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  • How To Change Your NYSC PPA

    This program is mandatory for every Nigerian youth who has successfully graduated from universities and polytechnics. However, graduates who are over the age of thirty at the point graduation are exempted from this service program by law of the NYSC. They are however issued a Certificate of Exemption, which is also recognized by the country. After the period of one year, a National Youth Service Corps certificate is issued to every successful participant, while those over thirty years of age are issued a Certificate of Exemption.

    Nigeria, still dealing with the devastating effects of the Nigerian civil war put certain structures in place for the rebuilding of the nation. The NYSC scheme was one of such structures. To maintain a stronger nation, the need arose to bring together under a solid institution the diverse peoples of Nigerian.

    The youths are the major force of economic growth and development, hence, the creation of the NYSC. The orientation course, takes place during the first three weeks of the NYSC program. At the end of this three weeks training, Corps members are released from their various orientation camps to proceed to their places of primary assignment. As well as the NYSC Zonal officer and Corps liaison officer in charge of that local government area, to officially register themselves.

    These rules are clearly stated in the NYSC bye-laws. NYSC Rules And Regulations Within and out of the orientation camps, there are rules and regulations firmly put in place to ensure the smooth running of activities. These are: Every Corps member is expected to participate in field exercises and always be present at lectures at all times.

    Possession of firearms and harmful weapons is prohibited. The Corps members are to remain in the orientation camp for a period of 3 weeks. Should the need arise to leave the camp for any reason, written permission should be gotten from the state coordinator. There should be no form of gambling, smoking or over indulging in alcohol within the camp premises. The NYSC uniform should be worn in the proper manner always. Rioting, insubordination and stealing are also punishable offences.

    Pets are also not allowed within the camp. Visitors are not to be received on camp on unapproved days. Inciting others to violence within the camp is frown upon. No Corps member should be in possession of any form of hard drugs. You are not allowed to leave your place of primary assignment without official permission from your employer. In the same way, you should not travel out of your state of service without an official letter of consent issued by your state coordinator.

    Should permission be granted, do not stay longer than the number of days which was requested for. There should be no falsification of any document what so ever to deceive or mislead for the purpose of the NYSC program. On or before the 10th day of every month, clearance should be issued by your employer confirming that you have carried out your required duties at your place of primary assignment and therefore are eligible for your allowance. It is compulsory for all Corps members to submit their monthly clearance through the Zonal inspector.

    A day of the week is set aside for this and employers are obligated to release Corps members on the set aside day. Most often than not, the first query usually just serves as a warning. However, getting more than one query puts you at a risk for an extension of your service year. The extension of your service year could last for days weeks or even months depending on the gravity of the offense in question.

    The maximum extension period however is said to be three months 90 days. Frequent absence from your place of primary assignment or state of service without official permission.

    Attempting to influence place of primary assignment posting through dubious means and refusal to resume at the place you have been posted to. Gross display of moral misconduct at place of primary assignment The unauthorized disclosure of official information of the NYSC to the press.

    Engaging in private practice. Trying to influence a rejection letter from the place you have been posted to. Physically assaulting a fellow Corps member or anyone in your place of employment.

    If charged and found guilty of any of these offenses you just might find yourself staying longer than expected in the NYSC program. This provision has been made by NYSC for those who for one reason or the other are not available to serve at the time.

    If you do not collect your call-up letter from your school, you get to be mobilized with the next batch. Things have however been made easier. If you would like to defer or for one reason or the other were unable to report to your NYSC camp as expected, all you need is to have previously registered on the NYSC official portal. When you are ready for the program, go to the website, select revalidation and log in with the registration details you used on the portal in the previous batch.

    Revalidation will be automatically done for you if you have been deployed but are yet to serve. A few days after reporting to camp for registration, they are permitted to leave. As the facilities to properly look after them should any emergency arise, are not available in these camps. They are therefore permitted to exempt themselves from the first three weeks of training and orientation of the NYSC. But not from the service year as eventually, they are also to be assigned a place of primary assignment.

    NYSC maternity leave format how many months is nysc maternity leave? Which is six weeks before and six weeks after putting to bed during which they shall still be paid their monthly allowance.

    However, once maternity leave has been taken, the three weeks terminal leave which all Corps members are entitled to at the end of the service year is automatically forfeited.

    NYSC 21 Days Terminal Leave Every Corps member is entitled to three weeks terminal leave which takes effect from the last twenty-one days of the service year.

    Every Corps member is entitled to it except Corps members who have previously gone on twelve weeks maternity leave. As time progressed and probably due to the rise in the number of graduates, an age restriction was place on those called upon to serve. Anyone who is over the age of thirty 30 at the time of graduation is not allowed to serve. Therefore, anyone above the age of thirty 30 is not permitted to serve.

    It is a period where graduates get to leave their familiar surroundings for a foreign environment. It is therefore natural to look upon this scheme with mixed feelings. However most individuals, who have participated in this program in the past, consider it a time well spent in service to the country.


    Negotiate If you are uncomfortable with your PPA, you can approach your boss politely and plead with him or her depending on the gender to reject your posting to that particular PPA and that would automatically cause the NYSC board to change your PPA to another place.

    This negotiation may not work in most situations because most of these schools, ministries or companies have already indicated their need for a certain number of corps members to work for them. They have anticipated your arrival and would now find it difficult to reject you once you arrive. Although, with the right amount of persuasion you may get your request granted especially in the case of Government schools.

    Clearly state your reasons for requesting the PPA change and be convincing enough with various factors that could possible make it uncomfortable for you like bad accommodation or health concerns. Make them understand how bad the condition of living is and how detrimental it is to your health. Aggressive Display As funny as this technique may sound, it is an easy way to get rejected by any employer. This attitude should be displayed starting from your first day at your PPA in order to create a first impression of aggression on your employer.

    Act stubborn at all times and refuse to take instructions from your employer or superiors. To make it more severe, you can decide to ignore questions and go against certain rules of the PPA you posted to and when called in for questioning by your employer, just give answers that would depict disrespect and deliberate neglect of law and order.

    Also, point out your demands and conditions like you are instructing your employer. These things would get any employer frustrated and not want to have you on board. Deliberate Stuttering When you arrive at your place of primary assignment, pretend to stammer whenever you are talking. Make it so unbearable and frustrating when you communicating with your employer right from the very first day. This is one thing that employers find very difficult to cope with in their establishments because it seems embarrassing to them and their customers.

    This would undoubtedly force your employer to reject you and demand for a replacement. Display Illiteracy Every corps member is assumed to be literate and speak well constructed English Language. To force your PPA rejection, you can act illiterate and speak poorly constructed English Language when communicating with your employer on the very first day of arrival. This would make certain worrying thoughts roam the mind of your employer that would cause him to doubt your educational qualification and be forced to reject you.

    This particular technique works perfectly in cases where your PPA is a school because no school would want to employ an illiterate to teach in their establishment. Display Naughty Personality One thing that is not condoned in any formal working environment is irresponsible and naughty characters. From the first day of your arrival, make Your employer see you as a naughty and unruly person to make him uncomfortable with accepting you.

    You can start by calling him by his first name without attaching his title to it. These are things that would make your employer see your presence in his establishment as a menace and would be forced to reject you. You should also note that you are not allowed to approach your PPA boss with complaints of not liking the establishment because that may only earn you a penalty.

    When you are rejected by your PPA boss for any of the above reasons, go straight to your local government area coordinator with the letter and you will get re-assigned to a new PPA.

    Acceptance Letter Format for NYSC

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    NYSC Rules And Regulations: How To Defer NYSC Service & Request Service Extension

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    Simple Steps on How to Reject your NYSC PPA and Get a new Place of Primary Assignment

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    Corps Members should be regarded as staff of your establishment and be given adequate job assignment and positions of responsibility commensurate with their qualifications, training and experience. Provide Corps Members with a modest accommodation or at least reasonable allowance per month in lieu. Provide transport for the corps members to and from the place of work or reasonable amount per month in lieu.

    Extend medical facilities and other welfare services provided for other members of staff to corps members.

    NYSC Monthly Allowance Clearance Letter Samples

    The employer also will give the corp member transportation fair IF the house provided is too far from d place of work. What the corp member need to do after given PPA letter; 1. After which you will be posted to schools, ministry, local government or any company that needs corpers. Any late signing from 11th will attract extension of the service year.

    In the case your PPA is accepted, you will take your acceptance letter to your local government secretariat, and they register you officially into the local govt.

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