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  • Individual user registration form

    Step 2 — Add a User Registration Feed. Add a Nested Form field on the Parent form and select your child form in the field settings. Select which fields from the child form should be displayed in the Nested Form field on the Parent form.

    Next Steps When a user fills out the Parent and Child forms, any new users that are added to the child forms will be registered once the Parent form is submitted. If you want to require new users to activate their user account before registration is complete, check the box in the User Registration Feed you set up above.

    Users will now receive email notifications for activation. If you want complete control over the activation process, check out Gravity Forms Better User Activation. Taking It Further If your user registration has a cost associated with it, you can take this one step further by including the Nested entry totals in the Parent form.

    Follow the steps in our documentation to get started. The best part is that you can enable this on your WordPress website without using shortcodes! A common use case for a multi-user registration form is registering a team, similar to our demo in GF Nested Forms documentation. Final Thoughts A single user registration form that can register multiple users has a lot of benefits: It streamlines the data collected The activation process protects your site from user registration spam It improves the user experience You can use it to build a membership site, organise events and games, maintain departmental access and data, etc The Gravity Forms drag-and-drop form builder combined with Gravity Perks will enable you to register multiple users from a single form on your WordPress site — without using any shortcodes!

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    Plugin Planet

    No problem! Go for simple forms or create complex multi-step forms. It automatically creates a user profile account for WordPress users as well.

    The best thing is that there are unlimited customization options for each field and form. To add more extendibility to this, you get premium addons to include extra functionalities in your registration forms.

    No code, no fuss. Use custom form fields like Country, Privacy Policy, and Profile Picture to design any kind of form you need. Email Notifications for Users: Send customized email notifications to your users as soon as they complete the registration process. Additionally, you can send notifications regarding payments and changes made to profile details as well. In-built Login Form: No need to make a separate login form for users as you get an in-built login form with User Registration.

    Just redirect your users to this page from the registration page. Just enable the features for selected forms from the plugin settings. This lets you control who has access to which sections of your website and what actions they can perform. You can also create advanced custom content access rules based on roles, capabilities, user state, and more. The data from the social account used in registration is then imported to the corresponding user profile.

    This automatically enrolls the users into their specified LearnDash course. You can decide whether the field is visible in the registration form or profile details, or both. Just upload the CSV file with user information and map it with the registration form of your choice. This helps you save time by automating tasks like collecting form responses, sending texts and reminders.

    Integrating them with User Registration adds all your registered users to subscriber lists directly. You only have to set the maximum file upload limit from the field options. Show different users specific fields based on their previous input.

    Register Multiple Users From a Single Form

    Download The Plus Addons 3. You can simply drag the Registration Form to the canvas area. Without making any setting with the default settingsyour registration form will work properly. Download JetBlocks 4. This add-on is designed to allow you to add dynamic content to your Elementor designs pages or templates. You can use it to create a custom post typecustom fieldscustom taxonomies, and custom forms.

    The custom form builder of JetEngine has the capability to create a user registration. You can read this article to learn more. Download JetEngine 5. Element Pack Element Pack also comes with a widget that you can use to effortlessly add a user registration form to your Elementor page.

    The widget that you can use to do so is called User Register. For instance, there are no options to allow your users to register via Facebook or Google. There is also no option to integrate your registration form with Mailchimp. However, you can get Element Pack at a cheaper price. Such as lost your password link, login link, and so on. You can also set a redirect page and custom message. To save you time in styling up form, Element Pack offers several preset styles you can choose from.

    Download Element Pack 6. PowerPack comes with a widget called Registration Form that you can use to add a user registration form to a page or template you create with Elementor. The autoresponders are great for notifying new users, and the MailChimp registration can help you build your email list. The free plugin is filled with features that most businesses should be fine with. The paid version is also affordable and it expands the feature-set drastically.

    You receive a visual form manager for designing what your users see before signing up for your site. Multiple form styles are provided for you to get started with your design without code.

    You have options for accepting document attachments at registration. The plugin provides a way to present different forms to different users.

    Build User Registration Forms Easily

    Email notifications are sent out to the admin and user after registration. You can integrate this plugin with the likes of MailChimp and other email marketing tools. WooCommerce integrates nicely as well. The plugin links to payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe for collecting payments on membership or exclusive sites. Set limits as to how many registrations are allowed and how many attempts they have. You have full control over the look of your registration form.

    This control also applies to your user management. Who Should Consider RegistrationMagic?

    RegistrationMagic – Custom Registration Forms, User Registration and User Login Plugin

    We like RegistrationMagic for general users, considering the plugin is almost an all-in-one solution for user registration on WordPress. You receive the basics such as simple forms and customizations, along with less common features such as document attachments, payment acceptance, and autoresponders. Ultimate Member The Ultimate Member WordPress plugin boasts high download rates and impressive ratings, making it a go-to solution when trying to offer frontend user profiles, registration forms, and login options.

    The custom form fields are essential for designing your logins the way you want, while the drag and drop builder is sure to improve the user experience while designing. The core plugin is free and comes with some excellent tools for user account pages, conditional logic for forms, and member directories. Users can then upgrade by paying for individual extensionsor by paying for all of the extensions with one yearly pass. In addition, site owners have the flexibility to either buy individual extensions or get all of them for a bulk deal.

    UltimateMember also sells a theme that integrates seamlessly with the plugin. Powerful registration features include role selection, multiple registration forms, and registration actions. You can implement anti-spam measures and create a custom password reset link.

    The user profiles offer bios, user info, cover photos, and more. The member directories offer you options for sorting users, having social icons, and showing cover photos. You can choose to have global site access with rules based on certain pages and posts.

    The custom fields have a wide range of options, such as required fields, star ratings, and file uploads. Emails are automatically sent out throughout the registration process. For instance, your site will send out a pending review email and account rejection emails.

    The form builder is useful for all experience levels, with tools for adding rows, creating multi-column layouts, and re-ordering form elements. Who Should Consider Ultimate Member? UltimateMember makes quite a bit of sense for companies that want to test out a user registration plugin and have the opportunity to expand functionality with individual extensions. There are also plenty of unique extensions and features like the Instagram integration and private messages.

    A long list of free features are offered with the plugin, some of which include a drag and drop form builder and a module for building a custom user login widget. Some other elements we enjoy are the content restriction options and the reCAPTHA, both of which require no payment from the user. For instance, a few of the advanced addons in this plan include a social connectionWooCommerce sync, and bbPress support. The conditional logic should ensure full customization, while the importing and exporting assists in managing your users in a more organized fashion.

    Not only that, but the developers offer two affordable yearly plans for additional tools. Shortcodes are utilized for making areas for registration, profile management, and logins. Managing forms and profiles is done with the help of a sleek drag and drop editor. The Premium Version integrates with bbPress and BuddyPresshelping you build a social network or forum.

    The WooCommerce sync is possible for restricting access to certain pages on your eCommerce website. You have the opportunity to generate multiple registration forms and multiple edit profile forms in the Premium Plan. Users get to enjoy possible integrations with MailChimp and MailPoet for enhanced email marketing. We like the Profile Builder plugin for those who enjoy working with shortcodes. Most of the forms and modules you create with the plugin have shortcodes for easy implementation on the frontend.

    Free features and extensions are available, with a collection of other addons that require payment. Some of our favorite features include custom emails, MailChimp, and the social login. You can find all features and upgrade packages on the WP User Manager website.

    This is one of the cleaner, simpler plugins for implementing user registration. The frontend forms are easy to implement, the user directories look modern and highly functional, while the custom widgets and designers boost your ability to design a user registration system within no time. For instance, custom redirects and content restriction rules come along with the core plugin. The plugin is developer friendly, while also allowing beginners a cleaner registration form for users.

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