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  • BK Shivani Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Thoughts and More

    Here, Sister Shivani shares her insights on the key to experiencing unlimited happiness. Introduction and summary: The reason why there is so little happiness in the world is dependency. We think we will be happy in the future and then wonder why we are not happy now. Happiness is only possible when we are able to accept everyone as they are, at every moment, in every situation. That means an end to judging or resisting others, an end to complaining and blaming, an end to criticizing and controlling and an end to competing with anyone.

    Happiness means the awakening and acceptance of self-responsibility. It is only when we choose thoughts and feelings that are aligned with our true nature of purity, peace and love that we can shift — from asking to sharing; from holding on to letting go; from expectations to acceptance; from the past and the future to being in the now.

    We can create a life of joy, contentment and bliss, because we have the choice and the power. Happiness is a decision. Shivani Q: What is the meaning of happiness? Shivani: If there is one thing that everyone is looking for — irrespective of whatever we are doing, whatever relationships we establish, whatever we are trying to achieve — if we just think about it, the bottom line is: We are looking for happiness.

    Q: We are looking for happiness through what? Q: But where is it unlimited? Shivani: It is, yes. Q: Even if it is momentary. Like a child playing with a toy, and when it breaks, he wants to have another one. So what are we looking for?

    If we are looking for happiness, it should be solid, it should be permanent. Shivani: Yes, permanent is most important. Q: How can you have something you desire and not be dependent? Then my feeling good is dependent on the weather. Q: How can you have happiness without a desire, without dependency?

    To make my mother happy, I should do this. Shivani: And if my parents are never happy, how can I be happy? Q: This is very confusing.

    These are deep layers — dependence on performance or people — but the simplest dependency — which we experience the whole day — is on objects. Shivani: Is it true is more important. Q: But honestly, I will feel happy if I have a new car. Shivani: Yes. You will feel happy when you have a new car, but is it the new car that is giving you the happiness which is important. It also means that, ten days down the road, if the car gets a little scratch, or a little bump, then again my happiness is going to get affected.

    Because I have conditioned myself into believing that it is the car that is giving me happiness — which is not true. Q: Then, what is true? What is giving me happiness? Shivani: You buy a new car. It could be x amount, or it could be the most expensive car in the world.

    So who is experiencing the comfort? Physical comfort. Will I still be happy? Q: No. Shivani: But I am still comfortable. The car was designed to give me physical comfort, and it will give me physical comfort — irrespective. Q: So happiness and comfort are two different things.

    Shivani: Two different things. Because anything which is physical is designed to give me physical comfort. Is this a wrong idea we have, or a false belief? Shivani: We were conditioned into it right from childhood. Now we need to question our belief system. Shivani: Absolutely. But now, we have to understand that I have the best house, I have the best car, and I have all the property and possessions at home.

    I have every gadget that I want. Then, why am I still looking for happiness if these were meant to give it to me? At least the search should have ended, because the list of all the objects is there at home.

    Name it, and I have it. And still I seem to be searching for that feeling. Which means the gadgets were not able to give them to me. They have made life comfortable. Q: Going back to the example of sitting in the car: when the telephone call came saying that something unpleasant had happened at home, the comfort is also there. Shivani: Physical comfort is still there. They are still going to be comfortable. When the mind is in pain, physical comfort is immaterial.

    I am still uncomfortable. Because who is the I? The body is comfortable, fine, but I am uncomfortable right now. Q: And who is that I? Shivani: I, the one who is looking for happiness. Yet, it could be the other way around, that physically, I could be uncomfortable — I could just be sitting cross-legged on the floor — but internally I am very blissful, so I am very comfortable.

    Q: How does one get there!? Shivani: By understanding that physical comfort is separate from emotional comfort. Not mixing the two. Because I was not able to experience internal comfort, internal stability, which we call happiness.

    We are all trying to buy happiness today. At least I know then why I am buying. I am very clear about it. Q: And also putting a condition to it. Shivani: Yes, putting a condition to it. Every time. Start childhood. I wish I was in their place. Every time, there was a new blank to fill in there. Finally, what are they seeking? Shivani: This applies to all of us. Q: And it started from childhood.

    Because my father did this, then his grandfather did that. Shivani: And it can go on. Q: How does one put an end to this, or change? Shivani: First, understanding that happiness is separate [from physical comfort]. And that I can create it irrespective. Shivani: See, I bought the car. Obviously, the car is not giving me happiness. These are very good thoughts. Q: That cannot be created minus the car, right?

    Shivani: Aha! That means I need an object as a stimulus to create a response [pointing internally to herself]. Q: Right. The object could be anything. I look at the object, and I create a thought inside. Or I create? I create, or because I look, it got created.

    Husband – Wife Relationship |BK Shivani| 2 to 7

    English lectures "And the explanation that God is not a corporeal entity and is an incorporeal supreme conscious energy was convincing to me being a student of Science; although I took some time to digest" — says Sister Shivani, in her interview with Devang Bhatt. Shivani behen sister also applied the knowledge of science to understand the existence and task of God. As realising the self as a Soul, she deeply understood its relationship with the supreme soul, who is our spiritual father. This way she progressed in this path day by day.

    Watch the interview for acknowledgment. Awakening TV series As you may know, Sister Shivani appeared on television on Aastha channel with a program named 'Awakening with Brahma Kumaris' started in around and since then this series became popular in India and around the world.

    Thousands of people are benefited from the practical wisdom shared and explained by Sister Shivani in a simple way. This further brought many towards the right way of living, and brought peace in their life and harmony in their relationships. Listen Awakening series , or watch on YouTube. She has appeared, on behalf of Brahma Kumaris, in conferences and special events to speak on general topics like relationship management, the law of karma, self management, and spiritual wisdom for a happy life.

    She usually travels around India and outside for spiritual ceremonies organised for schools, colleges, companies, and hospitals. In , a YouTube channel was started where episodes of Awakening series are published on general topics. She also posts inspiring and empowering brief messages on her social media pages every day.

    Her facebook page has 3. The compassionate, wise, and sweet nature of Sister Shivani pleased the audience to find out the source of her wisdom. Many people wish to meet or contact BK Sister Shivani for various reasons. However, we always encourage them to watch our ' Awakening ' and ' Samadhan ' series available on YouTube to get a solution to their life challenges. This is the best way, as you will get in-depth guidance and will progress as per your will power.

    First event is on Meditate for road victims and second is a live zoom session for Sunday Avyakt Murli revision. God's angels has a task to do.

    How To Join In Brahma Kumaris?

    How sad that I am dependent! The minute I understand that this is an illusion. They are not controlling me. I have a choice what I create — independent. The first thing spirituality gives you is freedom. You are liberated. You are liberated from all the dependencies that you thought you were dependent upon, which is not true. Not true at all.

    Shivani Verma ( Bk Shivani) Wiki, Age, Family, Husband, Biography and many more

    We kept on postponing our happiness. How can I be happy without. What about achievements? I used to think like that. Shivani: Because we thought that my happiness is dependent on getting the job. Q: But supposing I tell this to somebody. Challenges, yes. Situations, yes. Upset — choice. Q: Problems, yes. Shivani: Absolutely, yes. Q: Only upset is my choice? Shivani: Because everything else is outside. Q: But that outside is also disturbing me inside, yes?

    Does it disturb everyone the same amount? Same failure, different responses. Q: So the failure is the same, the object is the same. Shivani: People are the same. The world is the same. Q: But each person would react differently. So that reaction is in my hands. Just this one mechanism will change the way I live my life. The moment something happens, and you react.

    A machine has no choice: On, on. Off, off. No choice. Depending on the person who is using the gadget, so no choice. Human being: we have a choice. Someone comes and says something to me, they press a button. I would have, too. Q: But everybody is living in that mode, except for a few saints.

    People are pressing the button, but we have a choice. Q: Can you tell us something about the meditation that you do every day? Probably, because of this meditation, you have been able to understand the difference between what is happening outside and what I am creating inside. That we have false beliefs, and so many questions. Can you tell us how we can do this type of meditation?

    Most people think that meditation is sitting in a corner and not thinking, not thinking. Shivani: To begin, very simply: Meditation is not to stop thinking. Meditation is just to be aware of what I am thinking, and to just choose what I am going to be thinking. Q: To be aware of what I am thinking. Shivani: Yes, like how we are aware of what we are speaking. Q: I am not aware. Shivani: You are not speaking in an automated mode. You choose what to speak. You choose your words.

    Q: I will become aware as we continue this conversation! Shivani: You choose your actions. You choose when to sit, when to get up, when to walk, when to sleep. We are choosing our action.

    We are choosing our words. One step further: to be aware of what I am thinking. That is the journey of this learning.

    Shivani Verma (Brahma Kumari) Age, Husband, Family, Biography & More

    To choose our thoughts, and thereby choose our responses. Become aware. What am I thinking right now? It could be about friends. It could be about myself. Just look at my thoughts. Now look at myself during the whole day. Work to be done. I am doing everything. I have a choice how to feel.

    Situations come. Moreover, the couple also owns a software business in Gurgaon, India. Moreover, the pair shares a strong and loyal relationship with each other. Besides, Sister Shivani has not disclosed any details regarding her past affairs and dating any guy. Well, the couple is living happily together. There are no further details of her personal profile. Nevertheless, she keeps visiting other countries in order to explore her spiritual energy through speeches.

    Very often, Shivani lives far from her husband though she has already built a spiritual connection with her spouse.

    Besides, she is especially known for her dynamic, engaging and divine nature. Because of the clarity of the wisdom she shares, she is a much sought-after speaker. With her educational background in engineering, she has the capability to investigate and explain the intense causes of the negative emotions experienced in life.

    The senior BJP leader, Shri Shahnawaz Hussain, thanked PHD Chamber for giving him an opportunity to hear the live discourse of BK Shivani Didi and hoped that her teachings will help calm down the hate-filled environment that had built up in the nation. She is married and also runs a software business, along with her husband Vishal Verma, in Gurgaon.

    Calling out the five emotions — kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahankar — as the enemy of mankind, the Spiritual Leader said if the human mind was guided to shun these and become a lover of peace, much of the stress and tension in the world will evaporate.

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