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  • Neverwinter Update 9.04 April 29 Heads Out for Event Fixes and More

    Please remember everything in this guide is evolving. I have done a lot of testing, but I make mistakes. Mod 16 is another huge change, including a level cap increase and a complete rework of how basic stats work. Before we really get into the guide, I have to note almost everything in this guide is Temporary and evolving. The info here is entirely from the test server, seeing as when this was written the launch of mod 16 is just on the horizon. Comments and theories are extremely helpful in keeping the information here updated, and correct.

    Okay, now that the introductions are out of the way, click the tabs above to get into the build! Race: Your race choice is very important in Neverwinter. Every race can play any class, but some races do certain classes much better than others! Significant changes have been made to races in Mod 16, and this shakes up the Tier list a little. This works really well for obvious reasons as a dps. Also, you get to choose what ability score bonuses you want, which means no wasted bonuses!

    The Ability Score Bonuses line up, which is awesome, so no wasted bonuses. Tiefling are still okay. Moon Elf is just a worse version of the Sun Elf for us. All Ability Score points should be put into Intelligence and Dexterity. Intelligence gives us bonus magic damage, and Dexterity increases our critical hit severity. Stats: Stats and adjusting said stats has never been as important as it is in Mod These numbers are super important when thinking about our stat caps because in order to be maxed out in a stat we must factor in enemies rolls.

    If an enemy deflects an attack it will negate a massive amount of damage. You want to minimize the chances of that happening ASAP. Armor Pen does the same thing, only to Defense. Enchantments: Enchantments should be used to push you to the stat caps listed above.

    The best Warlocks use a combination of multiple types of Enchantments to minimize wasted states and maximize stats at cap. Enchantments and your stats are customized to fit each characters unique stats.

    With that said there are a few things to note about enchantments. These give you more bulk stats total. Remember, Power has no cap. Companions: Companions can be a complex topic and the easiest way to cover them is to simply state the facts.

    Right now, the best option for stats are augment companions. VERY few non-augment companions are worth using right now to be honest I can only think of one off the top of my head. This is because augments give you an additional portion of their stats on top of any bonding runestones you may have. This means you can get a massive amount of additional stats from your companion.

    The companion I recommend using, and would argue is best in slot, is the Bulette Pup. This means we can get a massive amount of power out of this little guy, and since power is king in Mod 16, the Bulette Pup is very good.

    I would strongly advise always using the Velociraptor and the Hatchling, as these two give massive bonuses to power, and I would swap the Assassin Drake depending on needed stats. Should you need additional Accuracy, perhaps Cambian Magus is the right choice. Hard to tell. I will update this when I find out.

    For Defense, I just kinda slapped whatever I had on. Augments give you their stats, on top of bonding runestones, meaning that this bonus goes straight to you. Companion Equipment: Companion gear is found in campaign, as you level up.

    Some stronger and more generally used Runestones are the Empowered and the Recondite Runestones. Hellbringer Feats: Feats have been hugely simplified, in an effort to cut out all the decisions that were mostly pointless. Cryptic has tried to make each feat impactful, and for the most part they succeeded, some are just slightly better than others. From my testing, Most of these choices can be argued either way. I will update the guide if needed when more testing is done.

    Parting Blasphemy : Paired with Curse bite this feat is really strong. Keep in mind though that this feat is pretty useless in AoE situations since with the rotation I am currently running there is no way to actually stack it.

    However, I could be wrong here. Soul Spark Recovery: Previously I listed Wrathful Souls as the best option here because in my testing I neglected the fact that we gain soul sparks from critical hits. I am only human! I have done a lot of testing here, and there have been a lot of changes, but like everyone else I am human.

    I suggest that you take my findings into account, and test things yourself. Remember to always use Soul Scorch tab when you have 18 Soul Sparks 3 green orbs.

    Encounter powers are easy. Hellish Rebuke should be your main damage dealer. I recommend using Accursed Souls and Tyrannical Curse. It will do a nice chunk of damage and drop Lesser Curse on everything. All the little enemies nearby will melt.

    Remember to use Soul Scorch when you have 18 stacks for a 3 second Cooldown Reduction, and repeat. I would also swap from Accursed Souls to Brood of Hadar, although I believe the bats are bugged and de-spawn too fast right now. Soulweaver Soulweaver is our new healing paragon and as far as healers go, I believe we are the weakest. Ability Scores: For Healing we must change our ability score bonuses.

    Charisma increases cooldown reduction and companion influence. These are both good choices. Personally, if you have under k Maximum HP which should be most of us I would recommend using Constitution for the additional Health. Feats: Lots of Soulweaver Feats come down to preference. I recommend using this feat setup, but you can feel free to make adjustments as you see fit. Feats that are this color are feats that are essentially down to personal preference.

    Transfusion Tactics: Obvious choice here, since Dark Revelry is fairly useless. Lingering Sustain: Another Obvious choice here. Additional healing. The other choice here seems powerful, but very risky since we use a lot of skills that also cost health. From the Brink: This is what I believe to be the better choice, however if you are not using Essence of Power, you might find some use from Thief of Life.

    Because of that, Spark Energy is the better choice, giving us a sizable increase in AP generation. These two are your bread and butter as a Soul Weaver. Shatter Spark is a very large team-wide heal with little to no cool down and a short animation.

    However it also cleanses debuffs, which is very important. Harrowstorm is a relatively weak heal, but you can stack it on top of each-other and it also does damage to enemies.

    Dark Spiral will generate Soul Sparks, which makes it very useful! Soul Reconstruction is a very weak heal however, and it gets canceled often, so keep that in mind. Tyrannical Curse is Tyrannical Curse. The extra damage is nice, but I almost always use Soul Pact instead. Artifacts and artifact weapons included. Artifacts: In Mod 16 Cryptic has introduced some new artifacts which are drastically stronger than the older ones. This means that we are practically forced to use them.

    I am still using the Orcus Set for Artifact Equipment, since the extra damage this set provides is still good. I would argue that the Music Box set is however best in slot. Gear: Lair of the Mad Mage has been released and the gear that drops from it are pretty lack luster. This way, we can safely get rid of Hags Rags. Robes of the Last Profit are best in slot for Chest. Terrored Grips are still best in slot for Arms.

    For weapons, the Alabaster weapon set is best for clearing trash, but the Burnished set is better for Boss Fights and Single target. Burnished should outperform significantly on boss fights and boss fights are a significant portion of Lair of the Mad Mage, and most other dungeons too, so I would recommend Burnished. I will update this when I pick a favorite. Vorpal is currently the best Weapon enchantment.

    Coming Soon! Thank you for reading!

    Is NEVERWINTER Worth Playing in 2021?

    The shade looks very familiar to a warlock soul puppet. By defeating the correct 2 of the 4 rare bosses available, you have a good chance of getting a really good weapon drop for your classs.

    Thanks to one of our alliance members for noting that parties should check their loot mode before beginning the watcher fight. If your loot mode is set to round robin, the weapons that drop have a chance of ending up with the player who cannot use them. Only one person in the party needs to have a quest active, and any 3 runes placed will work to spawn the shade.

    This means a cohort party of 5 can have 15 chances a day, and in my experience a shade spawns about every 10 runs only in the large maps. Longing and Despair in particular are bosses that are harder with some banes. The fight.. The most common winning strategy is to utilize a standard 5-person party and have the tank kite the boss around the map while the dps ranges her down.

    The party will want to stay away and dodge or avoid the sword that seems to have a mind of its own, otherwise this boss is straight-forward. Regret — Cleric, Paladin, Warlock, Hunter The stag can be aggroed from a hill or cliffside while ranged down. Almost any class can aggro it. I believe contact with a player will heal it, so you want to keep your distance.

    Longing — Cleric, Wizard never actually saw this drop though! If not killed fast enough the boss will fully heal. The more people with this artifact the better, as you can use a rotation to stun the boss for 1 sec at a time with 1 person calling the rotation. The signal you look for is Longing raising both hands not just 1 hand which can fake you out.

    This boss stands perfectly still…. Unfortunately, there are usually plenty of deaths and rez sickness, so scrolls are usually used, unless you have top notch DPS. This fight I have the least confidence with so feel free to add your own hints and correct me too. Thanks goes to Immy from Legendary Chaos for the write up. Share this:.

    The Complete Wizard Arcanist DPS Build – Neverwinter Mod 21 Jewel Of The North

    This is your hardest hitting encounter. The cooldown has been reduced even further for mod 19, so now everybody has finally seen the light and started using this skill. Yes, it does a little damage to yourself, but you can always blame the healer for not keeping your Hit Points full all the time. So when you have K Hit Points and defense is capped and then hit the boss for more than 4 million damage, you will probably kill yourself unless you had some extra temporary HP.

    Crescendo channels for three seconds while doing a multi-hit combo. Sadly, the second part of the buff does not work on Control immune targets, basically most of the bosses we face. From magnitude to Mobs just melt when using this correctly. Since mobs die so quickly and we do not use Not so Fast on Bosses, we do not need the feat Relentless Speed.

    Bloodspiller upgrades Bloodletter from magnitude to and reduces the cooldown by 3 seconds. As explained under Encounter section, Indomitable Rage will increase your IBS by magnitude when your rage is full. Rotations Mobs When running up to a group of Mobs, identifying if they have any control abilities such as interrupt, stun or knock back is very important.

    This procs your Mightier Leap Feat, increasing the next jump to magnitude.

    D&D Lead Designer Jeremy Crawford, ‘Neverwinter’ Creative Team on Designing the Dynamic Bard Class

    Try aiming this to hit as many mobs as possible. If you know the dungeon well and know the next group of mobs does not have control abilities, I recommend starting the fight this way: Mobs that cannot control you: Use Mighty Leap and aim for a safe spot, be sure not to hit any targets. This should melt away almost any group of mobs. For both situations: Use Bloodletter to finish off any surviving mobs. Usually there is at least one elite mob that might be too stubborn to accept defeat.

    Bosses When starting a Boss fight, always wait for the tank to grab aggro and position the boss. Sometimes they turn him around, other times you have to run to get behind the Boss. You want to fight the boss while having someone on the opposite side of him, this way you gain Combat Advantage which is very important. This will put your Rage high enough to activate Battlerage. Remember to use Relentless Slash once every 12 seconds.

    IBS and Bloodletter should be off cooldown or close, use them to gain Rage again. IBS and Bloodletter can be used while Battlerage is active, but not when its about to run out. Then rather wait and use them again to build Rage. Some bosses also spawn adds, so this is useful most of the time. Running dungeons, using the Revive sickness boon is the best option.

    The duration of the power depends on how much charge it has. Charge is lost by taking damage and is gained periodically while you are holding the Sunsword. Action Point gain does increase the rate of charge. Coronal Slash left at-will : Does an average amount of damage, dealing extra burst on the third hit Heliostorm right at-will : Is the punch of the Sunsword.

    It is an at will that steadily gains more damage on each hit, but if you are still hitting after 6 seconds it will stun you. No need to waste time having everyone pick up the sword. The easiest way to use the sword for dealing damage is to pick it up, charge back to the party, use Daybreak, Soul Sight crystal and then spin.

    If you are trying to do more complicated antics, you can drop it after dashing back to the party, self buff with things like fey, pick it up, and then spin.

    But there is plenty of room for user error here and even if you one-shot the Strahd, you will still need to do all phases anyhow. Strahd Von Zarovich Strahd Von Zarovich has the following attacks and mechanics: Ardor: Candles appear on the ground, then four seconds later a red circle will appear around them. It cannot be iframed dodged. In theory the correct way to deal with this mechanic is to move away from the candles in the sequence they appear in.

    It is easier however to just choose one candle to damage you in advance and stand where it spawns. Lunge: Big red crosses that appear on the sides of the room and then move in a straight line from where they appear. Immunity frames nullify their damage. The longer the fight, the bigger the area of effect will become.


    The warning is quite buggy however and often either the attack will not occur, or it will occur without the warning. Bloodflight does piercing damage, only additional layers of mitigation will reduce the incoming damage from it. In the first part of the guide, a set of skills were listed which greatly reduce the difficulty of this dungeon. Those skills are mainly listed to combat this mechanic. Disarm: Big overhead slam with a knockback, when he performs this attack, whoever is holding the Sunsword will drop it.

    During this phase, the boss is not visible and one player is taken below the arena, separated from their allies. They will be attacked by four Paranoid Delusions down below. It is worth noting that if you reduce them to 0 Hit Points down below, a red invulnerability sphere spawns around them and they do not die until their corresponding Delusion is killed above. All you need to do while below is run around and survive.

    Meanwhile, the team above needs to kill the four Doppelgangers, to free the ally down below. After some time, an executioner will materialize below at the ghosted door, steer clear of him as if he hits you it will be an instant kill.

    Castle Ravenloft Guide Vol 2: Arcolith & Strahd Von Zarovich

    It is very important the group has at least 2 capable DPS in the group. The Delusions are clones of your party members and use basic at wills for that class, which means that ranged class allies make this stage more dangerous.

    They are vulnerable to CC effects. If you hold the Sunsword, what I like to do for the final fight is switch to the Life Steal Boon as you do not have boons while fighting Strahd and Life Steal helps sustain against the Delusions. If one of the other party members is dead, an executioner will spawn in place of the party member. Shadowslam: Whenever the abducted member re-enters the arena, there will be a big red circle pulsing for four seconds, the closer you are to the middle, the more damage you take.

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