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  • 15 Best Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS 10.2 Jailbreak

    Google, however, is working on changing that reputation. TheWindowsClub recently obtained technical documents from Google which detail a new feature in development. Starting with Chrome 86, Google will apparently deliver a new flag in Chrome which will limit the JavaScript timer wakeups on background pages. That seems like a small tweak, but it has big implications for battery life used by Google Chrome.

    In a test, a laptop which, presumably, was a Macbook discharged in 6. That same laptop discharged in 9. After enabling this new feature which limits JavaScript wakeups, it was found that the laptop would last 8. In that test above, Google had a single blank tab open in the foreground with 36 tabs open in the background. In another test, results seen below, Google was playing a YouTube video in fullscreen with a handful of background tabs behind it.

    The results there were less impressive, but still added a fair bit of runtime to the device. Both energy saver and auto-brightness settings were also turned off to eliminate variables in the process. Still, if true this could mean big things for Google Chrome on laptops. Right now, Microsoft Edge and Safari both have legitimate battery savings that make it worthwhile to switch from Chrome on your mobile machine. This tweak, though, could change that conversation for a lot of people.

    Apparently, Chrome Enterprise users would be able to opt-out of this feature once it becomes the default behavior, but that would only last one year. In the meantime, the flag that powers this feature is already live in Google Chrome v86 which has rolled out to the Canary track.

    More on Google Chrome:.

    iOS 12, thoroughly reviewed

    Installing every tweak to verify its compatibility with iOS Thereby, I scooped through various Cydia repositories to bring you the 15 best Cydia tweaks that are compatible with the iOS In the rare case, you get stuck somewhere or need help installing these tweaks, refer to our guide to Cydia.

    It also adds some neat options for customising the number of toggles on a page on the basis of device orientation. This can reclaim tons of space if you find yourself using apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. The Pro version allows you to enable integration with third party plugins and enables 3D Touch specific features on iPhone 6s or newer. The safe mode option can be useful to troubleshoot issues you may have with a certain Jailbreak tweak.

    Source: BigBoss Default 4. Touchr Touchr uses the TouchID sensor to perform certain actions like going back to the home screen, activating Siri or bringing up the multitasking menu. Thankfully, Touchr eliminates the need of having to physically press the Home button to perform these actions. Touchr can be configured to detect single, double and triple press on the TouchID. Optionally, you can enable vibrations on touch and disable it for specific apps.

    It works on notifications, Home screen icons and pretty much inside every app that supports 3D Touch. Whilst there are a lot of tweaks that enable 3D Touch on older iPhones, it is the only one updated to work with iOS Source: BigBoss Default Free 6. Rocket for Instagram Rocket for Instagram enhances your Instagram experience by adding a lot of cool new features.

    Navigate to Settings inside the Instagram app to view all the new features. It adds a lot of Feed enhancements like changing to grid view, hiding sponsored posts and mute users. It fixes what I believe is one of the most annoying aspects of Instagram — it reloads every time you navigate away from Instagram and dive back in.

    It allows you to download Instagram posts and Stories. It also includes some goofy tricks like adding a verified checkmark beside your profile and spoofing your followers count.

    Source: BigBoss Default Free 7. Gorgone Apple introduced two great iPad-only features that take make use of the larger screen real estate — SlideOver and Split screen multitasking. SlideOver lets you interact with an another app without leaving the current app by sliding over the edge. Split screen multitasking allows you to use two apps simultaneously.

    Thanks to Gorgone, you can enjoy both of these features on your iPhone, too. As an added bonus, it also enables Home screen rotation. Tapping on an app and adjusting the drag bar will now open up the Split screen multitasking. Source: BigBoss Default Free 8. Activator Activator is the Swiss army knife of the Jailbreak world and with a good reason. Activator allows you to associate certain events with multi-touch gestures.

    These actions can range from opening a specific app, toggling switches to performing System based actions. It can also automate certain tasks based on network status, power source status and on timing. It allows you to trigger these actions on the Home screen, inside a specific application, on the lock screen, or globally everywhere. It also allows you to build custom Activator menus, and show a banner when a specific action is triggered. It looks like the status bar signal dots and is much more minimal and less-obtrusive.

    HapticFeedback HapticFeedback, as its name suggests, allows you to add haptic feedback read: vibrations to certain aspects of iOS. Long time Android users may feel at home with this setting. Music controls, tapping Homescreen icons, or when the device is unlocked. It also has options to set vibration intensity and duration, so you can tweak around to see what works best for your battery life.

    Source: BigBoss Default Free Lithium Ion Lithium Ion lets you customise the battery bar indicator with more than 25 free themes. It enables you to change battery bar themes based on phone charging status and battery level.

    It allows you to build Profiles that enable you to save all the required settings and enable it in one go. You can also set custom colours for the current theme and change the default yellow colour in the Low power mode. You can change themes on the fly without needing to respring and preview in real time how the theme will look like.

    DetailedBatteryUsage is a Jailbreak tweak that reveals these stats in the Battery section of your Settings. It adds a graph that shows your battery level against time for the last several days. It breaks down battery usage by Active usage and Background usage. It also shows how much battery the system Daemons consume. Source: Bigboss Default Free It establishes this with the help of other third-party iWidgets, which are downloadable separately from Cydia.

    Once you install third-party widgets, they are accessible via a long tap on any empty area on the Home screen. Source: ModMyi Default free If black is not how you roll, you can also change the colour of the background according to your needs. Noctis also has a handy button in Control center, so you can quickly toggle it from there. It can be disabled after a certain amount of time. Anemone allows you to configure the looks of your Dock and Control centre.

    There are several themes you can download from Cydia and apply it on your device via Anemone. These themes can change your Home screen icons, Control Center, wallpapers and many other UI elements and give your iPhone a complete makeover. Anemone can change system-wide fonts, too. Anemone has been recently updated with preliminary iOS As time advances, you should expect more developers to update their tweaks to support this latest Jailbreak. Also, if you know of any other awesome tweak updated to work with iOS

    Essential Must Have Jailbreak iOS 14.8 Cydia Tweaks [With REPOs]

    The first, I prefer to have my iPhone and iPad updated to the latest official version; the second, the jailbreak does not offer me anything that may interest me personally.

    Nevertheless, many users still need certain functions that Apple does not offer officially, or who simply want to have a much more personalized iPhone.

    These users will benefit from the tweak that we present today. It does not work miracles, your iPhone will not last days without being plugged into the wall, but it will probably provide you with what you need to reach the end of the day without problems. If you have an iPhone, surely battery life is something that worries you. The iOS system is very efficient, but the iPhone battery does not exactly stand out for its large capacity.

    Thus, sometimes, it is difficult to reach the end of the day.

    Xiaomi Pad 5 Review

    Also, it is possible that the consumption is higher if you have your iPhone jailbroken, due to the amount of tweaks that you will be using, which makes the battery life even more important. According to the description of the tweak that we found in Cydia, it is designed to prevent a daemon from a piece of software that runs in the background called ATWAKEUP com. The uses of this daemon are limited, so perhaps having it running in the background can be useless and waste battery, depending on how you use your device.

    As explained by the developer on Reddit, this daemon is related to Bluetooth, allowing the iPhone to send a signal to nearby Bluetooth devices so that they are ready when you want to use them: The ATWAKEUP daemon sends a signal approximately every seconds to any connected Bluetooth media device "in sleep" to wake it up The list also suggested that I create a Shortcut to get driving directions to an apartment 2, miles away in Chicago that I moved out of eight years ago.

    Finally, you can now choose Irish or South African accents for Siri, which is surely welcome for those in Ireland or South Africa or even if you just want a little variety. Miscellaneous other Settings changes There are several other small changes in Settings worth taking a look at. Here are a few.

    iOS 14 Battery Drain Issues: 11 Tips to Improve iPhone Battery Life

    You can now set an alternate appearance for Face ID. Samuel Axon Do not disturb now offers a toggle switch for a new feature called bedtime, which dims the lock screen, silences calls, and limits notifications to the notifications center until do not disturb ends. Samuel Axon There are dictionaries for additional languages now, and for the first time, there's a built in English thesaurus—for both US and UK English.

    Samuel Axon You can customize the time skipped by the skip buttons in Podcasts now. Samuel Axon Apple has added a background app refresh toggle to settings for its own Maps app. Samuel Axon The accessibility menu now includes a reduce transparency setting. Samuel Axon Performance Late last year, iOS device users on Reddit and elsewhere managed to confirm that some older iPhones were throttling performance to a significant degree to mitigate the negative effects of battery degradation.

    Further Reading Op-ed: Apple was right to throttle iPhones, but some things still need to change As noted before, some people took the news that Apple had implemented a solution that makes older phones run more slowly as evidence that the company was deliberately trying to reduce the lifetimes of devices to drive faster upgrades in the face of slowing smartphone sales.

    Still, Apple should have done a better job communicating what it was doing to users and developers. To turn that narrative on its head, Apple has made improving performance and stability a priority in iOS 12—particularly on older devices. Apple is trying and hoping for a better track record in iOS We'll see. Performance But while the verdict is still out on stability, we can test performance today, which we did using the golden master—an end-of-beta software release to developers that should be identical to the final public consumer release of iOS

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