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    What do birthday candles , shooting stars , and eyelashes all have in common? If you've ever blown out a birthday candle, seen a shooting star , or found a stray eyelash , then you've probably done one other thing almost immediately: made a wish. Wishes are something that we all have and we all make. If it's raining, we wish it were sunny. If we're served broccoli for dinner, some of us might wish it were pizza instead. While our wishes are often small and practical , they can also be big and fantastical.

    Have you ever wished you won the lottery? How about wishing for a new car? Some people wish they were famous or had superhuman powers. Wishes can also be very personal and important to the innermost parts of who we are. Have you ever wished that your one true love would come your way? If you find yourself fighting a life-threatening illness , your greatest wish may be for your health to be restored.

    Just how did we start making wishes on birthday candles, shooting stars, and eyelashes, though? These are just a few of the superstitions that exist related to making wishes.

    Let's take a closer look at how a few of these got their start. Some historians believe we can thank the ancient Greeks for making wishes as we blow out birthday candles. Their belief that smoke from the candles carried prayers to the gods may have been the origin of making wishes when we blow out the candles on our birthday cakes.

    Likewise, ancient writer and astronomer Ptolemy believed that shooting stars occurred when the gods were looking down upon us from above. Wishing upon a shooting star was the best way to make sure the gods heard your wish while they were paying attention. Wishing on eyelashes has been traced back to midth-century folklore in Shropshire, England. Another piece of ancient folklore — from Ireland — holds that catching the mythical leprechaun will lead to him granting you three wishes.

    Those aren't the only superstitions related to making wishes. You'll also find people making wishes on dandelions, wishbones, ladybugs, times of the day such as , wishing wells, and even the first star they see at night thanks to the lateth-century nursery rhyme. Do wishes ever come true? Of course, they do! However, whether a wish comes true or not doesn't have anything to do with birthday candles, shooting stars, or eyelashes. Sometimes it's just chance.

    Other fulfilled wishes might be the result of simple hard work. Still other wishes might come to fruition as a result of kind-hearted people. The Make-a-Wish Foundation of America, for example, grants thousands of wishes each year to children who are battling life-threatening illnesses.

    Their work, thanks to thousands of volunteers, has helped to make wishes come true for children who are otherwise facing some of the darkest days of their lives. More than just bringing momentary happiness, however, fulfilled wishes have often given children the strength they need to continue fighting their illnesses. You don't need to be part of a large organization to make someone's wish come true, though. All you need is a willingness to help others around you.

    If you become aware of someone's wish and realize it's within your power to make it a reality, go for it! Making someone else's wish come true can change your own life in the process!

    How to make your wish come true instantly

    The Power of Wishes Everybody has wishes they want to be fulfilled. In order to make real wishes come true, your desire must be more than an idle thought. Wishes are basically a form of manifestation. While wishes can certainly manifest a new reality, those wishes must be made in a certain way. One of the best times to wish is when your mind is clear and relaxed. Called hypnagogia , this unique state of mind occurs right before you fall asleep. Visualize your wish as specifically as possible.

    Build a mental picture in your mind of what your fulfilled wish would look and feel like. Try to fall asleep while holding onto that mental image. With practice, your wish can come true overnight. Dedicate a small notebook or journal specifically for each wish. Write down the wish as if it had already occurred.

    Write your wish down each day. The power lies in the repetition. This focus over time can eventually lead to manifestation. Photo: Yoppy A simple glass of water can help all of your dreams come true. Regular tap water will work just fine. Next, take your hands and rub them together briefly. This helps activate an energy field. With your hands in position, say your wish out loud.

    Similar to the writing exercise described above, keep your wish simple and direct. After speaking your wish, hold the image of your goal in your mind for a bit while focusing your attention on the glass. Then simply drink the water. Try to drink it as quickly as possible. Use this strategy at least twice a day. Most people use the Glass of Water technique once in the morning and again before bed.

    You can expect results in a few weeks for small wishes and a few months for big wishes. Not only will your wishes come true, but drinking two full glasses of water each day can also help boost your health. Conclusion Wishes absolutely can come true! The secret is focus and attention. Instead of passively hoping for the result you want, harness the energy of the universe to manifest a new reality. The steps above detail how to make a wish come true.

    Create the life of your dreams through the power of wishes!

    Make A Wish Spell

    Those divine items and tools can strengthen the power of the spell and bring your intentions to the physical world. When carrying out rituals, remember that the materials you use will depend on the spell you determine to craft at the beginning.

    Wondering if there is any tip when casting free love spells? Check out below… III. Tips When Casting Free Love Spells That Work Overnight These tips can help all beginning practitioners perform a spell ritual successfully without being afraid it will backfire.

    Trust the love magic completely Do love spells work?

    How To Make a Wish Come True in 30 Seconds

    The answer is yes! For your free love spells to work properly, the first key is to believe in the love magic, like truly.

    How to have faith in your spell? My tip is that you should concentrate all of your energies on the core intention. Prepare a powerful spirit and you will earn much love in your life. Also, be as much specific as possible during the visualization step for accurate outcome. For those planning to practice spell casting, tell yourself beforehand that it should be used only in a positive way. Once sending your pure intention and positive energy to the universe, you will find a love blessing as soon as your love spell starts manifesting.

    Find out what to ask a professional spellcaster… 4. Determine the best time to perform rituals Professional spellcasters state that most romance and love rituals will absorb the most extreme power from the universe on Fridays. The reason for this is because Friday is when the Venus day falls on. Another factor you also need to take into account when choosing the best time to cast a love spell is the moon phrase. In witchcraft, there are 4 primary phases for consideration: new moon, full moon, waxing moon, and waning moon.

    When it comes to love rituals, you may want to perform during new moon or full moon for your desired to be fulfilled.

    Your intention is likely to become real and love spells work well under the influence of these two phases. Do love spells work? Love spells working or not depends on many factors.

    For them to manifest perfectly, you must focus on your intention and not let yourself be bothered by negative thoughts. I believe lots of people using love spells ask for instant results; nevertheless, those spells may take longer time to show effects because they deal with two individuals.

    How about reaching out to someone approaching you or even signing up on a dating site? Do love spells backfire? For sure the answer is yes! Not as simple as you thought, some love spells are tricky and complicated to cast at home. That explains why I advise you all to consult professional spellcasters for advice first on any type of love spells.

    Cast love spells for bad purposes and karma will hunt you down threefold in a worse way. Meet your destiny with magic love spells. No matter how eager you want to be with your dream lover, make sure your intentions have no air of negativity. If the ritual is done correctly, the power of your spell can strengthen the connection between you and that special person as well as change their feelings towards you. Where to get help with effective love spells? It would be fascinating if you can cast a love spell on your own and wait for it to work, as long as you must have basic knowledge of spell casting.

    Casting spells may sound easier than do. This practice is tricky and even trickier to those having no experience. If you perform it incorrectly or make any mistake, the results might not be satisfactory at all. Much worse, you may be under negative influences of your own spell. Thus, you must check out top psychic websites offering the love spell casting service to gain the most from a magic ritual.

    Can You Make a Wish Come True?

    An acronym for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan, WOOP, studies show, can help all kinds of people make positive changes in their lives by anticipating obstacles and creating a specific, rock-solid plan.

    Ask yourself what will make you happy and what will bring you joy? Look to any area of your life, from work to your health. How to do it: Picture yourself realizing your wish. How do you feel? What is the best outcome? Go back to these visualizations whenever you need a boost. A good place would be something like under your bed or inside a cupboard in your office.

    Nobody will understand the motivations and reasoning behind them as well as you. Therefore, however hard it may be, try your best to keep your wishes to yourself. Go on with your life as usual and try not to think about your wish. Let the universe work to bring it about, the less you think about it, the better. Faith is revered in almost every religion in the world for one simple reason, this immensely powerful emotion has the ability to create miracles on its own.

    All circumstances and phenomena will have no choice but to bend towards your will and intent. How then do you increase your levels of faith? As you perform the visualization technique I described at the beginning of this post, your faith will start increasing on its own anyway. But to hasten the process even more, you can use these 3 simple affirmations that work wonders in increasing your capacity for faith.

    These affirmations are as follows: My name is insert your name and I am completely abundant. I am the master of my own reality, I choose my destiny. The universe conspires to bring about what I want.

    Repeat these affirmations on a daily basis and your capacity for faith will soar. Detachment With the pursuit of every goal and the realization of every wish, it is always beneficial to assume a detached and relaxed stance. These negative vibrations will override your intent to bring about your desires and makes the entire process far harder than it needs to be.

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