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  • Quadriceps Muscle Dent Causes: Atrophy? MS/ALS? or What?
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  • Dent in quad muscle

    Quadriceps Muscle Dent Causes: Atrophy? Ruane, MD The quad muscle dent, that scary groove that appears in your quadriceps muscle, has more than one possible cause.

    There are several causes of the quad muscle dent. The quadriceps dent is often described as being one to two inches long, and sometimes horizontal, and other times diagonal. Occasionally a description for the quad muscle dent comes in as closer to vertical, and may exceed two inches in length, sometimes stretching for almost half the length of the thigh.

    This article explains the causes of dents in your quad muscle. Joseph J. Muscles do not atrophy in small, defined sections that leave dents. Oddly, people who have hypochondria related to MS or ALS have somehow formulated the idea that an early sign of muscle atrophy is some little depression or groove in the muscle. Nowhere in the annals of medical literature is muscle denting named as a sign of wasting muscle tissue or atrophy, or any kind of disease.

    Another cause of the quad groove, in addition to local trauma, is prolonged leaning of the thigh into an object. A person who spends a lot of time at a counter of sorts may be unknowingly leaning pressing their thigh into a hard edge. Or, perhaps they are seated, and something weighted is resting atop their thighs, such as a heavy briefcase. Later on, the person happens to notice a small impression or depression in their quadriceps while changing clothes, showering or working out.

    The image below shows natural quadriceps musculature. Anatomy Another cause of quad denting to consider is the natural anatomy of the muscle, if the fissure is more vertical than horizontal. A person who has toned thigh muscles, along with low body fat in that area, will likely see vertical dent in the middle of their quads, a few inches to several inches in length.

    This fissure may come and go, depending on body position. Dents are clearly visible in these buff legs. He is active in clinical research and is a nationally recognized speaker and educator. Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, health and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of feature articles for a variety of print magazines and websites.

    She is also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.

    Quadriceps Muscle Dent Causes: Atrophy? MS/ALS? or What?

    Reply I recently noticed bilateral dents in parallel lines roughly 4 inches apart. They are painless, quite noticeable and do not hurt, itch or otherwise have any sensations.

    They do look strange! I realized that these lines are where my bike shorts elastic hits my thighs. It had never seemed tight, but there were always elastic lines in my skin for a couple hours after riding.

    I have gained a few pounds this year and the only thing I can think of is that the subcutaneous fat in those areas has atrophied, so as I gained weight, the fat cells above and below the dents grew, while the fat cells within the dents did not.

    Super strange, and I hope the dents pop back out. I also appreciate you all for YOUR posts as this had been bugging me and made me feel like a bit of a freak. Nicole B Reply Checking in as part of the upper quad dent club. Mine is from leaning on the bathroom counter and using my laptop on my knees. I have also been increasing exercise and losing a bit of fat lately.

    Jen Reply Exactly the same issue for me. New bathroom fitted six months ago. Vanity unit projects neatly into my right leg as I look into the mirror to brush my teeth and apply make up. Sure enough, I now have a vanity dent and I wonder if it will ever resolve. Have shown it to two doctors. Both had a bit of a laugh about it and assured me it was just my leg, and to put a sponge on the edge of the unit, or do my make up elsewhere.

    Bethany Reply I have read many of the comments, but I recently have noticed a horizontal dent in each of my quad muscles. I searched for something that I may have been leaning against but there is nothing I could find. Trying to figure out how to help it go away. Any suggestions would be appreciated! No kidding! When I finally figured it out, I was horrified.

    Courtney Reply Well, same here! I am 29 a healthy female. I do not work out but I am naturally petite framed , I am a mother of 3, I noticed it tonight while shaving my legs. I started to get scared that I might be seeing beginning signs of ALS or something health anxiety much? Sheila Reply I noticed a dent in my right thigh half way between my knee and hip. It was not painful and I only really noticed it when I shaved my legs, applied lotion, or wore thin, light-colored leggings that seemed to highlight it.

    So, today, at work, I had it on my mind and I noticed that, as I reached across my desk to feed some documents into the scanner, I leaned against the edge and it fit perfectly into my thigh dent. I have been leaning into the edge many times per day, five days per week, for months now. Has anyone else gotten a dent from repetitive leaning and had it go away? Jana Reply I have horizontal density on my both tights, and I was loosing my mind, trying to google it and find the answer.

    And I ended up on this site. And yes it is the spot where I lean in my new bathroom. Sink is little deeper and far from morror, so I have to lean over. Thanks everyone. Cat Reply I have a dent on my right thigh and it freaks me out.

    I noticed it about a year ago. Has anyone gotten any answers? I too have recently noticed dents in both thighs that match up perfect with the bathroom counter.

    I had this years ago and it went away, however recently noticed them again, so googled and it does makes sense. I workout regularly and thought it might be a new exercise I started, and I also lost a brother to ALS just last year.

    No more leaning for me.

    When we got there she had gone through all the previous tests done by the others. She had made herself totally knowledgeable of my symptoms. She was what you hope for in a Dr. However yes you guessed it 3rd diagnosis. She explained every detail, no waiting to get results from family Dr.

    However the news was not good. It is nicknamed the suicide disease. There is no cure and no treatment. I am on gabapentine. I didn't think it worked until I miss a dose. Also long acting diladid and 2mg fast acting for break through pain. They don't work either. So I cry out in pain I scream in pain. My best friend is sleep and I'm very fortunate that my evening meds do their job and I sleep well.

    Then I wake up. It's still there. It will always be there. I will never have anything to look forward to again. I'm only I worked all my life now I've lost that.

    My husband is drifting farther and farther away. I have zero quality of life. The loss of adipose or fatty tissue under the skin makes it appear like a dent in thigh muscle. Is the shrinking of fatty tissue a permanent condition? It depends on the person! Give it some time, and it will get back to normal. However, it also depends from person to person. The dent may not return to normal! Your doctor will ask you several questions which includes the following: When did you find a dent on your thigh?

    Did you place a heavy object or hit against a hard surface? Leaning against your thigh: Leaning against your thigh for a long duration could cause a dent in thigh muscle. You lean against your thigh on a hard surface or object, and it produces a temporary dent. When you are in such a position for a more extended period, it can create a dent-like appearance on your skin.

    Dent in Thigh: One of the Most Feared Symptoms

    You need to recollect whether you hit your thighs on some surface or not! This way you would be able to tell your doctor whether it is weight loss or something as small as a result of leaning against your thigh. People who work behind the counters usually get a dent in thigh muscle. Are you doing such a type of job which causes dents in your skin?

    If yes, then you have nothing to worry about! It could also happen when you rest heavy objects on your thigh. It could create a dent which is quite visible! If you do it throughout the day, it can create a dent in thigh muscle. Anatomical feature: You are anxious too much about something which may be a small matter! It could be that your anatomy is such that the dent was always there!

    Dent in thigh muscle: 4 Causes, 5 Treatments, When to see a doctor

    You are probably living with certain anatomical features for your whole life! However, you are probably seeing it for the first time. If the fissure is vertical and not as horizontal, then it causes the dent. If you see a dent in thigh muscle, you are probably noticing it for the first time. A person with a toned figure will see a dent in thigh muscle.

    It is not uncommon for a toned individual! Low percentage of fat in the body: When a person has a low percentage of fat in their body, they would see a dent in thigh muscle. To make the dent vanish, you can gain some fat in your thigh area.

    You have a fit body and have low-fat percentage; this could be the cause of the dent in thigh muscle. See also Rhomboid Muscle Pain: 5 Causes, Symptoms, 5 Treatments, 10 Exercises, Prevention When you have sudden weight loss, you might see there are dents in your thigh muscle and other parts of your body.

    It is relatively common, and you must not worry about it! If you have toned thigh muscles and a low body fat percentage, you are more prone to getting a dent. Just for your information, this is not a bad feature! Do you know that obesity is a deadly disease and it could be lethal for your health?

    Most people die of cardiac arrest because of obesity.

    5 Causes of Dents In Thighs: Tips to Get Rid Of Dents In Thighs

    You should be thankful that your body does not have a lot of fat deposit. The dent is not harming your body, and it is just a feature. Check the BMI, and it should be within the healthy range. If you are morbidly skinny, you need to gain some weight because being extremely lean is not healthy too!

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