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  • The Most Dangerous Biker Gangs in America

    Share Tweet Email The Mongols Motorcycle Club has solidified its reputation of violence and crime, having been involved in gang wars, drug deals, and human trafficking. Known as one of the most brutal and violent outlaw motorcycle clubs, the Mongols Motorcycle Club has built up quite a reputation over the years. Updated August If you're curious about the Mongols MC, or just one-percenter clubs in general, you'll be pleased to know that we've updated this article with the latest interesting facts and tidbits about the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

    What started out as a mainstream motorcycle club that first saw the light of day in , ended up as one of the biggest titans the outlaw motorcycle community has witnessed over the past fifty years. From human trafficking to drug deals and countless gang wars, the Mongols Motorcycle Club has solidified its position as a force to be reckoned with. The Mongols are notorious for good reason, but here are 15 facts you may not have known about this motorcycle club.

    Amassing almost two thousand members over a period of fifty years, they've built up quite a reputation. Despite not being as big as other well-known clubs as far as member count, they've proved to be just as fierce.

    What they lack in numbers, they make up for in brutality and tenacity. Not only do patches show loyalty and commitment to the club a member is part of, but they also show their achievements and ranking within that club. That's why they're not very fond of people trying to stop them from wearing their patches. And that's exactly what happened back in when prosecutors were granted pretrial authority to seize Mongols members' jackets or any other item that had their logo on it.

    The decision was later overturned by a California judge as it violated both the First and Eighth Amendment. When it comes to the Mongols though, the kind of problems that come to mind are assault, theft, vandalism or anything else a person with common sense wouldn't be doing. At one point, the Mongols had as many as warrants issued against them at once. Due to their long history of violence, prosecutors said the group also operated an organized criminal enterprise involved in murder, attempted murder, and drug distribution.

    Of course, the club members decided to fight back and appeal the entire case. He held the role of Sergeant-At-Arms of the Dago chapter. Queen ended up becoming a fully patched member and chapter vice president. Over a period of 28 months, evidence gathered by Queen led to the arrest of 54 Mongols, 53 of which were convicted.

    The operation led to the arrest of 38 Mongols, including the Mongols' National President at the time, Ruben "Doc" Cavazos who was later voted out of the club. In recent years though, the club supposedly has refrained from engaging in any more criminal activities following the election of David Santillan as club president in The confrontation led to the bust of the operation by police, which upset the Mafia.

    The Mongols refused to pay, which led to a street war going off, resulting in multiple deaths on both sides. The two parties ended up meeting behind closed doors and resolved the ongoing war between the two. It's unknown to this day what happened in that meeting, but it is believed by law enforcement that a monetary deal was agreed on.

    And when the Mongols are headed to a bike function, I would enter it ahead of time, and I will mingle, and find out who's there. If anything, they used their cars to get around places and didn't even have motorcycle licenses.

    When Mustafa B. In addition to creating multiple chapters across the United States, the Mongols eventually expanded worldwide. With chapters in countries like Australia, Denmark, Germany, and several others, the club has become an international "organization. Mongols member and ex-marine Barefoot explains: "These boys helped me with a lot of stuff. When I was down on my luck, they helped with rent. They're real solid people. They're there for you percent.

    Mongols San Diego chapter president Mike Munz tells Gangland: "I've been shot for this club, I've been stabbed while I've been in this club, I've been to prison for this club. You know, a lot of people, they don't understand, but you know what I have?

    I have people that love me and care about me, that aren't going anywhere. The club is always there for me. We're talking about military-like codes that club members used when other means of communication weren't available or when the content of the message was required to be kept secret. In one instance, following a murder committed by one of the Mongols, the club declared a Code 55, which meant hiding all gang affiliation. Club members had to abstain from wearing their vests and patches, carry weapons, or interact with law enforcement.

    During that time, the club got infiltrated for the first time and several people got arrested, putting the club in an even more awkward spot. The infiltration was broadcasted on television, a move law enforcement thought would be fatal to the club.

    However, what actually happened was that the exposure the club gained from the story would double the club's member count, and it has continued growing to this day.

    The Mongols would have never existed. Back in , a group of people requested to join the Hells Angels, one of the most renowned motorcycle clubs in the world but were denied entry due to their race. Following that incident, the Mongols Motorcycle Club was created, becoming Hells Angels' biggest rival. The two eventually went to full-on war, going as far as bombing each other before the animosity finally simmered down following the end of the Mongols' war with the Mexican Mafia.

    The History of the Mongols Motorcycle Club

    After all, the Mongols could do what many bankers, lawyers and investors do when they get in trouble — create a legal smokescreen, declare bankruptcy, close down, launch another business. During a series of discussions, talks on the phone and texts — as well as some actual research — I learned there is far more to the Mongols than news reports and court hearings offer.

    For one thing, there is patriotism. Most Mongols may be tattooed from their knuckles to their necks, but they are men who stepped up and volunteered to serve in the military, laying their lives on the line while the rest of us played with smartphones. For another thing, there is something more elusive. Call it brotherhood. Lumpy and Johnnysinz are two members of the Orange County chapter of the Mongol motorcycle club.

    The club held a rally at their headquarters in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 24, Yet I immediately feel comfortable. While most of the veterans were older and perhaps a little softer than these Mongols, big men on big motorcycles look similar and, in truth, kind of are similar.

    Barefoot shares he is 29 years old, lives in Orange County, makes his living as a barber straight razor cuts offered and served in the Marines for eight years. While Barefoot uses his real name, big Johnnysinz is more circumspect. With a silver piercing just below his right eye, the year-old only reveals his nickname for reasons that remain murky.

    Still, he allows he served in the Army for four years. Mom worked in a grocery store and Dad paid the bills by learning to do whatever was in demand, from being a mechanic to working as a computer technician. To some, the rewards may seem modest.

    After enlisting in , command staff in Germany one day told Johnnysinz that his best buddy from high school was being rushed to the same base to be treated after being badly wounded in Iraq. He found his friend with one leg missing. After his tour of duty, Johnnysinz came home disturbed, disconnected, disheartened and disillusioned.

    He quickly grew weary of people complaining about problems that seemed trivial compared to what some of his brothers in arms faced.

    Still, he admits he feels most comfortable with other veterans and that the Mongols offer a family of vets. Barefoot tells a similar story. The son of a Marine, he received a special citation for leading foot patrols in Afghanistan over 13 months. Then he came back to what felt like a different United States. This made them a force to be reckoned with.

    Later, there even were — and remain — Mongol chapters in countries such as Germany, Australia, Thailand. But as the club continued to grow, it either lost its way because of some bad apples or was always intentionally involved with some very heavy and very questionable stuff. One Mongol was killed, two Angels died and dozens were injured.

    Eventually, seven Angels were charged as well as a half-dozen Mongols. The aftermath, however, nearly killed off the club. By the time Black Rain was shut down in , dozens of members were in custody with arrest warrants served.

    Several Mongols pleaded guilty to racketeering, including the club president who was quickly kicked out of the club. The logo represents Genghis Khan wearing sunglasses. The Mongols were meeting for a rally at their headquarters in Los Angeles on March 24, Just weeks ago, however, federal Judge David O. Still, Mongols remain deeply frustrated. Stephen Stubbs, lead attorney for the club, blames the previous president on any wrongdoing and claims times have changed.

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    According to the Law enforcement officials, there are approximately 2, full-patched members in The Mongols Gang which is relatively small compared to other gangs like "Hells Angels". But despite their size, they successfully wrested control of Southern California from the Hells Angels, in the s, after a protracted gang war. Criminal Activities Via: Insane Throttle Biker News Mongols members have a long history in the illegal drug trade money laundering, robbery, extortion, murder, and assault.

    These crimes made this gang one of the most feared clubs in the US, and at one point, Mongols had as many as warrants issued against them at once. As a result, they were banned from wearing their trademark logo.

    The decision was then reversed but they were fined with a half-million-dollar fine which appeared to be just a tap on the wrist for these self-proclaimed outlaws. Inmembers of the Mongols and the Hells Angels had a confrontation at the Harrah's Laughlin Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, that left three bikers dead.

    On February 23,Hells Angels members James Hannigan and Rodney Cox were sentenced to two years in prison for their respective roles in the death of these bikers. The operation led to the arrest of 38 Mongols, including the Mongols' National President at the time, Ruben Doc Cavazos who was later voted out the club. On December 20,in Las Vegas, Mongols members arrived at "A Special Memories Wedding Chapel" for a fellow member's wedding to find a local Hells Angels charter were just finishing up their own ceremony.

    KTNV Channel 13 news reported that the Hells Angels attacked the Mongols members, sending three to a hospital, two of whom suffered from stab wounds. No arrests were made and local authorities report that they are looking for suspects involved in the attack. Diamond was shot in the back of the base of his neck with a shotgun during the service of a search warrant.

    Martinez shot Diamond after the officer turned away from the doorway following the breaching procedure. Mayans M. Consistent with its parent series and despite having a lot to live up to, Mayans M.

    Fans of the original may recognize the name of this latino club rivals of the Sons that eventually became allies down the road.

    Top Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

    In this Mayans M. At the center of the show is EZ Reyes, a young man who joined the gang after his release from prison. While providing a fascinating look into the world of undercover operations, unfortunately, Gangland Undercover was canceled after its second season. In the end, Falco with the help of a fellow undercover cop recruits others to infiltrate the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in order to bring them down. The show as a whole set itself apart with this fun fact: each dialogue was filmed twice, in English and in French, in order to avoid logistical difficulties involved with dubbing.

    The Last Chapter details the Quebec Biker War that took started in and continued up until the early s — albeit a fictionalized version of it. In the series, a big motorcycle gang from the United States named the Triple Sixers was looking to expand their turf into Canada by opening chapters in Quebec and Ontario.

    The show primarily follows the leaders of the respective gangs as they navigate the conflict as well as their personal relationship as former friends.

    The Australian miniseries spanned over six episodes and was based on the book titled Brothers in Arms by Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey. Tension between the two groups began because the Bandidos were formed by a breakaway group of members from the Comancheros, leading to an intense and violent rivalry.

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