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    Statement 3: Temporary staff are paid only for hours worked. The replacement ratio of permanent staff to temporary staff is not given, and the training of permanent staff cannot be taken into account or assumed as it is not outright stated in the test.

    Statement 2: False. As the shortfall in staff comes from both staff taking leave and increased seasonal demand, there remains a shortfall even if no staff took leave.

    As a result, temporary staff would still be taken on if no permanent staff took leave, albeit a lower number. Statement 3: True. As no sick leave or bonuses are afforded to temporary staff, they are paid only for hours worked. Sample question: Which image is next in the sequence? As the previous star to the right of the new star was orange and is now yellow, the new star is orange.

    Sample Question: Which wheels are turning clockwise? The wheels contained within the belt rather than those on the outside will be pulled clockwise with the belt, while those on the outside will be pulled in the opposite direction.

    As A, B, D, and E are contained within the belt, they are turning clockwise. Candidates are often required to answer questions about rotation or reflection, or they may be required to identify the correct 3d shape which would be created by 2d plans. Sample Question: Which 2d shape forms the given cube when folded? Sample question: You have been scheduled to meet with a client who has shown interest in buying from your company later today.

    Prior to this, you have asked a colleague from another team to provide you with the necessary presentation materials in order to effectively pitch the product. However, he has not sent the materials, and upon further investigation you learn that he had mistakenly believed these to be required next week, and has not prepared any of it at this time.

    You arrive at his office and explain the situation in order to see if he can deliver anything in time for the meeting. He suggests that there are two options: he can either rush a presentation from scratch, potentially at the expense of quality, or he can try to modify a pitch presentation for the previous product in the same line in order to reflect the current product, though he is likely to make mistakes in his description of the product.

    Tastk: Select the answer that you would be most likely to choose and the one you would be least likely to choose. Allow your colleague to rush the presentation, and use the rushed presentation to meet the client. Ask your colleague to modify an existing presentation for an old product, and use the modified presentation to meet the client. Attempt to have the meeting postponed, and in your explanation to your superiors inform them that it was the fault of your colleague who had not prepared the appropriate material.

    Decline both offers and attempt to pitch the product without a pitch presentation. As this is a situational judgment test, there is no outright correct response — it is the responsibility of the test-taker to gauge how the company would wish them to behave.

    Practice SHL Tests The SHL practice test answers and questions on this page constitute just a small fraction of the questions that you should expect on each kind of test, and the difficulty in real SHL tests can vary greatly. Want to up your game for the big test? Our practice exams prepare you for every type of SHL assessment. We use a combination of text and video-based guides to explain each test concept in-depth along with SHL practice tests in order to benchmark your progress.

    Our test prep packs are a one-stop shop for test success. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with PrepTerminal or this website. You are not alone here. You can quickly and dramaticaly improve your performance on the test day with our easy video tutorials and just the right amount of practice questions.

    You wont be overwhelmed with thousands of questions. You probably wont have the time for this and its unnecessary. How many times will I be charged? The Caliper Assessment is not a pass or fail test. Rather, the test is used to choose the best candidate for a specific job. Recruiters will, thus, put forward candidates that fit the criteria and the job role description. How does the course work? Do I get practice tests? Who is behind the course?

    Over the past 7 years I have focused primarily on the Caliper test, as I identified a growing demand for this type of test and noticed that my students experienced difficulties with the Caliper. I am familiar with many assessment tests, but this test is the trickiest of them all.

    Throughout the years, I have personally seen thousands of Caliper questions and I have developed a unique tactic for approaching each question type. In Feb I decided to create this course, instead of one-on-one tutoring, as this course is more efficient, more affordable and easier to use. I personally wrote this course together with professional psychometric test writers who have studied the Caliper Test inside-out, and have fine-tuned it over the past 5 years, in keeping with a lot of the feedback from my students.

    I update the course on a regular basis. Over the past 5 years, this course has helped more than 7, people pass the Caliper test and get hired. Many of them failed the first and sometimes second time before they found my course. Start your CritiCall Dispatcher Course today!

    SHL Test Preparation Guide

    SHL are one of the pioneers of online psychometric testing. Their aptitude tests and methodology are very popular within the psychometric testing industry. SHL tests include verbal reasoning , numerical reasoning , inductive reasoning and mechanical reasoning, amongst other variants. Sounds daunting?

    The norm group is typically made up of individuals with similar characteristics, for example age, nationality or education level. The cut off point represents the minimum ability needed to be successful in a particular job role or department function. How to Pass SHL Tests: 6 Top Tips While aptitude tests aim to assess your level of ability, there are ways to develop your approach to the tests themselves.

    This video shows examples of SHL tests. Think of it like revision. For mechanical reasoning tests see the video below for test examples , the topics may include devices such as pulleys, springs, circuit boards and gears. There are a number of benefits to revising for the tests in this way. The tests are designed to place you under maximum pressure, as the business is trying to understand your true potential.

    The time limits can be challenging, so to be successful you need to work quickly and accurately. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly at the start of the assessment and understand exactly how long you have to complete it.

    If you find yourself stuck on a particular question for too long, move on to the next one. Watch the video below for some excellent time management strategies. Then Check It Again Make sure you understand the instructions for the test , and then scrutinise each question.

    Check your workings and answer selections before moving on. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Choose a time that is good for you in terms of your energy, alertness and relaxation. Make yourself comfortable. Get a drink, go to the toilet, grab some chewing gum and switch the heating on before the assessment starts. Make a checklist of helpful materials that you may need.

    Calculator, pens and some paper are generally allowed and always useful. Grab a safe, quiet spot. Tell your family, partner, kids or friends to leave you alone for a specific amount of time.

    Sleep can be the difference between you demonstrating your real potential, and having an off day. SHL tests are often given to candidates more than once. Give it your best shot on your own. Once you have given your answer to a question, you will be able to check the right answer and see a full explanation. Difficulty Level:.

    Mechanical Comprehension Test

    Psychometric tests are essentially IQ tests adapted for employers. They are designed to test both your crystallized intelligence and your fluid intelligence—your acquired knowledge and basic aptitude for learning new information.

    These tests are, admittedly, far from perfect; however, they are very accurate. On the whole, psychometric tests like the SHL ultimately do give businesses a general idea of how well applicants will perform.


    While personality, work ethic, and dedication are just as important, they cannot override or negate the role intellect and good judgement play in success. However, you will need to familiarize yourself with the wording of the questions and the structure of the test. It is of utmost importance that you learn to quickly read the questions on the test and identify the most relevant pieces of information.

    That means that you know all of the shortcuts and tricks you need to find the answer in as little time as possible. Review every question that you answer to see whether you could have answered it with less effort. Typically, these exams will cover basic high school math topics, including fractions, percentages, probability, geometry, and algebra. Consulting and analyst positions may require more advanced math, but these exams are the minority.

    Numerical Reasoning Tests – 2021 practice

    Inductive Reasoning In philosophy, arguments are usually either inductive or deductive. Inductive logic states that the conclusion can be drawn from the given statements, but is not certain. The Verbal Reasoning items will present you with short passages to read, followed by questions about the short passage.

    You will also see the correct answer with a full explanation for each question. You will be shown your score, which is just the percentage you answered correctly out of For example, if you answer 21 out of 30 correctly, your score will be a You will see a full breakdown of how many questions you answered correctly, incorrectly, or left blank.

    You do not lose any points for skipping questions or for answering questions incorrectly. You only earn points for each question answered correctly.

    SHL Test Preparation: Free Practice Questions & Tips – 2021

    Additionally, you will also be shown an analysis breakdown by skill level, as well as how you compare to other applicants at the company you are applying to. This will show you the average, high, and low scores of other applicants, as well the average, high, and low time taken to complete the test. Now what?

    I am Gideon, Founder at 12 Minutes My prep courses have been taken by overcandidates. To help you with your numerical tests preparation we recorded a video with 5 most common questions and worked solutions. Watch the video, study the step-by-step worked solutions presented, then practise tests. You should easily pass any numerical test.

    Top 3 reasons why employers use numerical reasoning tests In the real world, professionals have to make lots of decisions in the workplace, most of which are driven by numbers.

    You may be asked to look at how successful a particular product is, how much revenue is being generated, or whether a particular location is performing better than others. Regardless of these examples, you will need to reason with numerical data regularly in your job.

    Here are our Top 3 Reasons for why employers use numerical reasoning tests. To measure your ability in numerical reasoning. This involves interpreting numerical data presented in graphs and tables. Can you use and interpret the information provided to arrive at the correct answer?

    They are reliable and predictively valid. To sift out candidates, especially at the beginning of the recruitment process when thousands of job applicants may be involved. Numerical tests used in conjunction with other tests, can easily allow for the reduction of very large number of applicants, which would otherwise be unmanageable.

    These tests are able to reduce the applicant group by half safely whilst remaining legally defensible. Familiarity will help you overcome time pressure.

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