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  • Best Marriage Aspects in Synastry [Everything You Need To Know]

    Great stuff. I have my vertex in the 5th house conjunct my natal moon. My vertex is at 17 cap and my moon is at 18 cap. These points are opposed my part of fortune in cancer at 20 degrees.

    I have my mercury in the fifth house but my fifth house is ruled by jupiter. My jupiter is trine these points because it at 16 taurus conjunct my mc. I have a very good singing voice and I do music. I have my venus at 14 d scorpio within 2 degrees separating from my ic and both these are pretty close in conjunction to my neptune in scorpio.

    I am leo rising too. I have a kite formation in my chart that links the top of the kite with Jupiter in Taurus, my three planets in virgo in the 2nd house and my moon in the fifth house with the bottom of the kite conjunct the ic and having that opposition from Taurus. Lots of earth in my chart. I have yet to find my soul mate but the good news is that my progressed vertex is within 3 degrees of my progressed 7th house.

    I read that when this is in a close progression depending on other charts and factors that marriage can come. Better late then never. I have always wanted a beach wedding. Sounds totally corny. I know. But that is what I would like.

    My progressed venus and mercury are conjunct each other right now and have been for a while and are within 4 degrees of my natal moon and three degrees from my natal vertex.

    I read this also can bring real love and a real relationship. I am looking at this last years Solar return and there are some interesting things. I did connect with someone I have known for a long time but not much has happened yet. I know that Saturn has a bad rep. I do not feel that way about it. I have Saturn in Aquarius at 29 d in my natal 7th house. Currently, we have Saturn in Scorpio and it will eventually conjunct my natal ic and venus and neptune.

    We also have the transiting North Node in scorpio and I read that having the North Node conjunct your venus it is good. I also will have my progressed moon in Scorpio by December. This years venus return will be very close to my birthday.

    Two days before. I have my birthday on the 6th. Yes, I am a chatty little Sag chick! Hahaha I am just kind of excited by all the stuff happening in all these different charts. I am still not great at interpretation but I had a look at the last time I had Saturn Transit and it was fine. The current Solar Return has my ac at 22 degrees leo and that is just like my natal chart with a few differences. Which are as follows: Saturn was in libra last year and in the 3rd house of this chart.

    Juno was at 14 d scorpio and that is conjunct my natal venus. The North Node and my sun where conjunct. Pluto and the vertex of this chart are conjunct int he 5th house.

    Venus is also there in the 5th house but in Cap. That means that both Saturn and Venus are in mutual reception. Neptune and Chiron are conjunct in the 7th house. Not sure what that might mean. But maybe there is a healing happening in the way I view relationships and maybe it shows my longing for a truly spiritual connection with the right person for me.

    Not sure. The Sun ruling the chart is within five degrees of my 5th house cusp just like my natal. The moon is in Taurus but not close enough to the mc a little out of bounds to be considered part of the tenth house. Again, it is connected to venus which is in the 5th house. The moon and sun of this chart are biquintile.

    Venus was at 13 degrees Cap and that was conjunct the progressed venus as well. Hmmmmm Interesting. My Venus return coming up is interesting.

    It has the sun in the tenth house. The ac is at 12 d Aquarius. Uranus in the third house in Aries and Saturn in Scorpio in the 9th house. Hmmmm The moon of this chart is at 12 d leo and conjunct the dc of the chart. I know the important part of this kind of chart has to be Venus. Venus is in the 9th house as well with Saturn and Mercury. Venus is within 7 degrees approaching conjunction to Mercury and in a seperating aspect to Saturn in scorpio.

    The moon and the sun are trine each other tying in the 10th house and the 7th house somehow. Hmm Not sure what this means. I did enter two songs into a music contest through Reverbnation for unsigned artists that has among its judges Tom Waits!!! I hope they like my songs. I am not interested in being a big commercial success or anything.

    I do not do music to be famous. I just want to have a healing effect on peoples lives, I love to sing and I love to make music and I just reinvented my life so I am doing this later in my life. I am not going to be a Lady Gaga not that I would ever want to be hahaha. I hope you do not mind me blabbing on. I just loved your post. I wanted to share some of this stuff. My solar return is different and I am wondering if it will be hard on me.

    The guy in question is a Virgo I believe. I am not totally sure. He is also the year of the snake. I have only one promised relationship in my natal chart and that is an applying square from sun in sag to pluto in virgo. I had a minor applying sextile from venus in scorpio to sun but I heard they are not strong enough to do anything.

    My up coming solar return is at 4 d scorpio and Saturn in scorpio is within a couple of degrees of that. I have mercury and venus in scorpio in the first house of that chart with North Node conjunct Mercury both in scorpio within one degree. Hmmmm The ruling planets of this solar return chart are both conjunct in the 3rd house. Hmm… The house of communication right?

    Juno of this chart is at 25 d and in one degree separating from my natal juno which is in my natal 5th house. I think it is conjunct in the venus return on the 4th of December.

    The sun is in the second house. One of the most important things to consider beside the moon which is in virgo and are in a separating square. Not sure how to interpret this crazy chart. Nothing in the 7th house. But it is ruled by venus and Taurus and venus is in the first house.

    They are both though in the 8th house. I am not sure what to think of all this but I hope some good stuff finally happens. I feel like I have been working hard and I know that and feel that I might still have a lot of work this coming year to do on the music and I know I do.

    Cause I am trying to complete a new cd. Anyway if you have time to comment. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Synastry Q & A: The Vertex

    I like to call it psychology for the soul. When looking into compatibility, I first explore the 8 main numbers within each persons numerology blueprints revealing their hearts desire, personality, expression, destiny, face to the world, life-path and attitude.

    With three or more numbers in common sharing a soul connection, then viewing the actual breakdown between each person, birth-grids and pinnacles. Next mercury for communication. This is the big one as your Vertex reveals soulmate connections. And yes… that destined fatal attraction, or connection that transforms your life.

    Our relationship was definitely a transforming one! One of my best friends and I have our Vertex in the same sign of Gemini in the 5th house of Leo which makes it a conjunction for us.

    She feels like a sister and had even met my mother before we met 15 years later. You will unconsciously be attracted to each other and be drawn into each others lives. There will be a feeling of safety, comfort and deja-vu.

    Unbalanced energy can lead to co-dependence with balanced energy co-creative. Mercury Vertex Compatibility Mercury steers the intellect, how we speak and connect. You may even have your own nick names for each other and people, possibly your own language! As a friendship or business partnership, ideas will flow between you both. Venus Vertex Compatibility Venus is the planet of love and romance. When your Vertex forms a connection with Venus, there is often a powerful relationship formed that will change both your lives forever.

    Think fatal attraction, soulmates and transformation through the power of love. Separating can be difficult with this placement. With Mars Vertex Synastry you may not want to get out of bed! You will be deeply attracted and intrigued by each other. As friends or business associates you will find yourself driven by each other.

    Jupiter Vertex Compatibility Jupiter brings luck into our lives. This person can feel like your lucky star! You can also have amazing connections to other people you need to help you in life through this placement. Saturn teaches us through limitations, see the Nike swoosh?

    Lessons surround the Saturn Vertex astrology combination! Uranus Vertex Compatibility Uranus brings revolution and freedom to our life. As Uranus is very slow moving, in-fact taking 84 years to make a full return, spending 7 years in each sign, the house placement will reveal more. This could be the person who frees you in life and unlocks the doors to a new world!

    The square to Taurus for example is Scorpio. You may become lost in a world of dreams, with a deeply spiritual connection. Pluto Vertex Compatibility Pluto rules Scorpio — life, death and transformation.

    This is destiny in the making. A highly intense connection, think births, deaths and marriages. Check your house placement for additional information as Neptune is generational. North Node Vertex Compatibility Your north node in astrology reveals where we are headed to in life. You were both fated to meet — this person is destined to help you to move forward to where you need to be. As the south node reveals where you have come from there is no doubt a past life connection of old souls between you both.

    Again, check your house position placement for further insight. You have much to learn from each other. Take note! This is an indicator of an intense and often fatal attraction! The two of you may easily stay together for the rest of your lives because of the intense attachment you feel for one another or be bonded through children.

    The physical attraction is off the charts, and the feeling of attraction is instant. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have this aspect. You can calculate our Vertex in astrology for free here. My clientele includes Hollywood celebrities and luxury brands.

    I love connecting with all walks of life and find the accuracy and shifts behind my gifts never ceases to amaze.

    Natal Venus – Vertex aspects

    Three things can activate the vertex: transits, other people synastry and places. The vertex is an astrological concept that is not very well known but of fundamental importance for natal chart interpretation. Below is Natal Venus — Vertex aspects interpretation. Venus conjunct Vertex Typical features that this conjunction brings: You find it relatively easy to be a person of importance.

    Also, Your own self-esteem attracts prominent people to you. And the risks you take are usually rigorous. Being in charge of others and coming before the public are areas in which you are comfortable.

    If this rear aspect exists in your natal chart you need to work on: those Natal Venus — Vertex aspects are called the first impressions. So you need to work on first impressions toward other people. Also you need to work on the self and appearance, leadership skills, new initiatives, fresh starts and beginnings. Whatever lives in this house helps you understand how the people around you perceive you. Individuals with too many conjunctions: Many astrologists think that having conjunctions everywhere is a good thing, because it is a positive aspect.

    It would mean that the person with all the conjunctions is even more like the sign which everything seems conjunct in. Positive traits and negative traits are much more apt to being magnified than if they only had one planet in that specific sign. But it is always good to have a certain balance or aspects.

    It makes a person more grounded and sane. Venus opposition Vertex Typical features that opposition brings — You find that by doing something for yourself, you attain the success or happiness you deserve.

    Ten Conjunctions to the Vertex in Synastry

    Also, you may achieve a feeling of importance due to the confidence you feel about yourself. You are hard worker, and goal oriented person. In other words, it governs self-expression, drama, creativity, color, attention, romance, fun and play. There is a constant interaction with the environment, which is expected in achieving all happiness. If this rear aspect exists in your natal chart you need to work on: With this Natal Venus — Vertex aspects you do not realize that you are more accepted and wanted by your friends than you realize.

    You must accept those things. With this Natal Venus — Vertex aspects you need to accept your social skills and the potential that can come from working with others.

    Vertex in the Signs and in Aspect

    That is because; you will realize that you are more goal-oriented than you understood. Sedna conjunct the Vertex Sedna is extreme betrayal. I would run from a relationship with Sedna conjunct the vertex. There is little good in them, other than, maybe, learning from pain. I did learn, but could I have avoided it by knowing Astrology? Yes, I could have, I think. Ixion Conjunct the Vertex Ixiion is lawlessness. Hence, the Ixiion person would, likely, do something amoral or immoral to you.

    Aphophis Conjunct the Vertex Aphophis is a powerhouse of chaos, confusion and destruction, most of all. I would avoid this aspect at all costs. Juno conjunct the Vertex Juno is love, loyalty and devotion.

    Send me a postcard from your honeymoon. Ceres conjunct the Vertex This is one from which dreams are made. In fact, it can be so comfortable and wonderful, that it is difficult to be without one another! The two of you feel instinctively comfortable talking with one another. Unless there are strong romantic links in the rest of the synastry, this combination can feel like a brotherly-sisterly connection.

    I have this with a close friend of mine. The feelings of love and romance are incredibly strong. The sexual charisma and assertiveness of the Mars person is highly attractive to the Vertex person. The two of you especially the Vertex person feel good about yourselves when you are together.

    The Jupiter can improve your career life and help you achieve your ambitions. The feeling of responsibility and commitment to the Saturn person is high, and it will be hard for the couple to separate because of this.

    The attraction is high, as is the sense of excitement when the two of them get together. The area in which the Uranus person revolutionalizes the Vertex person is represented by the house in which the conjunction resides. This is a highly spiritual, magnetic, and dreamy relationship. The two of you were destined to meet, indeed.

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