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  • Chatango Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?
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  • Review 2021: Is worth the effort?

    It is quick and easy to sign up on. The app consumes very little space and is user-friendly. All the services are offered for free.

    Cons The webpage has no friend suggestion. Messages sent on the app are not visible afterward. The interface looks unattractive and dull. Which dating site is right for you? Get your personalized recommendation get more info One of the fun-facts about Chatango is that it is flexible, easy, and very considerate to all its users. There are the app, webpage, and desktop versions.

    That is, you can always have access to the site through the phone app, the app for the desktop, and the web version. Wherever you are, you can get on the site without any difficulty. Another interesting feature that makes Chatango irresistible to its users is the fact that users can use the site to embed chat boxes into their personal blogs and websites.

    This way, they get to draw huge traffic to their personal sites. Chatango only supports English language for now. Who Owns Chatango?

    Chatango does not seem to have an address or a physical location where it operates from. When was Chatango Founded? It was founded in and has been in operation since then. Is Chatango Available Worldwide? Yes, Chatango is available worldwide to any interested user.

    There is no geo-restriction against any race, nation and space. Special Features Users seem to like Chatango because of its unique features that are not common to other sites. Some of these features include: Message Catcher The message catcher works on Windows alone. This feature helps users retain every message they have. The MINI Chatango boxes is a special feature that allows user embed a chat group on their own personal platforms.

    Audience quality Chatango is available to everyone irrespective of their background, age, experience, location or education. In other words, there are different types of people you will find on Chatango.

    Because most users embed Chatango chat groups into their personal websites and blogs, it is therefore highly possible that the audience on Chatango would be literate.

    Chatango supports only English language. It is therefore be used by those who understand English alone, but it does not mean that the site is designed and restricted to people who do not understand English. Age Distribution Everyone of any age bracket can operate and have a Chatango account, but the youth are the most registered members of Chatango. Fakes and Scammers Sure! There are fake accounts and scammers on Chatango as should be expected.

    The probability for fake accounts and scammers is high on Chatango because users get to chat with other random users always. Scammers could pose as an interested friends with the intention of scamming them. Mobile app and Website One of the interesting features about Chatango is that it is highly portable.

    You can operate Chatango from your mobile app, desktop and website. Chatango App The Chatango mobile app allows user to look for and chat with other users, especially with users with whom they share the same interests and preferences. The mobile app is designed to help user streamline their search by interests, location, distance, photographs and other criteria. The app also, among other features, allows user to get notifications for instant messages which they can reply to on the group chats.

    The app is available, compactible and works on both Android and iOS. Interestingly, the app is also available for desktop. If you do not want to download the app on your phone, you can get one on your computer which also works just as perfectly as the mobile app. On the app, the first interface displays the list of members that are online, from which you can choose to chat with anyone.

    If you are bored, lonely or looking to meet people who share the same interests as you do, the Chatango app is a must-have app as you get to talk and chat with people all around the world. Chatango Website One of the reoccurring complaints users have of the Chatango website is that it is dull and unattractive.

    The website is bare of colors and catchy designs. On the homepage, there is a slide that displays games, news and chat samples. These are most of the basic features that are available on the site.

    These are the only information on the homepage. Yes, the Chatango app is also available for computer. All you have to do is download and install the computer version on your computer and you are good to go. Which Browsers Support Chatango? All the browsers support Chatango.

    If you are using any browser on your computer, you can use Chatango. Chatango works on all of them. Chatango is very easy to operate. It hardly gives its users difficult time. If you have a hard time entering the site, it could be due to a number of reasons: you probably must have forgotten your password or username, you were reported by another user or you have been blocked.

    Interface The app interface is designed in such a way that users can easily navigate through the site. The homepage displays the list of members that are possibly online.

    Users can pick randomly from this list whoever they might want to chat with. The homepage also has a t0ggle at the topmost left-hand side which has a list of other services available on the site. There are other service options that can be found on the homepage like the profile of the users.

    There is no need for email verification which makes the whole process very fast. In less than a minute, a Chatango account could be set up.

    You do not need a Facebook account for registration. All you have to provide when signing up an account are your email address, a username and password of your choice. The registration is completely free. You do not have to pay Chatango neither do you have to pay anyone to set up an account for you.

    After your account is set up, additional information you might want to fill up include your basic harmless personal information like your age, ZIP code, gender and location. Can I Umatch an Chatango Member? Members can block any member that is uncourteous to them.

    According to the terms and conditions of Chatango, users should be at least 13 years old to sign up on the site.

    Chatango has the right to delete any account if it is found out that the user gave false information about their age. Although it is made clear the age limit for signing up on Chatango, there is nevertheless the possibility of users that are not up to 13 to sign up because there is no way to verify their age. There is no need for account verification on Chatango.

    There is no email verification on Chatango. Once you sign up with the necessary and required information, your account is set up. It is not possible to register with a Facebook account.

    You are only required to register with an email account, a username and password of your choice. You cannot use the site without signing up. You can only have access to the members and services after signing up to have an account of your own. Profile Set-up Setting your profile up is very simple, quick and straightforward. Once you sign up, your profile will be set up. You can edit your profile by going to the menu option where you will see the profile option.

    Yes, you can always delete any photograph you upload on Chatango. You will be able to delete any uploaded photograph from there. Editing your username is almost the same as editing your profile. You should click on the option to edit your username. Deleting a Chatango profile would mean deleting your account entirely.

    But unfortunately, you cannot delete a Chatango account because there is no deactivation option on the site. If you want to delete an account, you will have to log out and leave the account dormant.

    Yes, you can edit and delete any information provided on Chatango. You will be able to edit or delete your information there. The search can be regulated by indicating the gender of your preferred choice, the age and the proximity. These options narrow down the search to the preferences of the user. On the homepage of Chatango, there is a list of members from which users can choose to chat with.

    These options are the gender, age and distance of their preferred choices.

    Chatango Review 2021 – Perfect or Scam?

    Get your personalized recommendation get more info People say chat rooms are trailer parks, but you may find it amazing. Many thought that the chatting sites were long gone because of the social media presence today. But surprisingly, websites such as Chatango give a fresh and new look for text-based messages with people all over the globe. Chatango is a chatting site with the simplicity of an old-school chatting group.

    You can make a chat room with strangers, or you can chat with random people on the site. It can be used to communicate with the audience and increase the traffic to a personal and professional website by embedding chat rooms into the websites. Chatango is a unique live chat app through which you can not only talk with random people of the same match or interest but also install it on your site to connect with your audience.

    The registration was a boring but mandatory process. Chatango eliminated such verification, and people could join a perfectly made hot chat without getting their accounts verified. Chatango has thousands of members coming from different parts of the world and looking for people of similar interests to start interacting with one another. The chatting site encourages both genders to enjoy the site and exchange their views without feeling ashamed or being judged on the platform.

    You can talk sexy, hot, dirty, and whatever you want to talk about. It indicates that people can join the fantastic chatting site without the age limit. It also welcomes people of any ethnicity, race, or background. As long as you want to join the conversation, the community of Chatango is glad to see you. The design needs to be polished, and offered functions should be well organized. It would be great if the owners paid some attention to its outdated interface and put some style in it.

    From all of the Chatango versions, the mobile app looks more compact and appealing. Compared with the web version, the app makes the user experience more intuitive, and it is easier to use. For instance, Message Catcher. Massage Catcher can inform you whenever someone messages you. It gives you the option not to miss any message while you are away.

    You can embed a private and public chat group onto your website and blog, and you can customize smaller chat rooms. You can block any unauthorized users that use offensive language chatting in the group. Further, you can block certain vulgar words that any random person uses on the site.

    Another exciting feature of Chatango is comfortability and accessibility. You can download a mobile app, and there are also web and desktop versions which you can use to connect with random people. How does Chatango work? Chatango is known for its easy to use and get ready sort of a chatting site. Users can enter the site and join the chatting feature with any random person. You can start to chat with someone that attracts your attention and matches your interest.

    To work on Chatango, all you need to do is to make a profile by giving just an email, username, and password. Sign Up Process The simple registration process gives the chatting site an extra edge over its competitors. The registration process hardly takes a minute. You only need to fill the registration form, including username, email, and password. You are free to go by clicking on the Signup button. Faster than you can imagine, you become a Chatango member. Chatango requires absolutely no email verification for further approval.

    However, you must insert information about your age, gender, and ZIP code. There is no registration requirement such as Instagram and Facebook, where you will further follow your email to search for the confirmation link. Users Profiles Quality Once you create the account, you are required to fill the information on your profile. Not filling your profile is not an issue with Chatango; however, you should fill the information on your profile to make it look more genuine and appealing.

    Thus, inserting information on your profile can be a keyword search for other users to access you easily. Do you want someone to flirt with you? The more details you add, the more chance people will know your taste and will contact you soon. To find someone who qualifies your interest faster, you need to search for a particular username and URL. Mobile Application One of the most significant advantages Chatango has is that it has a unique mobile app.

    The app connects thousands of people across the globe in the most comfortable way. The app has the lightweight and easy-to-use features, and it can even fit the phone with low memory space. Membership Price and Payment Method This is the greatest thing of Chatango — it is completely free of charge. Free Membership Features It is free to use. All features of the chatting site are provided for free. You can connect, chat with other users free of cost.

    Premium Membership Features Chatango service is free as they claim they make money through advertisements. However, the group chat rooms you embed into your website or blog will not have ads. Is Chatango Really Safe? The chatting site is not a scam but a legitimate and reliable site. Its algorithm has a relatively high score. The prospect users can visit the chatting website for further information about its privacy and safety policy.

    Still, your safety is on you, because the platform itself has no chance to use your data. Conclusion Chatango is a chatting site that offers its users various chat rooms. You can embed Chatango groups on your website and blog. Being the moderator of your chatrooms, you can make them safer by blocking people, deleting messages, and banning certain words. Users can not only connect with random strangers from around the globe, but they can also make live conversations on the site.

    Chatango chat can be used for many purposes; for instance, you may want to increase your web page traffic, connect with the community, answer questions, and a lot more. Chatango may look plain and dull. With the customized chatting group and profile, you can make the chat background a perfect canvass. It is not rigid to impose a format as the other sites do. You can add or remove whatever you want. Chatango is free to use. The website seems to be convenient as they have a mobile, desktop, and web version.

    The desktop version can be downloaded from a personal computer or laptop, whereas the Chatango mobile app is widely available on the App Store and Google Play. In case those applications are not available, you can still access the website version. It sometimes takes time to discover each feature available on the site fully. However, Chatango seems to be the only free one among them. To tell the truth, Chatango is a rather democratic platform you can use anonymously with no limitations.

    It does not ask for your age or any other private data; you just join a great community where you can pretend whoever you want or speak the truth without revealing your name. It gives you freedom of self-expression you will hardly find elsewhere.

    Try your luck and feel the exciting and adventurous vibe of this place, but remember to remain cautious talking to strangers. You can insert its chat room or group on your website or blog to increase traffic. The lightweight chatting site is entirely free of cost and compatible with several other sites and blogs. How to join Chatango? First, you need to download the site on your computer or install the mobile app.

    Then, you simply have to insert your email, propose a username and password. There is no verification process for email. When you fill some fields, click on the Signup button, and you are ready to go. How to delete Chatango account? Users can only log out and leave the profile inactive. You just leave and never come back using this particular account. How to message someone on Chatango? All you need to do is enter Chatango, join the existing chatroom, or create your own and talk to people worldwide.

    Chatango fully allows users to chat with strangers without knowing each other. The site has the portability and compatibility with other websites. It means that you can use the fantastic chatting site with your personal and professional website or blog.

    You can further customize the embedded chat room or group with the color, size, and font of your choice to make the chat room suit your expectations. It looks like fun and invites users to use it on their professional or personal website to generate traffic. The embedded chatting room can be used for multiple purposes to make your website cooler. Many Chatango users participate in group chat rooms or group forums.

    If they behave rudely and offensively or against the rules of the service, you can block them immediately as a group owner.

    List Of Some Top Chatango Chat Rooms (Updated 2020)

    There are only minor differences between the three platforms. For example, the site has a slight difference from the application for the phone. This is a Message Catcher function, a kind of notify. As soon as you sent a message, this function will notify you of this, and you will not miss anything important.

    Chatango is a very light mobile application designed for active users. The application is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play. Moreover, there are no additional purchases in the application.

    Chatango review – what do we know about it?

    The application is lightweight, does not take up much space on your device, and does not cause a load on the operating system. Compare to the desktop and web counterparts, and the Chatango mobile app looks much more compact and easier to use. For some users, the computer version interface may seem strange and awkward, too minimalistic.

    For a mobile application, the bareness of such a design, on the contrary, looks attractive and neat. Navigation through the app becomes even more convenient and intuitive.

    And light shades mostly white do not overload your eyesight.

    Chatango Review: Great Dating Site?

    The mobile application seems the most suitable to use since there are buttons by clicking on which you can use some of the Chatango functions.

    The web version of the application seems to truncated because it does not have such functions and transitions using buttons.

    Special Features We present in our review some more unique features of Chatango, for which the application is becoming popular among users around the world. Message catcher This feature only works in the version of the application for Windows.

    Message Catcher guarantees users that no messages sent to them will not miss. The user immediately receives a notification that a chat has sent to him. You can check the chats and answer them by logging in. With it, you can embed a private or public chat group on other platforms, sites, and blogs.

    These are small chats that you can set up and use where small spaces are available. In this function, you can configure the language, as well as block offensive users, and those who violate the rules of the chat. Partner search By setting up a profile in Chatango, you can begin to interact with partners of the chat site.

    Chatango, chat groups and private conversations for your website

    This dating application differs from its opponents in that it does not have a user directory. The question immediately arises: «But how then to find users to chat about this and that? To search for partners in the application, you need to find their specific URLs or know the usernames. You may be very lonely if you do not know anyone who uses this application. You can also use Keywords to search for new partners.

    Using frequently used keywords such as «partner,» «coupled,» «anime,» and «funny,» you can find friends and start a dialogue. And so that other users can also find your profile during the search, make it more interesting. There are profile settings for this. Using these settings is more likely that your profile will be found during the search.

    This means that meeting with random partners will lead to interaction between you. Searching Options and Filters at Chatango Chatango is the fresh air of old school chats.

    The platform was created in and continues to evolve and update by the needs of users. Unfortunately, there is still work to be done since the application does not provide any search filters, unlike other dating services.

    All this looks like a right combination of a dating application, as well as installation on your site to increase traffic.

    But users who know their names or URLs will be able to find users. Communication Methods Chatango has a gorgeous range of services that will appeal to every modern messenger user.

    This application has great mobility and compatibility with other sites. As mentioned earlier, the app can be used to find partners and fun using flexible profiles that you can play with but also for in other areas. The application can be used in a personal blog, website. Be more professional using Chatango for your business site. Chatango has built-in chats that you can personalize as you wish. You can customize the color of the watch, font, and size.

    Also, in the settings, there is a function to change the chat interface following your needs. Unregistered users there are called anons. Such users can participate in discussions on forums, as well as in community groups. If you are the administrator of such a forum, you can set the rules for using chat. You can block offensive users or those forum members who violate the rules of conduct in your community. You can set the limit of sent messages per person. This will reduce chat flow and make it more readable.

    Embedding chat on your site is quite simple. For this, you need to paste the HTML code of the group after copying it. Whatever your needs, Chatango has enough features to be called number one. You will never be asked to pay for anything so in case a suspicious ad like this pops up, just close it or skip it. FAQ What type of chat rooms are active on this platform?

    Free Chat Now provides its users with thousands of different chat rooms and you can join those where people discuss football or those where the main topic is TV shows. There are plenty of different chat rooms and you will easily find the one that is connected to your interests.

    Best Chatango Chat Rooms

    It is ideal for romantic relationships and those seeking long term commitment. So while filling up the profile creating process, Chatango can come up with personal questions. Users can opt not to answer, but to get a match-list, it is necessary to pen down your preferences. The mobile application The mobile version of Chatango at a glance The app is available on Android android dating is very popular right now and iOS.

    There are no in-app purchases. Chatango is a lightweight app, which takes up little phone memory space. For the on-go-users, the mobile version is a convenient alternative. Readily available for free on Google Play Store and App Store, the lightweight app Chatango is perfect for those who are traveling.

    Users can download it for free and share a small phone memory space to chat with random strangers. Compared to the web and desktop version, Chatango mobile app has a much compact look and is easy to use. The web version of Chatango depicts an empty canvas in which users fill in with their bright ideas and groups. The overall design of the mobile app is bare, but few features are arranged neatly, making it more compact.

    Out of all the Chatango extensions, its mobile version is the most user-friendly. Besides, the mobile version has certain special features, which the web version lacks. Whether to choose a dating site or not is a complete discretion of a user, but regarding the question of safety, Chatango has never let its users down.

    The site believes in its users. But if a user comes across any abusive user or offensive language, Chatango gives the full freedom to block such people. Besides, the site has a 24 hours help team which will aid the users in any distress. Chatango urges its users to report any fraudulent activity and guarantees that necessary actions will be taken.

    Pricing and benefits There are several casual dating apps and chat sites, which can cost a hefty amount. Although some of them might have a free registration process, when users try to access premium features, they require a subscription. Chatango, one of the best text-based chat system, comes free of cost. Users of this site can use all the features.

    Whether a user uses its mobile, web, or desktop version, they need not pay a cent for its usage. The site also has a detailed help and support page where it in detail answers to some common problems faced by the users.

    The help and support are divided separately for site owners, i. Is Chatango a real dating site? Yes, Chatango is a dating site but for a long term serious relationships and not casual hookups. How to use Chatango? Chatango is portable and compatible and can be used in its mobile, web, or desktop version. Is Chatango free? Chatango offers all its services free of cost to the users. Is Chatango really works?

    Indeed, Chatango has a whopping figure of 8 billion registered users worldwide. Conclusion Chatango may not be the only site that offers to date and chat services; there are many more in the market. These customizable chat boxes can be used on any device. Besides, these chatboxes can help the users to increase maximum traffic to their site and interact with random strangers across the globe. The website portrays an amicable blend of old-fashioned chatting with improvisations from modern social media apps.

    The site has a simplistic look, more like a blank canvas where users are the painters, who fill it with ravishing news, posts, videos, and chat rooms. On Chatango, a user can depict their true self, interact the way they like, share their stories, and gain views from others. The best part of this interactive platform is that it is portable.

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