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  • Jesse Ventura Defends Mongols Motorcycle Club
  • Bar fight between Hells Angels and Mongols motorcycle clubs turns deadly
  • Highlands chief key in arrest of bike club member
  • Mongols: ‘We have the right to party’
  • Jesse Ventura Defends Mongols Motorcycle Club

    The State employee cut through an opening in the funeral procession as he was riding alongside in order to get to his next traffic control post. Harold broke his knee and foot and tore his rotator cuff in the accident. He later developed excruciating pain in his legs. His orthopedist suspected CRPS, which is a peripheral nerve disorder that usually occurs after a traumatic event. We retained a CRPS specialist who, after much testing, confirmed the diagnosis and placed him in a multi-disciplinary pain management program, which helped him tolerate the chronic, stubborn pain.

    The insurance defense doctor said Harold did not have CPRS and, essentially, that he was faking, and required neither treatment nor medication. He spent the next 11 months in and out of surgeries and confined to a wheelchair. Andre was immobilized, unable to provide for himself or his family, all while his expenses and staggering medical bills grew exponentially. The Defense alleged that his injuries were exaggerated due to pre-existing medical conditions, that he was drunk or high at the time of the accident, and that he was travelling at an excessive speed.

    None of these allegations had merit, nor were they supported by the evidence. Janusz did not have a stop sign and had the right of way. Hit full-on by a large truck, Janusz sustained severe crush injuries to his feet and ankles, a fractured hip, knee, ribs, and a liver laceration. He was in the hospital for 33 days. The severity of his injuries left Janusz permanently disabled—unable to return to work, provide for his family or live the very physical life he had enjoyed before the accident.

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    After interviewing the parties and two witnesses as well as examining the physical evidence—the police officer on the scene concluded that the other motorist was solely at fault. He initially signed with a competitor, who mishandled his Motorcycle Accident Injury Case. This injured rider was a club member and had stopped treating for his injuries for several reasons. He was left hanging with not a lot of time. Luckily, he came to us for a second opinion.

    It was immediately apparent that the facts had not been properly assessed and the other firm was discouraged at the challenge of proving the law enforcement officer was at fault. We were able to secure our client the proper medical treatment so he was able to fully recover physically.

    The investigating officer faulted the scooter rider entirely. Further, another witness on the Traffic Collision Report was unfavorable to Pavlin.

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    Bar fight between Hells Angels and Mongols motorcycle clubs turns deadly

    More than bikers from dozens of clubs showed up in support of Mongols who are currently involved in a federal court case that would strip members of the right to wear their club patches. After all, the Mongols could do what many bankers, lawyers and investors do when they get in trouble — create a legal smokescreen, declare bankruptcy, close down, launch another business.

    More than bikers from dozens of clubs showed up in support of Mongols who are currently involved in a federal court case. Federal prosecutors aim to strip club members of the right to display the Mongol logo on their jackets. Photo by Bill Alkofer, Contributing Photographer Two girls out for a bicycle ride found that their route went through a Mongol motorcycle rally.

    Mongol prospects cleared the streets of motorcycle traffic until the girls made their way through the rally. The Mongols were meeting at their headquarters in Los Angeles on March 24, The Mongols met for a rally at their headquarters in Los Angeles on March 24, The logo represents Genghis Khan with sunglasses.

    Porno Ron took on his nickname because he is a former porn star. She fixes her hair after arriving at a rally was in Santa Ana on April 7, Photo by Bill Alkofer, Contributing Photographer Mongol motorcycle club members lean on a wall painted with artwork during a rally at their headquarters in Los Angeles on March 24, She was at a rally in Santa Ana on April 7, Members of the Mongols motorcycle club met for a rally at their headquarters in Los Angeles on March 24, The club held a rally at their headquarters in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 24, A homeless man walks past as a Mongol prospect monitors the perimeter.

    Dozens of motorcycle clubs showed up to support the Mongols. The rally was in Santa Ana on April 7, Photo by Bill Alkofer, Contributing Photographer Mongol bikers wear their logo on belt buckles, rings and in tattoos.

    The logo represents Genghis Khan wearing sunglasses. The Mongols were meeting for a rally at their headquarters in Los Angeles on March 24, Photo by Bill Alkofer, Contributing Photographer Prospective Mongol members must earn their patches by carrying out duties for many months.

    This prospect worked traffic control for eight hours at a rally Mongol headquarters in Los Angeles on March 24, They took a ride down Ocean Boulevard on April 26, Dozens of other motorcycle clubs showed up in support of the Mongols. He was at a rally at Mongol headquarters in Los Angeles on March 24, This helmet was on a Harley during a rally in Santa Ana on April 7, During a series of discussions, talks on the phone and texts — as well as some actual research — I learned there is far more to the Mongols than news reports and court hearings offer.

    For one thing, there is patriotism. Most Mongols may be tattooed from their knuckles to their necks, but they are men who stepped up and volunteered to serve in the military, laying their lives on the line while the rest of us played with smartphones. For another thing, there is something more elusive.

    Call it brotherhood. Lumpy and Johnnysinz are two members of the Orange County chapter of the Mongol motorcycle club. Yet I immediately feel comfortable. While most of the veterans were older and perhaps a little softer than these Mongols, big men on big motorcycles look similar and, in truth, kind of are similar. Barefoot shares he is 29 years old, lives in Orange County, makes his living as a barber straight razor cuts offered and served in the Marines for eight years.

    While Barefoot uses his real name, big Johnnysinz is more circumspect. With a silver piercing just below his right eye, the year-old only reveals his nickname for reasons that remain murky. Still, he allows he served in the Army for four years. Mom worked in a grocery store and Dad paid the bills by learning to do whatever was in demand, from being a mechanic to working as a computer technician.

    To some, the rewards may seem modest. After enlisting in , command staff in Germany one day told Johnnysinz that his best buddy from high school was being rushed to the same base to be treated after being badly wounded in Iraq. He found his friend with one leg missing. After his tour of duty, Johnnysinz came home disturbed, disconnected, disheartened and disillusioned. He quickly grew weary of people complaining about problems that seemed trivial compared to what some of his brothers in arms faced.

    Still, he admits he feels most comfortable with other veterans and that the Mongols offer a family of vets. Barefoot tells a similar story. The son of a Marine, he received a special citation for leading foot patrols in Afghanistan over 13 months. Then he came back to what felt like a different United States.

    This made them a force to be reckoned with. Later, there even were — and remain — Mongol chapters in countries such as Germany, Australia, Thailand.

    But as the club continued to grow, it either lost its way because of some bad apples or was always intentionally involved with some very heavy and very questionable stuff. One Mongol was killed, two Angels died and dozens were injured.

    Eventually, seven Angels were charged as well as a half-dozen Mongols. The aftermath, however, nearly killed off the club. By the time Black Rain was shut down in , dozens of members were in custody with arrest warrants served. Several Mongols pleaded guilty to racketeering, including the club president who was quickly kicked out of the club. Just weeks ago, however, federal Judge David O. Still, Mongols remain deeply frustrated.

    Stephen Stubbs, lead attorney for the club, blames the previous president on any wrongdoing and claims times have changed. Mongol outings, as Barefoot describes them, are little different than those of mainstream motorcycle clubs. There are unofficial small rides and larger club-sanctioned rides. On Sundays, small groups often get together for barbecues. And every now and then, there are large gatherings that might involve a ride to Las Vegas, arm wrestling and tug-of-war at the pool.

    We have our own rules and we live with freedom.

    Highlands chief key in arrest of bike club member

    He ended up becoming a key witness in the subsequent federal case against Shawn Michael Norton, 49, on a charge of felon in possession of a firearm. Romero watched as other law enforcement officers closed in on the motorcycle club group, and saw Norton stand up with his hands in air and step in front of his girlfriend. After Romero alerted the arresting officers about what he had seen, investigators retrieved a Ruger 9 mm pistol from the black purse of Aundrea Perez, who was arrested with Norton on state charges of unlawful carrying of a firearm in a liquor establishment.

    No weapon was found on Norton, but he was later arrested on a federal charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. However, U. Magistrate Judge Laura Fashing noted his prior convictions for escaping from jail and ordered him held in federal custody pending trial. HarperCollins publicist Sarah Burningham in New York City said she only handles book-related issues for Cavazos, but would forward an e-mail from The Associated Press requesting comment.

    Another former Mongols national president, Roger Pinney, alleged in an interview with The Associated Press that Cavazos was the problem, not the club in general.

    Mongols: ‘We have the right to party’

    He was trying to be a drug lord or something. He was crazy. All were modified, chrome-covered Harleys with custom artwork. Several bore Mongols insignia. Five Mongols members were sentenced this year to Nevada state prison and two got probation for their roles in a deadly casino brawl with rival Hells Angels during a motorcycle rally in the Colorado River resort town of Laughlin.

    Three people died in the fight. But it was a different culture back then. Much wilder. In the early s, Mora served three years in Florence State Prison for the shooting deaths of two members of Bad Company — an outlaw bike gang based in New Mexico that was attempting to set up a chapter in the old mining town of Globe.

    Mora recalled that he summoned the two bikers to a popular roadhouse in Globe, where he laid out his ultimatum. Then one of them pulled a gun on me. So I defended myself.

    That was it. There was too much heat on them. The Vagos left Phoenix. In fact, his admiration for the Dirty Dozen may have facilitated his decision to leave Oakland for the Valley and its warmer, more salubrious climate. Faced with a friendly takeover offer from the one-and-only Hells Angels — essentially the Google of outlaw MCs — the Dozen had little choice. Inmembers of the two clubs convened in the HA clubhouse in Oakland — a converted Arthur Murray dance studio, ironically — and the patch-over was consecrated.

    According to Tempe Police Department spokesman Sgt. Tempe PD ultimately declined to press charges against Whitt, deeming the shooting self-defense.

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