

    List of 200+ Websites & Blogs That Accept Guest Posts In 2021

    These backlinks are like votes — the more you get, the more search engines believe your content marketing efforts are credible, useful, and valuable. When writing guest posts, you can add a link or two to your own site within the content, and you can also link to your site in your guest author bio. Generating Referral Traffic In addition to obtaining backlinks and SEO benefits from writing guest posts, your backlinks also bring in referral traffic.

    A user reads your guest post and clicks links back to your blog, increasing your traffic.

    List of 300+ Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts & Contributions

    When writing a guest post, strategically add your backlinks to URLs that you want people to read — a useful article, opt-in email page, or service page. Creating New Relationships with Bloggers Ultimately, the most important benefit of guest blogging is the new relationships that you build with other bloggers and influencers in your niche.

    The key is to be valuable. Respond kindly and promptly to emails, send in your drafts on time, and most importantly, create fantastic content. Finally, these relationships can also turn into further guest blogging opportunities down the road. Additionally, you can leverage your connections and turn them into other cool projects like co-marketing, podcastsebooks, and online courses.

    You can also use these relationships to get intros to more influential guest posting opportunities. You have to provide value. Ask yourself: what value are you providing?

    Is the blog currently in need of a lot of content to fill their editorial calendar? The first step in pitching and finding blogging opportunities is understanding your value and what you can do to help.

    This information will be vital in your initial email outreach strategy. Additionally, the higher their monthly site visitors, the more readers your guest post will get. Aim for websites in your niche with Domain Authorities above To save time during your search, find an article featuring the top blogs and websites accepting guest postswith Domain Authority scores added in.

    Source: websitehostingrating. You want readers to interact with your content, so look for engagement. A quality guest article may be shared to their subscribers after it is published, boosting your visibility. Once you are done adding blogs to your spreadsheet, research these sites in-depth to find their guest posting guidelines.

    A lot of blogs have a dedicated page that outlines exactly how to contribute, what they are looking for, and requirements on tone, word count, and more. When you start guest blogging, avoid sites that require a full draft submission via a contact form.

    Focus on sites that allow you to pitch topics or outlines. First, use LinkedIn. Remember, 2nd degree LinkedIn connections are better than 3rd, and if you have a mutual contact, even better. You can also use social media to reach out on Facebook. Using AI, they are planning to be the most comprehensive solution to find content, get contact information, and send dynamic email templates.

    You can join their early access beta list to test them out before they launch. Once you have this information, add it to your spreadsheet, and note the date of your attempted LinkedIn connection. Start your Guest Blogging Email Outreach To recap your progress so far, you now have your list of blogs you want to write for, the correct person to contact, and connected with them on LinkedIn.

    There are plenty of cold email strategies out there. The best tips I learned are to keep your email short, provide value, and showcase your previous work. I write X-X guest posts per month and would be happy to link to your site in my content. Email outreach gets much easier over time once you have a large sample of content and start getting your articles noticed.

    As a last resort, share a link to your blog. If you receive an email response and they are interested congratulations! The next step is pitching your topic ideas. Your topic and target keywords have SEO value. View which organic keywords are driving the most traffic to see if you can find gaps in their content that you can fill. The topic matches your expertise. You should be able to write intelligently about the topic and use the guest blog to build more influence in your niche.

    Check their editorial guidelines and look into how they write their headlines. You can also check out which of their articles are the most shared on social media to see the content that works zoo cirgus porno. Source: makeuseof. Scott Fitzgerald, slow down and consider your options. There are two questions to ask yourself: Are you going to write the drafts yourself?

    Or can you outsource some of the drafts to content writers? Wait a second. Guest posting has been a popular promotional tactic for years now — and people leverage it for various reasons: Guest posting builds up exposure Getting featured on popular blogs and websites in your niche can really help you build up your exposure and reach.

    Think of it this way: every time you get published on a new blog especially one with a large readership new readers get introduced to you and your writing.

    And the bigger and more popular a site is, the more it will help build up your profile too. Guest blogging builds backlinks — and backlinks are essential to SEO There are several elements that will help your pages and blog posts rank high in search engines: The content is optimized for search engines The content is of high-quality Your website or blog has a high domain rating And of course, relevant backlinks from other websites and blogs Backlinks are an extremely important part of SEO.

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