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  • Ya Latifu Ya Wadud For Marriage – Ya Lateefu and Wududu Meaning
  • Ya Latifu Wazifa For Early Marriage – Ya Lateefu For Love Marriage

    The One who is kind to His slaves and endows upon them His kindness, goodness, gentleness, benevolence, affection, blessings and mercy. He is Ever-Gentle with His devoted slaves and makes things easy for them and keeps them away from difficulties. He makes the path to His Pleasure and Generosity easy for them and He also protects them from every means that may lead to His anger and wrath.

    InshaAllah, with these amals one will be able to achieve the following: 1. Overcome any difficulty. Fulfillment of heavy debts, overcome poverty and financial issues and for richness and wealth.

    To overpower enemies. To find good job or employment. Release from imprisonment. Overcome famine and drought. For Rain. Defeat and overpower enemies and tyrant leaders. Treat deadly incurable disease and sickness. AMAL 1: Reciting Ya Lateefu times or times for difficult cases every day and night Time duration of this amal 5 Mins to 15 Mins The person should consistently, every day after salaatul fajar and every night after salaatul Isha continue doing this amal this till his need is fulfilled.

    Subhaanal-laahi Walhamdu-Lillaahi, wa laa ilaa-ha ill-lal-laahu wallahu Akbar x 4. Surah Fatiha 1x, Surah Iqlaas 3x 5. O Allah, I have requested you for help using your blessed name Ya Lateefu, O Allah by the virtues and blessings contained in it please fulfill my need……….

    Recite — Ya Lateefu x or x 8. Raise your hands and with full humility, trust and complete faith in ALlah, repeat dua in 5 atleast 3 to 7 times Blow 3x over the chest, then 3x into both the hands, and the wipe the hands over the face, arms and body. Note: For difficult cases, this amal should be done after every obligatory salaat. AMAL 2: Reciting Ya Lateefu times Time duration of this amal 3 to 4 hours Its preferable to complete this amal in one sitting, if its too difficult, the amal can Inshaallah be completed on the same day or the same night.

    Its also preferable to practice this amal on Thursday night after salaatul Isha in Islamic calendar this will the blessed Friday night and Inshallah, one khatam of this amal i. Recite — Ya Lateefu x 8. Note:For effectiveness of this amal its necessary to correctly maintain the count of during this amal, if the exact counts are not met, the amal may become ineffective and only Allah knows the best and He is All Merciful towards his creation. After completing the count of , raise your hands and recite the dua in 5 above three times.

    Note: For treating any sickness, black magic or jinn, blow 3x into bottles full of drinking water and olive oil. Use the water for drinking, spraying the house and bathing and drink one tea spoon of olive oil every morning and evening and apply some all over the body before going to bed. Share this:.

    30. YA LATIF

    Now, start performing the Salah. You need to recite the two Nafil Raakahs. In the end of the second rakkah, read the istikhara dua and focus on concerns. Now, pray to Allah subhan Wa taala to clear your doubts. Insha Allah your doubts will be cleared soon.

    Al-istikhara or Salat-ul-Istikhara is one of the best gifts that has been bestowed upon us by our creator. It basically means to seek guidance, consultation, supervision, approval, wisdom, support, blessings and goodness from Allah. When a Mommin is confused, he or she may use the Salat-ul-istikhara to seek guidance of Allah, most merciful of all; in all matters of their life.

    To perform Istikhara, you need to be cleansed first so perform an ablution or even a ghusl, if required. Find a suitable and clean place where you can perform the istikhara without any disturbance.

    Now, face towards Mecca or Qibla while standing on the prayer mat. Center your focus on your concerns and start the two Nafil Raakahs. And then recite the taawuz and tamiahh. Continue it by reading Surah Fatiha and then Surah Al-kafirun. Recite Surah Fatiha again and Surah Al-ikhlas after that in the second rakkah. In the end, read the istikhara dua and repeat your prayers as many times as you can; Insha Allah your doubts will be cleared soon.

    What are the benefits of Performing Istikhara? Istikhara helps a person to feel confident about his or her choices; Istikhara prayers are the best source to seek consultation from Allah SWT; Salat-ul-Istikhara helps you to act with diligence and make choices which are halal in Islam. The procedure of performing love istikhara is similar to any normal Salat-ul-Istikhara method.

    Center your focus on your love concerns and start the istikhara by reciting two Nafil Raakahs with the help of the above-mentioned dua. What is istikhara for marriage? Istikhara for marriage is the best way to ask almighty Allah to guide you to the right life partner in your life.

    It is advisable to practice istikhara for marriage before you make the final decision to marry someone. It is done to ensure a successful married life. About Love Istikhara Love Istikhara is an online portal dedicated to all the Muslims around the world who are seeking guidance or help while making important decision of their life like marriage, going on Hajj and going abroad for study or job etc.

    Salat al-istikharah is the prayer one needs to recite when looking to get guidance on any life issue. The Messenger of Allah always taught his companions to make use of istikhara in everything they do in their lives so every true Muslim should do.

    Before entering into any salat al-istikhara one must do ablution compulsorily. Remember whatever the Almighty has decided for you, only that will happen. What is Istikhara done for? Istikhara is a very powerful and special prayer that is done for seeking direct guidance from Allah SWT.

    This prayer is recited by all those Muslims who need guidance from Allah regarding an important decision in life. How can I do istikhara by name? Many people wish to perform istikhara by name for marriage purposes. Is the istikhara sign always a dream? Many people assume that signs of istikhara are only seen in dreams.

    You should understand that the istikhara signs are not just seen in dreams. If the decision you wish to make is right for you, you will be able to make it easier. If your choice is not right for you, you will face many obstacles and begin to lose interest in your own choice. How to Do Istikhara? The simplest way of doing the istikhara is by reciting two Rakat nafil namaz after performing the namaz of the night.

    In most common cases, people perform istikhara for marriage where they read the istikhara dua for marriage followed by the name of the boy or girl they want to marry. Istikhara signs then tell you if the marriage decision is right for you or not. Latest Published.

    Ya latifu ya wadud for Love marriage

    It is meant to plead to the Almighty for love and affection. It is the praise for Allah Talah as He is always kind to His slaves and blesses them with goodness, mercy and affection.

    Duas for times of hardship and stress

    So, when you make this dua, you are asking the Almighty for love, understanding generosity, love in your life from your partner and the Almighty! If you recite the wazifa after knowing Ya Latifu meaning then you will be bestowed with better results.

    This mighty name of Allah Talah will bring great changes in your life. The dua will bring immense love in your life and will help you win the heart of your partner.

    You can acquire the wazifa of Ya Wadudu from our molvi sahib. He will offer you the appropriate procedure to make this dua. Make sure you recite the dua to gain the love of your spouse and not for any illegal or haram relationship.

    Always keep your intent pure and you will get all you desire. If you want to marry any specific person, you can Recite Verse 23 of Surah Tauba 10 times. Is There any Dua or Wazifa to get what I want? If you need dua to get what you want, then First perform 2 Rakat Nafil Namaz.

    Do this ritual for one week with faith in Allah SWT. You will get what you want in one week. Is there any Dua for Love Marriage? Surah Al Fatiha is the best Surah for a love marriage if you do this properly. Here we tell you how you can do this ritual. First Do Wudu. Finally, Make Dua to Allah to solve all your problems Related to your love marriage.

    Is there any Dua to make someone Fall in love with you?

    Ya Latifu Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

    After Fajar Namaz. InshaAllah, do this ritual for one month within a month that desired person falls in love with you. Is there any Dua to make someone madly in love with you? That is the easiest dua to make someone madly in love with you. Is there any Surah to make someone love you?

    Ya Latifu Ya Wadud For Marriage – Ya Lateefu and Wududu Meaning

    Surah At-Tawbah is the most effective Surah to make someone love you again. In 15 days, that person will love you. Have full faith in Allah when you Recite this Surah.

    Is There any Dua for someone to come back to you? Here is the powerful dua for someone to come back to you. Do this ritual for 15 days you will se that your lover come back to you. Is there any Dua to get my love back? Dua Al-Ahzab is the quickest way to get your love back in your life. Inshaallah, You will get your love back in 15 days. Is there any Dua to get loved ones back? Do this ritual after the 4th Islamic prayer. Within 15 days, your loved one will come back to you. Is there any Dua to get your love back?

    Surah Al-Waqiah is the most powerful and famous Surah, which can also be used as an Islamic dua to get your love back.

    Do this ritual for 15 days, InshaAllah. You will get your love back in days. Is there any Dua to bring your lover back in your life?

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