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  • Top 100 Courses in the World: GOLF’s 2021-22 ranking of the best designs on the planet

    Share on Reddit The new iPhone 4S is here—though you might not know it at first glance. Apple seems to be making a habit of alternating between major cosmetic changes and major internal changes when it comes to iPhone hardware, and this is definitely an "internal change" kind of year. But it's what's inside that counts, right? The iPhone 4S is now the only device that comes with what Apple describes as a voice-activated virtual personal assistant called Siri. The iPhone 4S also sports a completely redesigned antenna that Apple claims will drastically improve call quality and data speeds over the iPhone 4.

    And the iPhone 4S comes with the new A5 processor introduced in the iPad 2 earlier this year, giving it a performance boost over its predecessor. Even the built-in camera received some nice spec bumps. These are the most important new elements of the iPhone 4S, and they're what we'll focus on in this review. If you want to read more about the basic iPhone 4 design, you can read our in-depth review from And if you want to learn all about the new features that come with iOS 5—which works on a variety of Apple hardware— we have a review for that, too!

    But right now, it's time to focus on the major new features of the iPhone 4S. It's me, Jacqui. Don't know Siri? Apple introduced the technology along with the iPhone 4S this fall and billed it as a "virtual intelligent assistant. Users can send and receive texts or e-mails simply by talking to Siri, find out whether there will be rain today, create new Reminders and calendar items, ask for directions, move appointments, and more.

    Not only that, but users can ask Siri to look up a plethora of information, such as restaurant reviews from Yelp or even simple facts from Wikipedia or Wolfram Alpha. Cooking and need to convert a recipe's tablespoons to teaspoons? Ask Siri and get the answer back almost instantly without having to type a single character.

    It was difficult to believe that Siri could be able to accept natural language input and parse context so easily. This wasn't like other phones, which require the user to adhere to a strict list of pre-determined commands and bark them at the appropriate times—Siri claimed to listen as if it were a person, able to understand the meaning behind your words without requiring you to be explicit.

    And it could perform so many tasks! Advertisement Reading the first round of early reviews, you might come away thinking that Apple found some way to shrink Mad Men's Joan Holloway and pop her into a computer chip.

    Though Siri shows real potential, these kinds of high expectations are bound to be disappointed. Apple makes clear that the product is still in beta—an appropriate label, in our opinion. Certainly, we had moments during our testing when we laughed at Siri's clever ability to decipher our casual language and not only deliver a result, but a very specific and accurate result.

    A query about how many calories were in a tortilla provided the answer plus a whole host of other nutritional information. A query about how to find a small neighborhood market switched over to the Maps app and showed me directions between the market and my current location.

    When asked where one of my friends was we were meeting up at a certain time and he was late , Siri looked up that friend in Find My Friends before showing me a map of his current location. In the kitchen, I can have Siri set multiple timers for different elements of a recipe without having to wash and dry my hands as long as I have a pinky finger free to hold down the Home button, that is. And one of my favorite activities for Siri is creating reminders.

    Telling Siri to "remind me to call Apple PR tomorrow at 10am" is far faster and easier than manually entering that info by hand into the Reminders app. Setting alarms and timers is, strangely, one of my favorite uses for Siri Siri couldn't find him, but at least she tried When Siri can't find an answer, she offers to look it up on the Web for you When given direct and clear tasks, Siri performs well, and it's nice not having to memorize a strict list of commands.

    These mostly came when we got more casual with Siri. As Apple suggests, we began breaking away from our stiffer commands "call Leah" to Siri and speaking to it her? A typical response from Siri would be a message to Jason only, with the text reading something like, "Clint Sam and Lee saying we're having dinner at Silver Cloud.

    So I could then say to Siri, "Edit message to say: we're at Silver Cloud and you should come find us. At which point I have my "screw it, I'll do it myself" moment. No, that's not at all what I wanted, Siri After having enough of these experiences, I do have a few pro-tips for speaking to Siri. Also, let's just hope you don't have any friends named "Cesar," because Siri seems to really want to interpret that as "sister" about 80 percent of the time.

    When Siri asks you verbally if this task, text, reminder, or note is correct while presenting buttons to confirm or cancel, it doesn't seem to like answers like "yeah" or "yep. Also, don't try to get cute with Siri—starting out every statement with "Siri, can you…" not only gets old for the people who have to listen to you constantly talking to your iPhone, it also seems to add unnecessary complication to your request.

    Siri can parse less-than-efficient wording at a decent level, but you increase your chances of getting an accurate result if you treat your commands like your English teacher always said: eliminate unnecessary words! And it's a given that a quiet room will get you better results than a loud and busy one, though we had better-than-expected luck with Siri in places like bars and office environments. This isn't to say Siri performed well in those scenarios—some of my friends openly joked about Siri's accuracy after getting a loud bar demo—but it performed better than we thought it would.

    The best part about Siri is the fact that you can or should be able to, anyway speak to it like you would speak to a person without having to conform to a special speaking syntax—the number one turn-off for "regular" people using voice control features. To say that Siri is already there would be disingenuous, though. It needs some work, but the groundwork has been laid to make Siri a powerful and more efficient way to interact with your devices.

    Even with my share of ELIZA moments, I still found that using Siri to look up information was generally faster than finding the appropriate app and typing in my query by hand and I'm a fast iPhone typer. We don't know when Siri will be out of beta, but we'll be there to put Siri through her paces again when she's ready.

    Crazy Eights

    Reddit The EPA has the updated range estimates for the Porsche Taycan 4S, its midrange model now that the standard model Taycan has been announced. What exactly happened? One of the more controversial aspects of the Porsche Taycan is the seemingly low range given by its EPA numbers relative to the size of the Today, news reports that the EPA range of miles have some wondering if Porsche made any modifications to its battery, perhaps allowing the car to have more access to buffer on the top or bottom of charge?

    Efficiency improvements in the battery or motor? Better software? Apparently not. A source at Porsche tells us the answer is a lot simpler and more boring and dare I say disappointing? Porsche simply did not use the monster inch wheel option in its EPA calculation in which it chooses the worst case scenario to report. Apparently, the is the exact same car as the as far as the drivetrain is concerned. That same source told us that almost no one buys those wheels, as most people stick with the 19s or 20s.

    Those huge wheels come standard on the Taycan Turbo S so the calculation stands there. In the case of the Taycan 4S, it added 24 miles of range. Porsche is said to understate its range for various reasons. Some speculate that it is being overly cautious, while others speculate that they might be trying to game the warranty. Either way, you can expect to see a lot more than miles of range in a Taycan as I did in my first drive. I have first-hand knowledge of what huge tires can do to EV range.

    I owned a Tesla Model X that unfortunately came with inch turbine wheels. The EPA range on that vehicle was miles, but I never even got close to miles with those wheels on. The takeaway here? The EPA range of an electric vehicle is anything but the last word on real-world range. There are so many factors that affect that range, from weather to terrain to settings to driving style, and —now we know — especially tires. But, it would be helpful if the EPA gave us a more transparent picture with more detail on their testing rather than just a number.

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    Irate iPhone customers throw eggs at Apple store in Beijing

    Our car experts choose every product we feature. We may earn money from the links on this page. That sucking, whooshing sound is the audible void between the entry-level Porsche Panamera and Panamera 4 and the next-level-up S and 4S models. Calm down, folks, the roaring din will soon subside, because Porsche is introducing two Platinum Edition models to fill that previously gaping hole in the Panamera lineup. If he's feeling unsure, you may also start to see your baby "tripod," leaning forward as he extends his arms to balance his upper body.

    By his eighth month, your baby may be sitting without your support.

    iPhone 4S: A Siri-ously slick, speedy smartphone

    Though he might topple over from time to time, he'll begin to catch himself with his arms. And as the muscles in his torso grow stronger, he'll start learning to pick up toys without your help.

    As the months pass, he'll begin to hold his back and head straighter. As your baby's confidence grows, he'll use his hands less for support -- and more for mischievous play! Crawling Styles Crawling methods can come in as many varieties as babies themselves. Many babies try several methods before they find the one they like. Below are the most common: The Combat Crawl With her forearms flat on the floor and her bottom in the air, baby creeps on her belly.

    The Butt Scoot Baby sits on his tush and propels himself with his arms and legs. The Bear Walk Instead of bending her elbows or putting weight on her knees, baby keeps her arms and legs straight, lumbering along.

    The Bunny HopGetting down on all fours, baby hops. The Crab Tucking one knee in and extending the other, baby maneuvers himself sideways and backwards. Cruise Control Although crawling makes a huge difference in how your baby sees the world, don't expect her to be content for long. Soon she will yearn to stand. Keep in mind that when baby starts standing, she may not know how to get down.

    If she cries for help, show her how to gently bend her knees and lower herself to the floor.

    Rolling, Crawling, Walking: Helping Baby Get Up & Go

    Once she feels secure in standing, baby may try to get around by cruising -- traveling up and down the length of the couch or along the wall.

    She'll also enjoy taking strolls with you while you clutch her hands to keep her upright. Stepping Out As baby's balance improves, she'll occasionally let go of you to take a step by herself, only to grab you again when she feels like she may be falling.

    Again we see the theme of the four rivers in Paradise. There are four cardinal virtues—prudence, fortitude, justice, temperance. The are four winds from which the One Spirit is said to come.

    Porsche Introduces Panamera Platinum Edition for 2013

    There are four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Revelation: There are four angels standing at the four corners of the Earth, holding back the four winds of the earth Rev The great multitude from every nation, tribe, people and language four-fold description — Rev the four-fold description indicates that these people come from all over the earth.

    Egyptian: Four is the sacred number of Time, measurement of the sun. Four pillars support the vault of heaven. There are four canopic jars placed around the dead at the four corners guarded by the four sons of Horus who are associated with the cardinal points. In the Hermetic it is the divine quaternity. It represents God. Gnostic: belief in Barbelo, the Four-ness of God. Greek: Four is the sacred number of Hermes. Hebrew: Four represents measuring; beneficence; intelligence. In the Kabbalah four is memory; four represents the four worlds of the Kabbalah.

    It also represents the four directions of space and the four levels of the hierarchical organism of the Torah. Hindu: Four is Totality; plenitude; perfection. Brahma, the Creator is four faced.

    The temple is based on the four sides of the square, symbolizing order and finality. There are four tattvas the four bodies bodies of human and kingdoms of nature which are animal, vegetable, mineral, mind. There are four yugas. Four is the winning throw of the dice. There are four castes and pairs of opposites.

    Islamic: tradition the four terms of the quaternary are the Principle which is Creator; Universal Spirit; Universal Soul; and the primordial matter. These correspond to the four worlds of Kabbalism.

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