Colorbond corner flashing bunnings

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    If wading through all of that seems like too much of a headache simply come and talk to the No. There is a wide range of insulation blankets and reflective type sarking available for metal roofing.

    For example if you have a roof cavity where you can install thermal insulation then your main focus for using foil backed blanket type products will be to reduce condensation and create a vapour barrier under the roof. Specific tie-downs may be required for attaching battens to support structures in high wind areas. Fixing timber battens to timber supports: When joins are necessary in timber battens ensure that the join meets over a rafter or truss. Plan your batten layout so that joined battens are staggered across the roof.

    Use the appropriate fasteners. This is extremely important because using the wrong fasteners may lead to roof failure.

    For example it might appear that using 75mm nails to attach a 35mm batten to a rafter would be sufficient. But according to the table in AS Avoid any contact between CCA treated timber and steel roofing as this can lead to discolouration and may void the warranty. Fixing steel battens to timber supports: A 12 x 40mm timber fixing screw through each flange is the minimum fixing size for fixing steel battens to timber.

    Fixing steel battens to steel supports: M5. When attaching metal roof battens to the supports pairs of screws should be in line with each other and the supporting rafter. Most steel battens have a convenient groove on the bottom flange to make inserting screws a simple non-slip process. Copper may be present in hot water overflow piping or downpipes and even the water flowing from this copper could cause serious corrosion issues for your metal roof battens or roof cladding.

    Other metals and materials may be incompatible also so keep this in mind when choosing your battens. And you can always call on the helpful experts at No.

    How to Choose The Right Flashing Tape

    Celebrating the most popular lead-free flashing for 10 years, Wakaflex is the leading lead free roofing flashing roll in Australia and the world having sold over 6 million rolls across 40 countries. Wakaflex is easy to install and requires no specialist tools, saving time and labour costs. With a malleability that provides a tight seal immediately, Wakaflex flashing roll is perfect for use in pitch transitions, wall abutments, rising parts of structures such as dormers and chimney flashings.

    Wakaflex self-adhesive roofing flashing is ideal for making quick and secure repairs and can increase the weather tightness of roofs by creating a sealed edge. Read More This next-generation non-toxic roof sealant eliminates the environmental concerns associated with lead flashing products while maintaining the integrity of the roof. Its inert qualities mean that Wakaflex can be installed with all roofing materials and will not contaminate any runoff being collected and used for domestic purposes, making safe rainwater harvesting possible.

    Wakaflex is the longest established and leading non-lead flashing solution available in Australia. Suitable for most roof profiles and types it is the only butyl-based flashing with a unique chemical self-bonding ability and without a fully backed adhesive for easier installation.

    It has an aluminum honeycomb mesh embedded into the UV-resistant butyl-based rubber which allows for easy dressing to any roof profile without the use of any tools or additional silicone. Try it on your next project and see for yourself why so many have already left lead for dead. Non-Toxic Made from Polyisobutylene rubber and aluminium making it safe for installers and the environment.

    Lightweight 4. Can be laid in hot or cold conditions. Installation Length Wakaflex can be installed in complete 5m lengths and requires only a 50mm over-lap for two sections to chemically bond providing an instant watertight seal.

    Over-flashing Wakaflex must always be built into or chased into brickwork, or it can be over-flashed with another material such as cladding. Guaranteed Wakaflex comes with a 10 year nationwide guarantee.

    Suntuf Installation Guide and Tips

    It has superior holding power and can easily cope with day to day and seasonal roof movement and expansion. Shield Coat was established in and has been supplying superior quality products ever since. Some sands have additional polymers added to increase bonding strength and inhibit weed growth. Too much water or cement and the resulting mortar will not have the required strength. It really is worthwhile talking to the experts when it comes to cement.

    You can at least give a dud cake to the birds; dud cement - well? The most challenging aspects of good roofing are the verges, valleys, ridgelines and other exposed areas. Verges are exposed to the full brunt of the weather and wind-blown rain and moisture seepage through capillary action which is common in poorly designed or installed roofs. Metal or fibre cement verge strips are a traditional solution offering effective moisture control, attractive appearance, and low maintenance at a reasonable price.

    They ensure water drains away correctly and does not pool under the roof edge tiles.

    How To Clean Your Colorbond Roof

    Anti-ponding boards sit underneath the sarking between the fascia boards and the rafters and can be of galvanised steel or fibre cement. As with all roof structural elements you need to get sound technical advice on choosing the correct anti-ponding boards and appropriate installation requirements. Unfortunately, many poorly designed roofs fail over a long period of time and the damage may spread to other areas such as the ceiling and walls before you become aware of it.

    A cracked tile may allow a slow leak into the roof cavity for example. Anti-ponding boards may prevent this moisture from causing more serious far-reaching damage by draining the water away to the guttering. Nails might be the cheapest item in your roofing budget but the wrong nails can lead to major issues with water entry, corrosion, premature roof failure, and damage in high wind events.

    Flat head nails provide a high degree of surface resistance to hold roofing materials firmly in place. Stainless steel or galvanised coatings are critical for nail longevity and poor quality coatings can see nails fail around the head area.

    Hytile tile cutters have been in use in the Australian tile industry for years and have proven their value many times over. Durable, efficient, and designed for single person use, Hytile tile cutters can cut concrete and terracotta tiles at any angle.

    Easy to use for impressive accurate cuts every time. Plus, we have a full range of other accessories designed to make your life easier and your job more satisfying.

    But a roof framework is subject to complex high wind loadings and weight bearing stresses. Salah Murad Great service and support for all roofing and gutter needs, highly recommended. Shannon wiggins October 9, I run a medium sized roofing company and have been for the last 8 years, and have used a lot of company's along the way, and roofing options centre is by far the best priced, most efficient and helpful mob there is out there.

    They are always willing to help, always answer the phones, and don't hesitate to do what they can to help get the job done.


    Highly recommended, would rate 6 stars if i could. Crow Roofing May 22, Tony in the office looked after us. He was great. He knows what he's talking about. He give us great advice. Now the roof will look Beter and he saved us money. We were very impressed Monique Verbaten.

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