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  • This is The One Place For All the best Kodi Add-ons

    Numbers 1. Once more interesting thing about this addon is that it streams shows and movies based on streaming services such as Disney Plus, Netflix, etc. It also streams new episodes and new movies that are currently in theatres as well.

    You will find HD quality links along with SD streaming quality as well. This is the best working Kodi addon among kids because you can find cartoons, anime, kids TV shows, and more in good quality. Now, you can find good quality streaming links. It is one of these add-ons that require Trakt account, but t also has free links as well.

    You will find new movies that have been released in the past week and you will find it in satisfactory streaming quality. Maverick Maverick is another best alternative for those who love to watch TV shows and movies. It has a mixture of free as well as Debrid links for real-debrid users.

    It has a sports section where you can find a good collection of recent wrestling shows. In order to access this addon, you will need a Disney Plus subscription. It is available in the SlyGuy Repo. Asgard Asgard has got plenty of good content to watch including movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids content, standup comedy and sports.

    There is a section for 4k Shows and movies where you can watch shows in UHD quality. Moreover, it has a separate Non Debrid section for non-debrid users to get free links to their favorite shows. LooNatics Unleashed Loonatics is an all-in-one Kodi addon for ultimate entertainment.

    There are also separate sections to stream content from popular streaming services including Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. Revolution Revolution is a reliable add-on for watching the latest movies with fast links. The addon is available in the DejaVu repository.

    DejaVu DejaVu is a best video ad-on for kodi which contains paid as well as free links to the best movies and shows. It has popular sections for comedy shows, kids shows, JukeBox and online radio.

    It is available in the DejaVu repository. Anime Toons Anime Toons is a good add-on for kids. It lists some free movies, kids movies, TV shows, Daily Motion, and comedy sections. Since it fetches links from torrent sites, you will need a VPN. It changed the game for all add-ons that we hear right now. You can find all kinds of genres with new seasons and old seasons. It has a combination of many popular add-ons that have been put together in one place. V Athena, House of Blue, Mysterious, and so much more.

    It means you can find almost everything in every category. It is found in Tempest Repository. When TVAddons mysteriously disappeared from the Kodi world, it slowed down Exodus despite being regularly updated.

    Ultimately, when Exodus Kodi stopped working Covenant took over with the same quality of library and interface. The new add-on Covenant fulfilled the expectations of Exodus fans by picking up where Exodus left. Because F4M Tester is a major reason, these add-ons are able to provide high-quality streams to the users.

    F4M Tester add-on provides the fundamental decoding protocol required for video add-ons, empowering the add-ons in enhancing the user experience. This addon comes from Ghostal Porta repository and is a great delight for German fans. This addon for Movies is found in the Octopus repository and brings you the best streaming links. You can always find some of the latest movies with one click streaming and no lagging issues. The Oath The Oath is another movies and TV shows specific addon which is a great source for good quality links for all the latest movies.

    Its sub sections include, Genre, Year, popular movies, Oscar winners, etc. In the genre subsection, you can find almost every genre of movies including action, adventure, anime, comedy, crime, documentary, fantasy, history, etc.

    Genesis Resurrected RD Genesis Resurrected is a debrid-only video addon for Kodi users and can easily be installed on many devices including FireStick. It was once a very popular addon amongst Kodi users but its original repository is no longer working.

    However, still you can access it through LooNatics Asylum repository. It has a dozen sections in its main folder. You can get this addon from Diamond Wizard Repository. Locutus Debrid Only Locutus is an on-demand Kodi addon which works only with real-debrid and all-debrid premium links. It has scrappers available to deliver tons of quality content by finding real-working links. If we missed any do let us know and we will add them to the countdown.

    For any help installing or configuring the addons let us know in the comments section below. He has worked with multiple research think-tanks, NGOs and global organizations. Arsalan has been writing on technology and miscellaneous topics since and likes to provide a neutral and worthy insight to his readers.

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    Movierulz Kodi Addon | Install in Kodi to Watch Free Bollywood Movies

    Home Geoblocking Streaming 31 best Kodi addons in November safe and regularly updated 31 best Kodi addons in November safe and regularly updated Last updated by Ruheni Mathenge Disclosure The readers like you support PrivacySavvy to help keep up the good work.

    When you purchase using links on our website, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Learn how PrivacySavvy. Shutterstock Struggling to get a functional Kodi addon for your entertainment needs? This article has an extensive list of tested extensions for movies, documentaries, and all the content genres one would wish to watch. Kodi allows you to create a comprehensive home theater by uniting different viewing streams from various sources.

    Essentially, it is open-source software that works well with most devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc. With Kodi add-ons, you can bring together your entertainment, including movies, sports, documentaries, and music, on a single dashboard. However, there are thousands of add-ons available, which makes it challenging to find the right one. In addition, during our research, we discovered that some add-ons being presented to users online had broken links while others did not even exist.

    We have compiled a list of reliable Kodi addons of movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, and more in this article. Disclaimer: Kodi is based on an open-source code, and in this guide, we have highlighted both official and third-party add-ons. Most of them are available publicly and free of charge. Here at Privacysavvy, we are not accountable for how our readers decide to use Kodi software or the extensions. Moreover, PrivacySavvy is not affiliated with Kodi in any way.

    Venom — Contains various free on-demand movies and TV series. Popconflix — Allows you to stream the latest Hollywood and blockbuster movies and TV shows from anywhere. BinkyTV — Comes with a wide variety of free to watch cartoons and Kids shows.

    YouTube — Gives you access to on-demand videos and live content of almost everything from food, cars, music, etc.

    National Geographic — Comprises a massive selection of free documentaries and other content. Beware: Protect your privacy Your ISP internet service provider could share and sell details about the videos you stream or download and sites you visit. Using a VPN during streaming and all other activities online in recommended.

    Having such a tool is critical today as it ensures your web activities are hidden, cannot be stolen, shared, or sold. Top Kodi addons categories We have sorted all the best 31 Kodi extensions into the seven categories below to enable you to find what you want quickly.

    Videos — Stream your favorite YouTube content add-free on your Kodi device. Documentaries — Enjoy high-quality documentaries with Kodi addons like National Geographic and Seeker. However, as is the case with streaming websites, some add-ons contain content restricted to people living in selected countries. In such cases, you can use a reputable VPN to bypass the restrictions and access whatever you want.

    We spent several days surfing the selection and were impressed with the high-quality content and quick streaming. Moreover, we advise you to use a reliable VPN, especially because Exodus Redux is an unofficial third-party Kodi addon. Fortunately, you will get full HD and playback options if you integrate it with Real-Debrid. The interface is effortless to navigate sections like movies, TV shows, and recently aired programs. There is even a search function to enable you to find anything to watch easily.

    However, it is advisable to double-check the links you use so as not to download pirated content. We recommend protecting connections from web trackers and malware by ensuring you have a VPN connection turned on. It is an official Kodi add-on and features some of the most famous titles. Note: It might not be available to users in some countries. Fortunately, there is no need to create an account — just download the addon from the Kodi official repository to start streaming.

    It offers some of the most popular titles, like StartUp, Snatch, Chosen, etc. However, you will need a VPN to access the content from overseas. Check out how you can unblock Crackle from anywhere. We were able to stream HD movies and TV shows with minimal lags when testing it.

    Currently, there are thousands of unofficial Netflix Kodi add-ons available. However, CastagnalT is the safest option as its developer is respected within the Kodi community. In addition, it is highly secure as it encrypts your Netflix login credentials. Thankfully, it deletes your data altogether when you log out. While it has a vast collection of content, you should be cautious with the links you follow.

    That is because some may contain ad trackers that may compromise your privacy. Therefore, you should consider using a reliable VPN service. However, you can use the unofficial one from the SlyGuy repository, a trusted and well-maintained repository. However, you can use a VPN to unblock it whenever you want.

    Note: Regrettably, this add-on is restricted in the UK. This will let you access iPlayer WWW any time you want, from anywhere. In fact, this is perhaps the best addon on this list, primarily because of the browsing interface.

    It has various streaming options with all the necessary information on the home screen, making it easy to choose whatever you want to watch. For example, it lists file types, quality, and sources, eliminating the likelihood of getting a bad link. However, Gaia is optimized for debris streaming services like Real Debrid and Premiumize. However, you will need to be extra cautious to avoid downloading illegal material.

    Fortunately, the addon has a filtering feature that makes it easy to find legitimate content. It is also advisable to protect yourself with a VPN since this is a third-party add-on.

    Nonetheless, you can use a third-party Tubi add-on available on the Diamond Wizard Repository, a highly trusted repo in the Kodi community. Luckily, the addon does not show any ads during streaming. Unless you want to watch R or M-rated content, there is no need to create a Tubi account to get started on Kodi. It is elementary to navigate and use with the content sorted into categories such as TV shows, movies, crime, superheroes, animations, etc. In addition, the streaming speed is superb, and I was able to watch Rick and Morty buffer-free.

    The standard collection on the add-on may be limited to your liking. However, you can get more content if you connect it to Real Debrid. The problem is that Luxray contains some torrenting links , so it is advisable to protect your connections with a reliable VPN. The add-on only lagged for a few seconds before streaming impeccably during my test.

    Unfortunately, some links are from illegal sites, so you need not to download copyrighted material. Also, you should use a quality VPN service as a precaution against hackers and other malicious actors. Best Kodi add-on for cartoons and anime There are several options if you are looking for kids-friendly Kodi add-ons.

    It comes with more than 50 shows specifically designed for young children. The add-on is easy to use, with a folder for each title, and does not require any configuration. Unfortunately, some sections contain only short clips instead of full episodes. However, it is not a big deal as most of the content is meant for preschoolers.

    It has a vast selection with one-click playback. The links work well and will provide your kids with a wide variety of fun videos to watch. Its home page is arranged perfectly with main categories such as Anime, Animated Movies, and Cartoons. There is also a search bar, so you can find any specific content quickly. It has more than 40 titles, each with around four episodes, which will keep your little champs occupied all the time. The good news is that the content is available in HD quality.

    This add-on has an easy-to-use interface with the featured titles on a single page. Fortunately, you will be able to choose specific episodes if you click on each title. As you might know now, the solution is to use a VPN to avoid geo-restrictions and stream its content from anywhere in the world.

    Remarkably, the add-on is incredibly effortless to use. It has preview screens, quality images, and a filter option. Although it has a free mobile and desktop version, you will need a subscribing to use this addon.

    Note: FunimationNow only works in selected countries. However, with a quality VPN, you can access it from any part of the world. Most anime titles are licensed in specific regions. Therefore, you will have to use a Crunchyroll VPN if you want to access content from other countries. Popular live TV and news Kodi add-ons These are some of the best add-ons if you want to stay up-to-date with all the happenings around the world: Deutsche Welle Repository name: Same, available as an official add-on Source URL: None Available countries: Worldwide The Deutsche Welle DW Kodi add-on is a great option to stay tuned with current affairs and international news.

    More importantly, you can change the language to German, Arabic, or Spanish apart from English. Thankfully, the add-on is totally free and available in almost every country. TV is an incredible add-on for your open-source media player software as it lets you access more than free-to-watch channels worldwide. Note: As noted already, Xumo only works in selected countries. Top Kodi extensions for sports The following are the best Kodi addons to watch major sporting activities from around the world if you are a sports fanatic: ESPN3 Repository name: Same, available as an official add-on Source URL: None Available countries: Worldwide The ESPN3 Kodi add-on offers replays, highlights, and live sporting events of basketball, football, golf, tennis, cricket, soccer, and more.

    Although the add-on works perfectly, it is a little annoying to install.

    Kodi SuperRepo – Install SuperRepo on Kodi Step by Step

    This new server spoofs your IP address to give you a new online identity. To make the process simpler, we have divided the process into parts and added screenshots.

    Click Here! Open the package installer by clicking the open box icon at the top of the menu bar. Wait for the installation to complete.

    Fix check the log for more information Kodi Error using 3 easy methods

    You will then receive a notification. Hit it. The Movierulz Kodi Addon will now install. Wrap up Movierulz is one of the most recent entry on the Addon list of the addons to Watch Bollywood Movies free. Installing Movierulz addon is easy. However, before you stream anything using the addon, make sure that you turn on your IPVanish app first, and connect to a server preferably one near you.

    There are many reasons for Kodi to through such error messages. Let us discuss some of the major causes for this error. This error is mainly caused due to improper installation of add-ons or a missing file. Normally, when we are installing a Kodi add-on, the setup file is downloaded from the source URL and then the installation occurs from that URL. The addon installation includes lots of script files. Most of the add-ons run based on python scripts.

    The addon setup file includes many scripts. Take for an instance, if a cache memory has a file with the same name, this file may be overwritten or ignored. If the file is ignored during installation it will throw you an error.

    What is Kodi Error Log? In general, a log is a record of events that keeps track of all the information. Similarly, Kodi also tracks all the errors and warnings happening at the software level. So all these error messages are being tracked in the Kodi Log File. Once we check error message in the log, we can figure out the actual reason for the error. You are being monitored! You are taking the risk! Streaming movies, TV shows, Sports and other media using unofficial third-party Kodi add-ons are illegal.

    Your ISP is watching your online streaming activities! The ISP can report you anytime to the Government. So prevention is better than cure! In order to prevent yourself being monitored, we recommend you to use the ExpressVPN. Using VPN will keep your online activities anonymous and also allows you to stream geo-restricted content. How to check the Kodi log? Deconz phoscon official Kodi team itself have built an add-on to check the Kodi log files.

    Hence, make use of the addon to fix your error on Kodi. What is Kodi Log Viewer? The Log Viewer for Kodi is an addon which allows the Kodi users to check which location, file or dependency is causing the problem. With the help of the Log Viewer, you can fix the problem by following any of the three methods in this blog. How to install Log Viewer for Kodi and check the log?

    Open Kodi and select Add-ons from the left column. Now install the addon and run it. Now the Log Viewer for Kodi will have the following four options as seen in the image below. First, select Settings and check the option Invert Log most recent first option. Doing this will list out all the error logs from the latest to the past.

    Einthusan Kodi Add-on

    Turning on this option will send error details via notifications. If you find it annoying, you may turn it off. Now you will find different error messages with the time. How to fix Check the log for more information Kodi error? As said before the error is mainly due to the presence of old cached files.

    So you need to clear those files. For that, we will be using ares wizard maintenance tool. Let us see how to clear the kodi cache with Ares wizard.

    How to install Movie Rulz Kodi Addon

    Clearing cache with Ares Wizard Maintenance tool A cache is a temporary storage space which saves frequently used data for future use. That is, it stores the files like addons and media in order to fetch it faster whenever a user required. Hence, we highly recommend downloading Ares Wizard maintenance.

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