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  • Amiri King
  • Amiri King Biography, Wife, Net Worth, Married, Divorce, Family
  • Amiri King Net Worth 2018
  • Who is Amiri King? His Net Worth, Wife & Family
  • Amiri King Net Worth, Wife, Wiki.
  • Who is Amiri King? Net Worth, Wife, Family, Personal Life, Wiki
  • Amiri King Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Child, Girlfriend, Marriage, Gay, Ethnicity
  • Amiri King

    Amiri King was born on 10 July in Louisville, Kentucky meaning he is 39 years of age. His mother is known as Sharon Brown Colvin. Info about his father is currently under review. Also, details as to whether he has siblings or not is currently under review. Career, Early life Amiri had a very challenging early life.

    At the age of 16, he was charged with first degree armed robbery, and he served a three-year sentence in the federal prison. Due to this, Amiri has shared his early experience in many local high schools. His aim is to ensure that students do not fall prey to commit a crime and end up in prison. Amiri began his career officially in when he launched his first YouTube channel named RoyalMediaMafia.

    There, he posted several Vlogs, videos, and some parodies. However, despite the dedicated effort, the channel was suspended. In , he launched another channel named Chevy Colorado Parody which has attracted seven million views. Currently, his channel has about k followers, and they keep on adding every day. King has also been featured in the cover of Readers Digest magazine for three consecutive times. He now serves as the editorial and advisory board of member of Tribunist.

    Internet sensation Nash Grier's girlfriend. Find all about the star's dating history and family Amiri King Net Worth. How much is Amiri King worth? Amiri has done a tremendous job in the film industry. He generates most of his income from YouTube and his editorial job. Aside from that, he has starred in a movie that hit the market pretty well. Due to his fame and a large number of fans, Amiri King has received the YouTube Silver play button bringing a significant change to his net worth.

    Youtuber, Amiri King net worth is currently not available Despite knowing his net worth, we do not know the details of his salary. He loves to keep his life very private. Also, a detail of the car he drives is unknown, but with time and due to his rising fame, we may get to know all about him.

    He is married to his wife Sara Ruminski, and they have been together for over two years. Amiri and Sara are living their lives happily, no one can expect divorce between them soon. He and his wife have three daughters named Tilly, Kennedy, and Marcy. All these children were from his previous relationship. Our reliable online sources have not revealed details of his relationship, but with time, we may get to know more about his personal life.

    We do not know where his mother used to work and also details of his father is currently under review. However, with time, he may write a memoir or autobiography to reveal more about himself and his family. He has been spotted in several events, but he does not talk that much in interviews. Amiri has not been in any controversies after being released from prison due to first degree armed robbery.

    He now lives a reformed life, and no scandals have been reported about him so far. We know that he has brown hair color and his eye color is also brown. There is no information about his height, weight, and body size and shoe size measurements.

    He also seems to be of good health, and there are no reports about him being ill.

    Amiri King Biography, Wife, Net Worth, Married, Divorce, Family

    He was born Tony Donavan Schork in Louisville, Kentucky, on 10th July, , so is now a 39 year old, 6ft 1,82 m tall Cancerian according to the zodiac , with light brown eyes and brown hair. Just a simple reminder that article is created and owned only by biographytribune.

    Article cannot be re-published in any other pages or documents. Copyright is protected by DMCA. All found copies will be reported. After two years in a correctional facility he was released, but again not having anywhere to live, he spent time at Wayside Christian Mission and Healing Place, and shortly thereafter he was sent to prison for yet another three years. While in prison he slept a lot thinking that that would help time pass much faster. Amiri King When his term was ov er in , Amiri has emphatically stated that he decided to keep his nose clean and change his life.

    He certainly did a great job, as he has never been in trouble with the cops again. Amiri started delivering talks to local high school students, Alateen meetings, and troubled kids about his experiences and life story, guiding them on how not to allow their challenges to mess up their lives. How did it come about that Amiri King forged a career on YouTube? Unfortunately, during this time , and most probably as a result of past traumas, Amiri suffered from ADHD and long periods of depression, and was hospitalized several times.

    I saw people farting into microphones, prank phone calls — it was just a great release for me. He also creates skits on motor vehicles and other commercials, continuing to use all these avenues to post hilarious videos with a cutting edge, which his followers enjoy and which steadily grows his fan base and wealth.

    What else does Amiri King do? Before launching his YouTube career, Amiri moved to Nicholasville, Kentucky and tried his hand at a landscaping job for a short while.

    His good friend Peter Shukoff is a musician and comedian, better known as Nice Peter from his YouTube channel, and Amiri has collaborated with him and other comedians by writing content for their shows.

    Amiri King Net Worth 2018

    He spent 3 years in prison. After his stint as an Ex-con, Amiri decided to turn a new leaf and change for the better. He told his mother that he wanted to make movies, and to that effect, pursued a career as a commercial YouTuber. Amiri King Wiki.

    Who is Amiri King? His Net Worth, Wife & Family

    Amiri began his YouTube career in He is known for creating parodies about cars and his personal life with family. Additionally, Amiri has also collaborated with several comedians, most notably Peter Shukoff.

    Chevy Silverado Parody 2 is easily one of his most successful videos. It has attracted a record 19 million views to date. However, inhe was stripped of his award due to a negative publication that unearthed racial slurs on social media platforms.

    He went to jail for 3 years but released for his good behaviour and changed nature. It was after coming out from behind the bars that he decided to take charge of his life and make a career.

    Inspired by funny videos and sketches on the internet, he decided to make something like that of his own.

    Amiri King Net Worth, Wife, Wiki.

    He created his own channel. The channel featured funny videos like parodies, sketches, skits and vlogs. His career had taken off but another bad thing struck and his channel got suspended. This led to an abrupt stop and he stopped making videos for a while. Amiri King has k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

    Who is Amiri King? Net Worth, Wife, Family, Personal Life, Wiki

    Then inhe reopened another YouTube channel by his own name Amiri King. As ofhis channel has k subscribers on YouTube. YouTube awarded him with the prestigious Silver Play Button. He also has won a few accolades.

    Amiri King Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Child, Girlfriend, Marriage, Gay, Ethnicity

    He began to post funny videos and parodies on the platform and started to grow his following. Amiri has always had a soft spot for cars. He also reflects his love for cars in his videos as he incorporates a series of comic and parodic videos on his channel.

    As a matter of fact, King started his posting spree with vehicle commercial parodies. His YouTube channel has over thousand subscribers with millions of views on each video. He has had several collaborations with other YouTube stars. One of them is the popular YouTuber, Peter Shukoff. The YouTuber has also tested waters in the world of movies. He has appeared in many movies where he has played very notable roles.

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